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Proper well grown bones give a perfect posture to the human body. If the bone has an improper growth, it might lead to an abnormal posture or an awkward posture. Scoliosis is a condition where the scoliotic vertebrae are wedge shaped and differ with the shape of normal vertebrae. Treatment for scoliosis depends on Cobb angle which can be measured using spine X-rays. Edge detection is a technique which extracts vital features like corners, lines, angles and curves from an image.

EEG Feature Extraction

A new Electroencephalography (EEG) electrophysiological monitoring method to record the brain activity in brain-computer interface (BCI) systems. It records the electrical activity of the brain, typically non-invasive with electrodes placed along the scalp, requires relatively simple and inexpensive equipment, and is easier to use than other methods. EEG based BCI methods provide modest speed and accuracy for feature extraction.


Sleep apnea is a growing sleep disorder issue and estimate to affect 7% of the adult population in Malaysia. In this study, the electrical activity of the brain is studied using Electroencephalogram (EEG). The data obtained was then decomposed using three methods; Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD), Bivariate EMD and finally Ensemble EMD. The Index of Orthogonatility (IO) was obtained which shows EMD performed the most poorly, EEMD the best and Bivariate in between.


The project developed is to design and produce a multi-purpose solar folding table based on an existing folding table in which it has various fittings such as solar panel system, storage space for items, television hanger, speaker holder, umbrella holder and sockets.




This study aim to maximize the functional performance index of the non-classical Optimal Control problem. However, to solve the problem, this project has to clarify a few constraints. The final state is unknown, which results in the nonzero value of terminal costate. The royalty function is non-differentiable at a certain process. The indirect method was applied by involving a new modified shooting method through the Sufahani-Ahmad-Newton-Brent-Royalty Algorithm (SANBR-Algorithm).

Fertilizer Supply Stick to Scare Pest

“Fertilizer Supply Stick to Scare Pest” main purpose is planted into the soil to chase away pests. The gleam and sparkle caused by the aluminum for will freighter away the pest which could cause harm to plants. Besides, our invention also includes a small fertilizer basket which releases fertilizer on the crops without hassle. This is simples as well as easy to operate and durable.


Molluscs , especially snails will eat almost any plant, but they are especially fond of the tender foliage of young plants . To overcome this problem, we use a piece of fabric tape covered in salt residue to line up the mouth of the container where the young shoots are grown. By using Fear-inducing flexband, plants will grow without being threatened by these snails. It is very easy to use, friendly environment ,save time and durable.

Invention of Educational Toys Using Physics Principles

we came out with an idea to play games in an interesting and scientific way. Our invention is to introduce the common species of butterflies that are found in Malaysia so that students can learn about butterflies while playing and learning simultaneously. Our invention can help us acquire new knowledge and turns the dull and boring learning process into something fun! Through this educational toy, we also learn various science principles.


SMART FILTRO AGUA is designed for fish and shrimp/lobster farming. In this project, we replace the natural or synthetic sponge with our own innovation sponge called NATSPONGE. Natsponge applies the 3R concept by recycling and reusing disposed natural resources and thus reduces environmental pollution and contamination issues. It also come with water quality monitoring system consist of pH, TDS sensor and temperature reader. These systems can be monitored by using android phone or tablet.


AUVIMED (Audio-Visual Medical Dictionary), a unique smartphone app, which has been developed through the implementation of a prototype, implementation of user interface (UI), implementation of A-Z search mechanism, working with fonts library, video editing and animation and lastly app polishing and publishing.This system-based, user-friendly, compact, simple, and easy to understand app is now meant for Android users only. It has a great potential to be welcomed by medical and nursing students.


Multiuse of SMART AGUATIC FEEDER is a type of equipment use to feed aquatic life such as fish, lobster, shrimp and others aquatic life. SMART AGUATIC FEEDER can be used in ponds and big tank. SMART AGUATIC FEEDER design together with IoT-based applications where user can do the setting manually and also by smart phone. In addition, user can also monitor the remaining food available in the SMART AGUATIC FEEDER so that they will know when they need to refill the food.

Smart Agro-IoT Fertigation System

Agro-IoT smart fertigation system is designed for urban farming. This product provides an automatic fertilizer dosing to ensure nutrient concentration always at the correct level for each watering cycle. TDS/EC sensor is used to measure and monitor the level of nutrient concentration continuously. In addition, Agro- IoT ensures that fertilizer does not settle at the bottom of the tank by using a mixing pump that will be turned on for a certain time interval. Ultrasonic sensor is used to monitor


This project is focus on creating effective solution for pollution control especially in urban drainage system. The design of Interlocking Flexible Rubbish Trap is to trap floating rubbish, oil and grease in river tributaries and drainage system. SMART WASTE TRAP is able to clean up river and drain through systematic and cost-effective approach. It minimizing flow disruption that cause flood and public obstruction, enhancing and promoting recycle program as an input to the greener environment.


SMART MUSACEAE is an innovation project that uses banana trunks/stem as the main material. Maybe many people don't know that banana trunks/stems have various uses, nutrients and benefits. SMART MUSACEAE is an innovation project that has diversified the uses of banana stems based on their advantages. SMART MUSACEAE is divided into 2: 1. Natural Sponge Replace Synthetic Sponge for Multiuse Of Filtering System 2. Supplements: Various Nutrients for Humans


Electromagnetic Field Pipe (EMF-Pipe) for E-coli removal are specially designed to remove germs and bacteria E. coli in the finished drinking water for safe to drink. EMF-Pipe has three main components namely generators, low electromagnetic field pipes and IoT control. These components fully designed according to the suitability of the system to treat all types of liquids especially for water. Low frequency electromagnetic field system that non-ionizing radiations used as a removal of E. coli.


This model is a new approach to integrate the gap between management decision and earthquake structural analysis to select the best method for seismic hazard rectification on school building. Art of making technical decision in the perspective of management point of interest that considers the factor such as cost, time and efficiency. The user interface help to analyze the optimum cost of seismic hazard rectification for sustainable asset maintenance.

Developing a Scaled-Down Model of the Real Isolator Concept For School Building

Newly developed research product (Elastomeric Rubber Bearing Isolator). Improved seismic isolation (more ductile horizontal stiffness). Higher damping ratio compared to solid type of base isolator. Research proven to be used in real structures. Reliable damping capability. Practical solution, innovative way, constructional option and cost-effective. This is a sustainable improvement that can be carried out on school building which is potentially hazardous to reduce seismic hazards.


This innovation project is a device whose function is to identify the type of medicinal pill. This product is very useful and user friendly towards the elderly community and people who are confused or having problems consuming their daily medication.

Rice Straw Composite: Transforming Waste into Valuable Green Products

In growing of paddy plant in the world will increase the air pollution during open burning of rice straw after harvesting and give a problem in the organization. This problem can cause serious effects on the ambient air quality, public health and climate. Thus, the rice straw can be collected for other purpose, such as reinforce with thermoplastic to create a new composite thermoplastic material that can be used in various products such as to improve strength of the moulded part.


Enviro-Ink is a white board marker ink made out of expired lotion, water and food colouring. This unique ink composition is designed to provide a cost-effective, low-odor alternative made from recycled materials. The ink formed had a long cap-off lifespan, a long total lifespan, clear writing performance, and effortless erasability without leaving any stains. This invention has high commercial potential, user friendly and environmental friendly.




"Jacky Green Delight" revolutionizes sustainability by repurposing discarded jackfruit waste into a delightful cookie. This project tackles food waste, contributing to a more sustainable future, as it exemplifies innovative solutions that can significantly reduce environmental impact.

Peel n’ Crunch

Peel ‘n Crunch, a product of potato peel chips represent a groundbreaking innovation in the snacking industry,offering a sustainable,affordable and nutritious alternative to traditional chips.This product is specifically designed to overcome the issue of food waste by repurposing potato peels that are commonly discarded.By transforming these peels into delectable chips,a previously underutilized resource is transformed into a delicious snack that appeals to eco-conscious consumers.


In IPITEX 2023, we created a Soil Texture Analyzer instrument using Arduino, an Ultrasonic sensor, and mobile apps. SOIL PROFILER PRO VER 1.0 is a mobile app-based soil analyzer in which we eliminated the use of hardware (Arduino). Now anyone with a mobile phone can use any transparent container to determine soil texture. This significantly reduces the cost of building a soil texture analyzer. This project introduces cutting-edge apps for near real-time soil texture analysis for farmers.


SUSTAINABLE ECO LEATHER derived from discarded jackfruit waste. Traditional leather production has long been associated with environmental degradation and ethical concerns. In response, this study introduces a transformative approach that repurposes jackfruit by-products, marking a significant stride towards sustainability in alternative environment-friendly leather.

My Counsellor Bot

My Counsellor Bot is a system designed to provide counseling assistance and emotional support to users through a mobile application platform. Our project aligns with the theme of Social Sciences and SDG 3 (Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being), where the goal is to address non-communicable diseases, prevention and treatment, and promote mental health and well-being. This Chat Bot aims to help users overcome personal problems, and improve mental health.


Due to the growth demand for the traditional kueh, the traditional kueh’s industry will be more focused in the implementation of innovation,which enhance development and commercialisation of high-value products through greater collaboration and partnership with private sectors. As a result, Eazy Kueh Talam is the best product to meet consumer needs and demand because it is simple to make, delicious and easy. Premix talam is best solution for the consumer who likes to prepare themselves kueh.


This study is to introduce new research technology innovation of kitchen sink. Named as Ergonomic Kitchen Sink, it was innovative to help in lessen back pain problem among kitchen staff. As known, due to the nature of kitchen chores which cycle, stressful and painful this innovation is one of the approaches to lessen back pain problem among kitchen staff. Using the technology of ergonomics, the introduction of this innovation could relief the worry of back pain among kitchen staff.

Device for generating saline nanoaerosols

The invention relates to a device for generating saline nano aerosols, allowing optimal levels of bioactive solions to be obtained for artificial halo-chambers in dynamic regime, with self-adjustment and with multiple uses, such as: elimination or stopping biofilm formation by microbiological contamination of bone and teeth mobile/fixed biometallic and/or bioceramic prosthetic systems, prophylaxis and treatment of cardio-respiratory, osteo-muscular and psycho-motor disorders, etc.


Messy art lesson will take up much time to clean and put away the tools. This Star Art bag helps children organize their art tools and materials but also teaches them to be responsible The bag's spacious compartments and pockets provide enough storage for the various tools and stationery needed. Pupils can easily wipe off or simply wash any stain on the waterproof fabrics. This invention can also serve as a tablecloth in the classroom and the compartments on the sides makes it convenient.

V2S Bag

The V2S bag is an exclusive invention for school Projects (students can bring it with them wherever they go around the school to take notes for observation It is also very suitable for field trips. Pupils will have access to all the material they need without carrying along their heavy school bag College/University students can also use this as a multipurpose bag Its many compartments makes it convenient to store various things. The pouch attached can be used to store rubbish/pencil shavings.


Many pupils comes to school with an empty stomach. Rice cooked a day before is usually thrown away .These left over rice can be made into delicious rice crisps. It is easy to prepare and can be customized with various flavors savory or sweet and consuming it when tummy is empty would make ones tummy happy. The crisps are thin slices making it is easy and delicious. It Contains many minerals just as how fresh cooked rice would be.


This project proposes a real-time pest detection robot utilizing deep learning method to promote sustainable agriculture practices. The robot equipped with a camera mounted on a CNC machine-based platform is designed to identify and locate pests on plant leaves using trained dataset of caterpillar images. This approach enables significant reductions in labor costs, enhanced detection speed, and scalability to accommodate large-scale agricultural operations.


A portable multi hydro generator designed to harness renewable energy from flowing water sources. This innovative device aims to provide a sustainable and efficient solution for generating electricity in remote and off-grid locations. The generator incorporates a compact and lightweight design, making it easily transportable and adaptable to various environments. Utilizing a multi hydro approach and Internet of Things (IOT), the generator employs a series of small-scale turbines to capture the k


The motivation to develop the project is because of the location of our school – Sekolah Menengah Sains Kubang Pasu (KUPSIS), Jitra, Kedah. The school is surrounded by paddy fields. Thus, the students are facing problems with animal intrusion such as owls, bats, insects, and other unknown flying animals. AN-INTRUD is a device that is used to detect animal intruders especially near students’ hostel in KUPSIS. These animal intruders can lead to property damage, safety concerns, and potential harm


Your Ultimate Transformative Waste Solution. In a world demanding innovation, waste management takes on a new form with the metamorphosis. This portable trash can redefine convenience, adjusting effortlessly to your needs with its unique size-shifting capabilities—small, medium, and large—all at your command. However, functionality does not end there. The MetamorphoBin takes pride in an ingenious built-in air freshener that banishes odours and keeps flies at bay, ensuring a sanitary and pleasan


To address the issues of hanging clothes problem among general people .To save the resources in term of time and space .This is an intelligent clothes rack (IntelRack) that is attached to a specific area of houses. The function of this IntelRack is to help a person hang their clothes without about any kind of weather .IntelRack uses a solar sensor that can detect the weather. If the brightness of the weather reaches a certain level, then the rack will move inside.

The Smart Mechanized Farm 2.0

The Smart Mechanized Farm allow us to do an agricultural revolution by using 0 per cent of external electrical energy and reducing 90 percentage of water usage and manpower as we replace general workers with an automatic system. We give fertilizers to the plants at an accurate ratio according to their needs and type with a spinner network which mixes the fertilizer automatically and also can controlled by an IOT system. We use dynamo to operate all electrical mechanisms in the system.


The PWD Alert System is a groundbreaking solution designed to empower individuals with hearing impairments by overcoming common obstacles related to auditory notifications. Utilizing state-of-the-art Arduino boards as microcontrollers, this system seamlessly integrates detection sensors, switches, vibration motors, and a LCD display to provide a comprehensive alert mechanism.

Application of Electroporation and Tropical Honey on Breast Cancer Cell

Honey has antioxidants and nutritional and non-nutritional bioactives. Honey and electroporation treat cancer well. Delivering molecules via non-invasive, easy-to-use electroporation (EP) is common in biology. Therapeutic EP boosts honey extract cell uptake. To reduce breast cancer cell development, we examined Tualang and Kelulut Malaysian honey extract concentrations. Thiss discovery may impact biological studies due to the pulsed electric field and natural drug alternatives.

Floating Crutch

Floating Crutch is created typically for physically impaired patients and the elderly with leg-related weaknesses. It aims to assist them to walk on the ground and in water safely and comfortably. Most of the swimming pools and beaches do not have any accessible facilities catering their needs. The lack of handrails makes them nearly impossible to walk down the pool by themselves without the help of others. It also works as a handy “handrail” supporting them standing and walking in the water.


CODOT Kit (CDK) is a fun learning counting dots Mathematics Kit-combination of dice's dot and UNO cards. CDK consists 4 sets different pattern dotted card, 1 set number card, writing card and tools, sand clock and bell. CDK is very easy: learn to play level by level using video (scan QR code). It can stimulate users’ Mathematics and thinking skills, memory and creativity. Users unlock CDK step by step, from easy to challenging, fun learning and builds confident. CDK suitable for all students.


Original charcoal release harmful gases.So,we decided to create a charcoal briquattes from banana peels which is not harmful to our nature. First, the banana peel was partially burned and pounded until it was brittle and powdery.Pour the powder weighed earlier in a basin and mix with carom seed to increase the aroma of charcoal.Then,mix the powder with starch,mixed water and the clay as a binder.Mix and knead starch and clay earlier with banana peel powder and mould it in any shapes and dry it


This IoT Application Kit is supported by a 5V power supply that will go through a voltage regulator to 3.3V connected to the ESP32 controller circuit. This ESP32 controller circuit has been provided with terminals that can be removed and re-installed to increase the flexibility of the circuit's functions. The ESP32 has a Wi-Fi module that sends data to the internet to interact with middleware applications. The data sent is from input devices, mobile apps, or hardware devices provided in this kit


In the current era, the numbers of death that is caused by infection from the mosquitoes is increasing intensely. The example of those infections are Malaria and Denggi. These could be possible because the vector that is transferring a type of virus into human bodies. Many Steps had been taken in terms of curing this disease. Sadly, there is no specific medicine that could cure this diseases.

Natural Mosquito Repellent (NMR)

Natural Mosquito Repellent or NMR, combats global mosquito-borne diseases and supports SDG 3. Using recycled coffee grounds, it creates a safe, eco-friendly repellent, reducing health and environmental risks of traditional insecticides. By lowering disease rates like dengue, it bolsters public health and aligns with universal coverage goals. Embracing SDG 12, it promotes responsible consumption, linking health and sustainability.

Flood Blox

Flood Blox: groundbreaking flood mitigation aligning with SDG 11. Affordable, durable shield for flood-prone areas, safeguarding crops, properties, and livelihoods. Acts as reservoir in droughts, securing water for agriculture, ensuring food security. Prevents damage, saves resources, bolsters economic resilience, addressing global challenges of scarcity. Future of flood control, aiding communities, advancing SDG 11.

CO2 Bodyguard- Life saver

CO2 Bodyguard: a life-saving system combating fatalities in unattended vehicles. Detects high CO2 levels, triggers alarms, opens windows, and activates ventilation for safety. Prevents tragic incidents, ensuring well-being for human and animal in unattended cars.

Buckle for Your Life

"Buckle for Your Life" responds to ASEAN's motorcycle safety challenge. With embedded technology, this helmet ensures riders wear and buckle it before starting the motorcycle, enhancing road safety. Address Setting deters theft, adding security layers. It promotes responsible helmet use, curbing fatalities, and securing roads in ASEAN nations.

STEENFIX ProRepair Hydration Booster Conditioner: Revive your hair, Illuminate your shine.

STEENFIX ProRepair Hydration Booster Conditioner is a revolutionary hair care invention that provides deep hydration and powerful protection for your hair. It is mainly made up of plant-based ingredients that are gentle on your hair and environmentally sustainable. This exclusive formula is mild, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced. STEENFIX contains mangosteen peel extract and natural essential oils for ultra-antioxidant and moisturizing effects, resulting in silky, supple and healthy hair.

E Rain Gates

Deliver Innovative Solutions for Complex Storm Water Problems flooding in Smart infrastructure Cities, Innovation Without direct human intervention by creating Smart Gates for Drain stormwater inlets that are sensitive a rain with electronic checked maintenance, To reduces manual labor works and avoid flooding on the streets

E -Safety Glasses

Safety Electronic Protection Glasses: It is a safe electronic Protection Glasses (eye protection) only when worn on the face or another device Operating (Dangerous Cutter & Drillings devices) like (cutter and trimmer trees devices or welder or holder devices) to protect the worker The Advantages: only wearing this Safety electronic protection glasses can protection the eyes from (dangerous consequences) like (cutter and trimmer trees device or welder or holder device) to protect the worker

E- Seed Educate

It is an interactive simulation educational device that specializes in teaching plant cultivation and shows how to plant and grow plants in an interactive manner. It is an electronic seed that is placed in special artificial soil and when watered, it begins to grow provided that there is light. Thus, the conditions for cultivation are complete, which are (seed - water - light - soil) and if it is reduced One of these conditions is that the mechatronics of agriculture will not be completed

Sun Printer by Mobile

An eco-friendly printer. Designed like an art piece, the printer consumes clean energy from the Sun, through a magnifying glass, focusing its energy onto soft wood to draw letters or any other form with a circular stencil moved by a motor, which also uses energy via a solar panel. "This was inspired by the desire to use a basic principle of nature in creating an art piece "” Description Influenced by the desire to use a basic principle of nature to create permanent works of art,

MINI Spider Car Cover

This is the 3rd Stage of device development since 2011 and it is an “Automatically Car Cover (Changeable plastic (LLDPE) film) device by Mobile Bluetooth (MINI Spider Cover)”, Description: It is a Car Cover (Changeable plastic (LLDPE) film) to cover the car automatically. Just put this device on the roof of the car and it will automatically extend the cover in a circular motion until the car is covered in full. After that, it will magnetize with the entire body of car (by a small liquid magnet)

ZASC (Zero cArbon Solar Charger)

ZASC (Zero cArbon Solar Charger) is a project that produce electrical energy from a renewable source which is solar energy. SDG 7- Ensure the access to a sustainable energy for all. Solar energy can be used to produce electricity through solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity which is more environmentally friendly. ZASC will be a practical device as it is easy to build and to be carried anywhere especially for outdoor activities, flood settlements and power shortages at home.


TAKUNA was developed to overcome the weaknesses of Special Remedial students in Year 2 and 3 of SK Seri Paya for adding skills within 100. It is based on the theory of learning styles such as visual, audio and kinesthetic. Through the use of TAKUNA, students need to add using the number line and then move the number to the correct place value according to the arrow. TAKUNA is divided into two phases (without regrouping and with regrouping) through six progressively advanced levels.

Orthopedic device for correction of the TALIPES CALCANEUS / TALIPES CALCANEOVALGUS DEFECT

The invention relates to an orthopedic device for the correction of a malposition of the foot expressed by the defects of Talus Valgus, and to the process for obtaining it. The orthopedic device for Talus Valgus defect correction, is composed of a fixed subassembly, which is fixed to the leg of the foot, a movable subassembly, which is attached to the foot of the defective foot, a snail-snail gear and a graduated cap, which is fixed with the help of screws with clogged head.


The present invention refers to a composite coating material, which simultaneously presents high cohesion and a high degree of scratch resistance, dedicated to the steel-carbon type support materials, offering at the same time anti-corrosion protection.


The invention refers to a procedure for obtaining a composite coating with increased durability on a metal surface, especially on a brake roller, by successively depositing of layers of liquid epoxy resin mixed with sand granules on a metal surface, supported and rotated by using some bearings assembled in a casing which in turn is mounted on a support plate.


The invention refers to a hydro‑generator structural and functional unfolded on linear dimensions, which converts the moving kinetic energy into electric energy specific to the streams on which it is set floating, anchored to the shores.


The invention relates to a piece of furniture which replaces persons' long motionless sitting while watching TV and working at the computer, with a sitting providing a continuous mobility of the human body skeletal structure.

Flexible modular system for fixing workpieces for the incremental forming process

The incremental forming process is a flexible alternative to conventional cold metal forming processes. One of the main disadvantages of the process is that it allows the processing of a single type of workpiece size, because the working area and implicitly the size of the workpiece sheet that can be processed is fixed. To eliminate this disadvantage, a flexible modular system for fixing the workpiece is proposed.

Multi-purpose Art Desk

The desk’s intuitive design and organizational features promote efficient workflows, enabling artists to optimize their creative output and minimize distractions. The special functions of the desk create an immersive and inspiring workspace that nurtures artistic expression and innovation. The modular nature of the desk allows for easy reconfiguration to accommodate different personal preferences, fostering adaptability and versatility. The ergonomic design ensures proper posture.

Drink bottle opener

The drink bottle opener is suitable for most bottle caps on the market. This product has a button to press the bottle cap. We can open the bottle cap with a little effort by just putting the drink bottle opener on it. On the other hand, the drink bottle opener also has a device that can use the lever principle to open canned drinks.

Convenient Pet Waste Cleaner

The Convenient Pet Waste Cleaner is a long clip with the function of cleaning poop. It makes cleaning up the poop easier and cleaner. In addition, this product comes with a plastic bag. We can pull the plastic bag directly from the box and put it on the clip.This product does not require cleaning. When using it, you only need to put a plastic bag on the clip; after use, you only need to pull up the bag and open the clip to throw the feces into the rubbish bin.

Furniture Leg Adjuster

First, put the height adjustment disc into the Furniture Leg Adjuster. Then, install the adjuster at the foot of the stool, and adjust the screw head to the appropriate tightness. So, the unbalanced furniture will restored to its balance again. The production cost of this product is low, just about 1 cent. In addition, this product is tiny and easy to carry.


Supercookies are designed to be nutrient-dense to support children's growth and development. It's crucial to recognize the value of balanced nutrition, and to make sure that supercookies are used to supplement rather than replace a healthy diet.


M-Sucker is a device created to facilitate the process of collecting small scattered metals more quickly, easily, and efficiently. The idea arose when a student accidentally dropped a handful of sewing needles in the workshop during a sewing activity and faced difficulties in collecting the needles. It is made using recycled materials with a very low budget. M-Sucker align with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.


Semalutega Roller Masker is a crucial medium for individuals of all backgrounds who prioritize beauty and students facing risks in workshops and kitchens while cooking. Due to its widespread and Comprehensive necessity, the Semalutega Roller Masker was developed. The sensitive plant, scientifically known as Mimosa Pudica was selected as the primary product in this study. The shy plant is an herbaceous plant that has not been commercialized, while other herbs used in this product.


Through user feedback data analysis, this kit has undergone several phases of quality enhancement and product improvement starting from the ESP32 IoT Educational Learning Kit and evolving into the ESP32 Project Board 2023. The Embedded System IoT Development Kit, better known as ESI-DEVKIT, is a fusion of these two products. The innovation of ESI-DEVKIT has a positive impact on the teaching and learning process in public higher education institution.

Medical CIty Centre

Welcome to the future of sustainable healthcare! The Medical City of the Future is not only designed to provide the highest level of patient care, but also to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Medical City of the Future aims to minimize its environmental impact while maximizing its benefits to patients.


HEXODIA represents a groundbreaking innovation in the industrial field. Its 6-axis-6 DOF parallel robot design challenges the limitations of conventional CNC machines in milling process and robotic arms in welding fields. By introducing new design solutions by mounting the motors on the frame to overcome inertia and increase speed, creating 6 links attached to the end effector to result in lower error and high accuracy having advanced control algorithms, and implementing the Stewart platform

INFERNAL (Plastic to Biofuel)

The innovation in our project is the ability to convert plastic waste, a major environmental concern, into useful oil. Our project can handle various types of plastics, including PE, PP, PS, & PET, etc... While controlling for each type of specific residence to maximize the conversion of plastic into valuable products without excessive degradation or formation of unwanted products. Also, by adding a catalyst to ensure the highest efficiency and implementing an exhaust recirculation system


• The system is developed to is monitor in real-time and anywhere the status of aair quality and temperature inside a building. • The system enables real-time remote monitoring IoT-based monitoring system and analyzes the data of temperature, humidity, and air quality. • The system consists of sensor node, air quality, temperature, IoT to monitor and analyze the environmental conditions experienced by the crowd during gatherings.

3 in 1 U-composter

For people who wish to compost, there may be issues with the methods. Some common composters only have a single function. Thus, we must create a compost bin with several uses. Our 3 in 1 U-composter is a green innovation that promotes a new method of composting and is user-friendly. The three sections of the 3 in 1 U-composter handle the three fundamental steps of composting, drying, mixing, and resting. We are able to offer the community a fresh approach to composting thanks to this invention.

Azure Horizon Ocean Cleaning Drone

Our innovation, Azure Horizon, fights water pollution by collecting trash in surface water. It uses ground effect design with a long 1.5-meter total wingspan for efficiency. The drone patrols around areas with high concentrations of trash to collect them. Unlike other drones, this drone is faster and has a larger range. Built with balsa wood, polypropylene and hardware components, Azure Horizon combats plastic pollution for a cleaner environment.

BCP Tropical Liquid Fertilizer

The BCP Tropical Liquid Fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer with a mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK). The production involves the process of soaking fruit peels from banana, mango and papaya fruit in coconut water inside a compost bin. The mixture is left to ferment for 5 days and a solution that contains nutrients that plants need for producing green and healthy leaves is produced. This fertilizer is a better option as it is less harmful to the environment and human health


Ensuring water quality is vital during exploration. Whether camping or hiking,addressing potential uncertainty is essential. Filtering water removes contaminants, ensuring safety for consumption.Filtered water promotes skin hydration,aids digestion and prevents severe illnesses.Outdoor enthusiasts often face limited access to purified water,highlighting the need for innovative solutions.“Bampou Nero” addresses this by purifying water in challenging environments.


Intelligence Plant Feeding (IPF) is a machine (AI robot) that can help schools care for and water plants. It is a suitable helper and helper to take care of plants without the need for regular human supervision.This machine can facilitate various matters such as using cheap costs, reducing the use of manpower, simplifying the work of gardeners in schools and saving the cost of electricity use. This machine can also avoid obstacles with the use of sensors.It can also be applied as a learning aid.


multifunctional organic product use as ant repellent and aromatic candle made of soy wax, cinnamon, coffee and clove


BEKACH Tank able to harvest condensate water from 4 air-conditioners units. It prevents AC water from being wasted and recycle it into more beneficial use for watering and hydroponics system. It has the Air conditioner Harvester, Storage Tank, Eco-Enzyme Tank with an automated system that prevents the burden of watering plants by monitoring the moisture of soils and pH of water for hydroponic system by using water level sensor, moisture sensor and pH Sensor. It saves times, energy and money.


The Blusa Tanin Ball is a ball made from organic materials such as ketapang leaves, rice bran, blue salt and mealworms. These materials work in harmony to provide an effective water treatment for fish. The Blusa Tanin Ball also contains additional nutrient source that are very beneficial for fish, as it acts as a water purifying agent, stabilizes water pH, provides supplementary food sources for fish, and encourages fish growth and health.

S.E.E-Smart Easy Energy

S.E.E stands for Smart Easy Energy which is energy renewal through human kinesthetic activity.It is produced through materials designed as a stepping stone to generate and produce energy.An energy storage system using a generator capable of translating energy into tools used by humans.It is a learning tool that is shown to students in relating the results of innovation in the subject of science and physics.As a learning and teaching tool,it is able to benefit all students and teachers at school.

BotanIQ Oil

BotanIQ Oil is a product that extracts oil from plants without excessive use of chemicals. It is split into 3 sections which are the milling section, pressing section, and filtering section. The section which primarily needs electrical power is the milling and filtering section. The plant press is manually operated whilst the milling and filtering centrifuge are automated. The oil extracted can be used for petrochemical products and fuel for small-scale applications.


Plastic is one product that is highly used in in modern life for its durability and affordability. On other hand, plastic poses a threat to the environment due to its non-renewable nature, making it difficult to decompose. Environment pollution has increased due to the ease of transportation, single use in daily life and intensive use. Bio plastic film made from fish wastes can be used in packaging food and has faster decomposition that can be used for single time


ANTifeelizer is an eco-friendly fertilizer which mainly consists of dried coffee bean waste, egg shells, fish bone wastes, corncob and cinnamon. We tried on ways to reduce the use of chemicals in fertilizers so that the level of soil pollution can be reduced and prevent plant roots being damaged by ants. This product is eco-friendly, cost-friendly and user-friendly. Our product is chemical-free and conserves the cost production for chemical fertilizer in agriculture.


EPR is a road that generates electrical energy through renewable energy such as heat energy from moving vehicles and sun, wind energy from fast moving vehicles as well as kinetic energy. At the same time, EPR is able to reduce air pollution, and give a helping hand to the unfortunate people with limited supply of water and electricity in rural areas such as villages or areas that do not have a consistent source of basic necessities.


The project innovatively combines Aloe vera gel and polyethylene, overcoming bioplastic limitations. The resulting eco-friendly film, with 10% polyethylene, fully degrades in 90 days. Key industry players suggest a growing market. Emphasizing sustainable agriculture and food security, it employs 90% bio-based materials in packaging. With a 655% tensile strength increase and 43% lower water solubility, the product excels.


Recycling waste material from moringa nut skin fibre can be made into paper that has various uses such as art class decorations, creative activities and if disposed of it can be a contribution to compost material that does not pollute the environment. Therefore, this recycling innovation was created to create the creativity of students and teachers and to become citizens who can contribute economically to preserving nature. Low cost because of does not use a lot of tools.


EnergyCO. pot harnesses hydroelectric power with small water turbines, generating electricity during torrential water conditions. The electric heater transforms this power into thermal energy, offering a convenient eco-friendly cooking solution. This innovation not only avoids environmental harm but also reduces air pollution from traditional fire-based cooking. Versatile for instant foods outdoors, boiling water, and reheating meals, it's tailored for cooking smaller portions.


This innovation study aims to produce healthy and natural sugar based on pineapples. The fruit was chosen because it contains high natural sugar content and has other nutritional content in all parts of the fruit including the pith and skin. It is produced in the form of a liquid that is easily soluble and ready to use. Pine Sugar is produced to avoid the waste of ripe fruit and factory waste in the pineapple canning industry. Its also as an alternative to dependence on cane sugar in the market


With the rise in wildfires in recent years, the need of quick and easy way to extinguish fires has become a must in nearly every households such as conventional fire extinguisher. Mujibomb serves as a quick, safe and easy way to extinguish small fires from spreading and becoming a hazard without having to get near the source of fire while still being sustainable.


Cornuster, a biodegradable coaster made entirely of non-synthetic materials. This product uses corncobs and peanut hull waste as the primary ingredients to create coasters. As the coaster’s base, we combine corncob powder, peanut hulls, corn starch and water. The coaster is ant-repellent due to the addition of ant-repelling substances such as vinegar, pandan leaf, and cinnamon to the product. Because ants can’t take the stench, these materials operate as natural repellents.


The project is developing a smart flash flood rainfall intensity mitigation system based on IoT. It involves measuring rainfall intensity per hour, linking the user with the controller, and determining the most accurate reading. The system can track rainfall intensity data in real-time and notify the user when the rainfall intensity is in a dangerous state.


SRATS REPELLENT is an organic repellent produced in the form of candles and also crayons stick for the convenience of the user. The main objective of producing this product is to prevent the presence of snakes and rats. The formulation of this product is based on waste cooking oil and plant extracts such as marigold, citronella and soursop leaves. This product as well environmentally friendly because it is based on natural organic ingredients.


E-SOILCAR's main objective is to reduce the need for labor of hard-working people in the agricultural industry. E-SOILCAR functions to increase the production rate of plants by keeping the soil moisturised as well as neutralising its properties. With the help of the claw, E-SOILCAR traverses the fields, its sensors identify dried or decaying plant matter. Moreover, E-SOILCAR uses blender composting method to break down decaying or dried plants into smaller pieces that can decompose more quickly.


Inkiflux addresses sewage blockage due to used cooking oil being dumped into drains by converting it into printer ink. Not only does it mitigate ecological harm, it ingeniously repurposes the oil into ink for everyday use. By seamlessly combining maintenance of sewers and sustainable resource creation, Inkiflux stands as a beacon of responsible technology, transforming environmental challenges into opportunities for a cleaner, greener future.


NERO is a trash barrier and catcher in city rivers, equipped with an alert and monitoring system and a mobile app. It works to prevent and trap rubbish in the river from escaping to the sea. Programmed by Arduino, it features an ultrasonic sensor with dual LED lights and operates on solar energy. It combats water pollution by providing a work, time, energy saving solution for efficient river monitoring and cleanup. NERO ensures clean rivers and seas to protect marine life and human health.

The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty was invented for better sleep and reduces the stress of a person. It helps people to have better rest for the day and a productive day ahead. The main thing that differentiates this product from others is that this product can benefit people with sleeping problems and relax to get good rest. Furthermore, this product can also prevent headaches by aromatherapy. Moreover, it has an electrode massager to improve blood circulation and cold pad to remove eyebags


Wavely's flood solution includes water sensors, LED indicators, a speaker, inflatable barriers, and a solar-battery-powered filtration device. Three sensors prompt LED and live Bluetooth updates—green for normal, yellow for rising water, and red for imminent danger. Last one triggers an alarm, barriers prevent flooding, and the filtration device converts floodwater to clean water. Portable and affordable, Wavely suits household drains, and rivers, resilient against currents, and easy to maintain

Sailesh Naidu

This is a design for a ship/boat hull that utilizes ball-like projections with a dimple design on them to achieve smoother sailing for ships. This can be achieved by placing dimples strategically on the projections in order to cause turbulent flow water waves to interfere destructively and cancel out each other. This effect results in a net laminar or smooth region of water flow under a ship or any base with our design.


APOTIZER is a box that uses Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation to sanitize and disinfect many types of objects. It's a compact unit that utilizes IoT technology to link the unit to the mobile application. The app allows the user to control and monitor the sanitization process from wherever they are through integration of the WIFI module. It is also equipped with important security feature such as passcode access and security alert. It is portable, user-friendly, has low maintenance and is durable.


BOOST PILL is an organic fertilizer that is made from recycled calamansi fruit peel, banana fruit peel, peanut shells, cocopeat and cow dung. We made two types of pills, one with cow dung while the other without it. It is environmentally friendly and can be applied directly into the soil as it is biodegradable. It can also be crushed and sprinkled on the soil or even dissolved in water. It provides all the required nutrients for a plant and keeps the soil at its optimum condition.

STEENFIX Shampoo: Flakes-away. Frizz-away. Frown-away.

STEENFIX Shampoo is a scientifically-proven hair care innovation that combats dandruff and prevents scalp infections. It primarily consists of mangosteen peel extract and environmentally sustainable, naturally derived ingredients. The shampoo contains unique blends of botanical extracts that replenish and restore moisture to the hair and scalp. With its pH-balanced formula, STEENFIX is an excellent choice for individuals with dry and sensitive scalps and those with color-treated hair.

D-HealthySoil: Soil Conditioner

House dust could be a mix of sloughed-off skin cells, hair, fabric fibres, bacteria, dust mites, fragments of decomposing/dead insects, soil particles, pollen, and tiny bits of plastic. This invention introduces a brand-new product, D-HealthySoil. D-HealthySoil is derived from house dust. D-HealthySoil works to improve soil health, increase plant growth, and lessen the need for synthetic chemical fertilizers.


The human body is a nearly flawless system, with different organs serving distinct purposes. The human body will send out a physiological signal regarding its own state of health when it becomes less healthy. For instance, a fever causes an increase in body temperature. Physiological signals include ECG for diagnosing heart problems, EMG for diagnosing muscular problems, EEG for diagnosing brain problems, and so forth. Thus, to assess the state of human health, EPI technology was used in this in

Chroma Quick Wash

Chroma Quick Wash (CQW) is a all in one multifunctional storage box to store watercolours, brushes, palette, and various tools in a single box. It made up from recycled items and cleans brushes tainted with different colors without mixing them ( system automatically drains out the dirty water, avoid color mixing, serving a new water for next cleaning). Door stopper is creatively used to enhance the effective removal of colour from brushes and balloon stick is used as brush holder.


T`MOONS innovation (Moon Phase Telescope) is a form of innovation in the form of a product that has been developed to help students understand the concept of the Phases of the Moon in addition to seeing objects that are further away through a telescope created from used tools which are PVC pipes with a combination of high resolution lenses . This innovation implements a student-centered Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (VAK) learning strategy as well as applying field study learning.


Innovation D'GEESS (Frictions and Speed) is a flexible track in terms of height that can be modified or adjusted, has 3 different types of surface which are carpet or fabric, glass and sandpaper, specifically testing the effect of friction and speed of 3 toy cars that through it. Very suitable for use in various Science topics whether primary school, secondary school or higher education institute. This interesting D'GEeSS innovation implements a student-centered Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.


Product introduces an innovative approach in preserving Malaysian Kantan through infrared moisture diffusivity techniques. This method enhances efficiency, nutrient retention, and the overall quality of the dried Kantan. Infrared drying's efficiency and speed have been proven in prior research. Our study evaluates the impact of infrared and oven on Bunga Kantan's kinetics and physicochemicals especially antioxidants properties. The results shows higher antioxidants in infrared compared to oven.


VETOBOON (VTB) innovation is a form of innovation that can help students to understand the correct use of grammar.This innovative idea that has been developed by 2 teachers from SK Tanjong Gading will help students to master and improve their skills in determining the correct usage of VTB grammar by using VETOBOON musical instruments which is biscuit container as the main instrument. It is also used other environmentally friendly items such as old clothes and used decorative paper.

Green Sleep

The "Green Sleep" is a revolutionary bedside bio air-purifier designed to enhance the quality of sleep while promoting a healthier indoor environment. "Green Sleep" utilizes the natural power of microalgae Chlorella to enhance air purification. Chlorella is capable of absorb and neutralize some airborne pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By incorporating Chlorella into the system is effective in promoting cleaner and fresher air.

Air Con for Single Person Use

The first-ever crossbody bag portable air conditioner An AC that is chasing you! Product distinguishing features: Strong cooling power, better than most similar weight products in the market, beats similar products in the market, works well in hot and humid weather that is higher than 30 degrees Celsius and 90%RH humidity. (Evaporation cooling is not working in high humidity environment, it also brings mould problem. Fan only blows hot air, which is also useless in that kind of environment)


Recently, the widespread use of harmful insecticides is harming the environment and people's health. In Malaysia, agriculture often depends on these chemicals to control pests. However, there's a solution: eco-friendly insecticides like Pesan. They protect plants without harming human health and offer a sustainable way to manage pests in agriculture.


In aviation education, challenges like budget constraints and outdated equipment hinder effective teaching. To overcome this, a VR project, Virtual Aircraft Inspection (AI-VR), was developed using the ADDIE model. This systematic approach ensured tailored content, interactive modules, and effective evaluation. Positive feedback indicates AI-VR is an excellent tool for immersive and effective aircraft inspection teaching, addressing challenges and enhancing comprehension.

GET: A Smart Wastewater System for Industry

Germicidal and Electrocoagulation Treatment (GET) is a smart treatment system where it combines germicidal & electrocoagulation to treat organic, inorganic and biological wastewater. It has been applied at one poultry industry waste treatment in Malaysia (BISMI Cergas Sdn. Bhd.). It is able to reduce concentrated COD from 2300 ppm to 80 ppm and BOD from 830 ppm to 50 ppm respectively. Based on its performances, it is highly potential to be commercialized and applied to other industries.

Electronic Lighter

Electronic Lighter A lighter without fuel! Product distinguishing features: 1. No fuel inside, 100% safe 2. Small in size 3. Rechargeable after use 4. Environmental-friendly 5. No carbon monoxide emission, safe Applications: 1. Camping 2. Picnic 3. Hiking 4. BBQ

Low-cost Removable Wine Fridge

Low-cost removable wine fridge Install and move easily! Product distinguishing features: 1. Light in weight, easy to move 2. Stable 3. Easy to repair 4. Easy to install 5. Various appearance Applications: 1. Party room 2. Office 3. Home 4. Leisure 5. Trade show 6. Hawker 7. Store


The Fiqh is a smart game card related to jurisprudence education that is equipped with the latest Sharia-compliant information and info. pictures and information in digital form that allows players to play cards while learning. This informative card can be especially beneficial to all students who want to strengthen understanding, unearth memory and cultivate the power of mind that is able to express the students' 6C competencies. Teachers can also use these innovative materials as teaching aids

Kids cook board

Introduction Cooking could be a fun and efficient way to teach kids how to process skills early; however, cutting food could be dangerous for kids. The kid cookboard is a one-stop solution for kids to prepare food with or without an adult supervisor. Function : The kid cook board contain a blade covering the cutting area and the food feeder. It allows children to cut food without touching any part of the blade; the well-partitioned tray under the cut board allows the quick and clean storage of


world Punanaviation is a recycled drone produced by Punan Orang Asli school Student. world punanaviation was flown around the gardens of the punan indigenous village community to detect the presence of wild elephants that were damaging the villagers' crops. An early detection by world punanaviation of the presence of an elephants will be able to prevent damage to the plants.In addition, world punanaviation can convey the Headmaster's message to the students near by classroom without loudspeakers


The superhero of deodorants, that doesn't play nasty with your armpit cells! Unlike other products that uses harsh chemicals, our natural ingredients keep your underarms dry and sweat-free without causing any skin damage. And the best part? It's easy-peasy to use with our handy stick formula. Say goodbye to stinky pits and hello to happy skin!

Vein Friendly Cannula & Safety Valve for Intravenous Infusion Device

A bottle of Intravenous infusion set may be pierced to ensure easy flow. The presence of this hole leads to a dash of air to the inside of the package and may continue to leak air into the blood vessels that merge with blood after entry of the amount of solution. It leads to the formation of air bubbles and blood clots within those vessels leading to obstruction of vessels transporting blood to vital areas of the body turn off the spigot and the blood supply to these areas Voted vital


Solar-powered mobile Digital Signage with Internet of Things (IoT) applications represents an innovative energy transition approach for combining renewable energy, mobility, and technologies. Solar power and IoT monitoring systems can offer a sustainable solution for indoor and outdoor advertising, information display, and interactive experiences with energy-efficient and high-brightness LED displays for optimal visibility.

Tooth Brush with Siwaak Fibers

The mouth is the main entrance to the digestive system, so body systems (as respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems related to the teeth and face areas) may be exposed to some risk if the mouth is injured. The teeth are always covered with a thin layer of saliva. Bacterial colonies quickly begin to adhere to teeth surfaces. If such bacterial colonies are not regularly and daily removed it causes tooth decay, inflammation of their surrounding tissues as well a smelly mouth.

Eco Face Bin

Main Idea / Introduction In suburban areas, wildlife often rummages through public trash bins in search of food, causing the garbage to be scattered and negatively impacting environmental cleanliness. To address this issue, the intelligent facial recognition trash bin is a revolutionary invention. It utilizes cameras to detect human faces and applies advanced facial recognition technology to improve waste management. This innovative trash bin not only provides a convenient way for individuals to

Easy slip in shoes

What is Scleroderma? It is a rare autoimmune connective tissue disease that involves the hardening and tightening of the skin. It may cause problems in the internal organs, digestive tract, and blood vessels. It is estimated that approximately one in 10,000 individuals is affected. Scleroderma can develop in any age group but is more frequent between the ages of 25 and 55. The fingers, hands, feet, and face are the first parts of the body that are affected.

SmartFlow System

The SmartFlow System contributes to energy conservation. It achieves this by intelligently activating or deactivating specific resources based on the number of people present. By aligning resource usage with demand, the system effectively reduces energy waste. The SmartFlow System tackles the problem of inefficient resource allocation by automatically controlling the number of gates, ATM or other facilities in response to crowd size. We implement LED, mirco:bit and camera to simulate the system.

Smart Dustbin

The "Smart Dustbin" is a revolutionary innovation designed to seamlessly integrate technology and waste management, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene while simplifying daily life. This intelligent waste disposal system employs sensors and connectivity to automatically open its lid when approached, facilitating hands-free disposal. Its real-time monitoring capabilities allow for efficient waste management, notifying users when it's nearing full capacity. With a commitment to enhancing sanitation a

GalaBeet Glam Lip Balm

Galabeet Glam is a natural lip balm blending beetroot and Kaempferia Galanga Linn (Galangal) extracts. It offers hydrating, antioxidant benefits with a subtle tint, ideal for dry lips. Eco-friendly and chemical-free, it's a sustainable, skin-loving choice.

BSF Food Waste Warrior

Black Solider Fly can eat almost anything and are known for their Black Hole appetites. In the natural food chain, Black Solider Fly is responsible for converting organic wastes into protein and other nutrients. Therefore, the Fly do not mind the wastes are kitchen wastes, vegetables and fruits and even those are solid wastes from beings. We mainly uses IoT technology to operate, which using humidity sensors, atomizers, fans and agitators to create an environment for the Fly digest the wastes.


Broken Concrete in the school premises has become a persistent concern as it is threatening the safety and well-being of students, staffs, and visitors. Widespread litter are becoming a significant environmental concern. Such litter can harm ecosystem, wildlife, and human health.Easy Cemax is a product that could resolve our school main problem and environmental issue such as cracked cement floor and water pollution.

Enhancing Cellular Interactions of MCF-7 and HeLa Cells with Pulsed Electric Fields and Sustainable Natural Resources

Electroporation is a vital component in chemotherapy, offering a promising strategy for enhancing the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs and improving treatment outcomes in specific cancer types. Electroporation is a biological method involving the application of brief electrical pulses to cells or tissues, causing a temporary disruption of their cell membranes. This disruption generates transient openings or channels in the cell membrane, facilitating the introduction of foreign substances like DNA,


The news of vehicles catching fire while filling up at gas stations is often a prominent media report, despite various awareness campaigns. Through observations, it was found that drivers often neglect to turn off their vehicle's engine and use mobile phones while refuelling. Car Safety Remainder (CSR) is an innovation designed to automatically turn off the engine when the oil cap is opened, provide warnings against mobile phone use, and automatically close the rear window.

i-Wonder Bin

Over a third of all food produced (~2.5 billion tons) is lost or wasted each year. The major contributor of food wasted is 38% from household and 24% from small local business. Food waste will give negative impact to the environment especially global warming and climate change (Sustainable Development Goals 13-Climate Action).i-Wonder Bin is an automatic compost bin that speeds up the composting process so that people could have fertilizer in a faster way.

Sinus Zeep

Our product, Sinus Zeep are using gelenggang leaf, honey and cinnamon as our main materials in making our product. This are the great combinations in way to cure this infection from the mild to severe sinus infection. Other than that, it will to improve your skin conditions due to acne that been formed by the bacteria. Our main objectives of this research are to study the effectiveness of this product on someone that been struggling with this infection

Absorbing grid for uniform coolant flow of nuclear reactor fuel assembly

This will be published in the official exhibition catalogue and you can provide a picture of your invention. The invention is a simpler and more reliable grid design for water-cooled nuclear reactor. The Grid is designed in such a way that, in addition to the function of absorbing a local burst of neutron density, it performs the function of passive hydraulic profiling of the inlet section of the fuel assembly.

ARAUCAT: Novel Hydrogen Production From Water Splitting

With solar and wind energy quickly becoming primary sources of clean, low-cost electricity, we are one big step closer to creating a clean energy future. However, there are still key sectors of our economy (such as transportation, manufacturing and shipping) that rely on fossil fuels and need a pathway to clean energy. Renewable hydrogen can help all these sectors transition away from fossil fuels and into the clean energy future.

Control method of a three-phase voltage inverter

This will be published in the official exhibition catalogue and you can provide a picture of your invention. The invention relates to the field of electric power engineering and can be used to control voltage inverters operating on single-phase loads. The technical result of the proposed control method is to ensure the sinusoidal output phase voltage of the inverter when powering a single-phase load, as well as the absence of the need for constant measurement of instantaneous voltage values of t


Headwater phenomena can be occurring when there is a heavy down pour when the soil saturated with water flow downhill in response to gravity. This system will detect the headwater earlier based on water behaviour and surrounding situation such as loud sound of bird flying scatter and big rock crashing each other. This system is fully automated and do not require human surveillance in a long period. This system also collect data on frequent headwater phenomena occur at the choose waterfall.


The usage of clay for lubricant oil waste recovery is inexpensive and environmentally friendly and has become a topic of this research. In this study, Montmorillonite wasnmodified by sulfuric acid with varied concentration (1M, 1.5M and 2M) as denoted as M-1, M-1.5, M-2, These activated clays are used for adsorption process to recover the lubricant oil waste.


This study enhances user interaction with Android phones by introducing a method for real-time hand gesture recognition using image classification.It utilizes the smartphone camera and a ML model trained on a gesture database. Implemented as Android app, it provides seamless and intuitive user interaction through real-time recognition.The research using artificial intelligence, Image Classifier webtool, identify BM, aiming to improve the precision and user-friendliness of HGR.


It is vital to build an effective transportable system capable of sampling the water status, indicating the location's state in real-time, and assisting in the cleaning of the region. Therefore, to overcome this problem a portable surface cleaning robot and water quality monitoring with functional apps for smartphone and tablet is proposed. This device will aid in the cleaning of the water's surface as well as the monitoring of water quality across a large adjustable range.

BiodeCa Fertilizer Pot

Biode Ca Fertilizer Pot is a single plant pot made from biodegradable materials such as egg tray pulp, extract calcium from egg shell and tea leaves which has become complete pot with fertilizer. This biode Ca Fertilizer pot ensures a most convenient and user friendly experience with effective recycling of waste in to the useful organic fertilizer.


Introducing "Puspita," a revolutionary multifunctional lip serum designed to elevate your lip care routine.This all-in-one solution combines intense hydration, repair, and protection, creating a luxurious experience for your lips. Whether you're combating dryness, enhancing natural lip color, or shielding against environmental stressors, Puspita is your comprehensive solution. This innovative lip serum not only shields against the adverse effects of traditional products like petroleum jelly.

Low-frequency buckling piezoceramic transducer with adjustable resonance frequency

This will be published in the official exhibition catalogue and you can provide a picture of your invention. The invention relates to the field of geophysics and ecology. The device is intended for:  - reconstruction of the structure of the seabed using  coherent acoustic pulses.  - acoustic impact on underwater inhabitants.

Database of Social and Economic Development Indicators of the City of Moscow «Integrated Data Warehouse»

This will be published in the official exhibition catalogue and you can provide a picture of your invention. The database facilitates the accumulation, storage, and updating of data from various sources through automated services. Provides users with reference and methodological information on the data contained in the repository. Enables multi-criteria data search through individual user queries with an export option.


This will be published in the official exhibition catalogue and you can provide a picture of your invention. The toolbox is designed to increase the efficiency of planning and checking the prices of medicine purchased by governmental institutions.


This will be published in the official exhibition catalogue and you can provide a picture of your invention. The database is designed to increase the accuracy of planning the development of common utilities infrastructure in big cities in correspondence with budget planning and social support measures.

Obtaining of tungsten oxide (WO3) from carbide waste and study of its photocatalytic properties

This will be published in the official exhibition catalogue and you can provide a picture of your invention. In this work, tungsten trioxide was obtained from hard-alloy waste W-Co and W-Ni-Fe, which can be effectively used to purify wastewater from organic pollutants. Data on the influence of the initial concentration of the pollutant on its photocatalytic activity were studied.

Application for creating and using neural networks

Many of the neural networks have paid access, a closed platform and are initially trained for one task. To solve these problems, an application was developed that can easily create neural networks, configure their parameters and architecture. It can also be useful in the educational process.


Smart bookshelf otherwise also known through a process called smart shelving is the act of applying wireless technology to shelves so retail and industrial businesses can perform automated features such as dynamic pricing, inventory tracking, omnichannel, and many more. We have implemented a lot of the latest technology from the modern era that we live in. The innovation that we have created is also makes it a lot more efficient to the consumers.

The influence of oil pollution on the age groups of the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi A.Agassiz, 1865

The work analyzes the energy and time characteristics of a bioluminescent signal stimulated by mechanical and chemical stimuli. The effect of the toxicant is stronger on immature individuals. The data obtained can be taken into account when assessing the harm of oil spills on marine biota.


The outstanding health condition among variety patients is a crucial issue in today’s medical world. The status of patients’ health and follow up treatment are pertinent to ensure specific treatment obtained during medication phase. However, the inconsistency of health monitoring as well as ignorance of patients to keep contact the doctor to gain further treatment add more troublesome. In this regard patient suffers from serious health issues.


This innovation explores the innovative application of retort technology in the production of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food, focusing on the iconic Malaysian dish, Beef Curry With Banana Pulp. The traditional preparation of Beef Curry With Banana Pulp involves a lengthy cooking process, which can be time-consuming and may limit its commercial viability. The adoption of retort technology offers a solution by providing a convenient and efficient method for preserving the authentic flavors and textures.


This innovation explores the innovative application of retort technology in the production of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food, focusing on the iconic Malaysian dish, Malaysia Beef Asam Pedas. The traditional preparation of Malaysia Beef Asam Pedas involves a lengthy cooking process, which can be time-consuming and may limit its commercial viability. The adoption of retort technology offers a solution by providing a convenient and efficient method for preserving the authentic flavors and textures.


Thor Generator is a new version of generator that is portable and use renewable source that can help you when emergency situations ( no electricity) . It is made of 3D printer mechine that design by ourselves . Our product can produce electricity when water is flown out from the pipe when the water is pumped. Then, the water will hit the water wheel and cause it to spin. At the same time, the circle with magnets will spin too. Therefore, the moving of magnets changes the magnetic field around.

Title: Innovation of Retort Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Food Technology: Malaysian Tok Beef Rendang

This innovation explores the innovative application of retort technology in the production of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food, focusing on the iconic Malaysian dish, Malaysian Tok Beef Rendang. The traditional preparation of Malaysian Tok Beef Rendang involves a lengthy cooking process, which can be time-consuming and may limit its commercial viability. The adoption of retort technology offers a solution by providing a convenient and efficient method for preserving the authentic flavors and textures.


As we all experienced in ourchildhood, crayons are the drawing tools that we all used in schools. Little did we know that most of the crayons that have been sold at the market contain toxic substances that may cause diseases for the users. However, The-Cra is made up using natural products like beeswax and filtered used cooking oil.In addition. we can cut cost by using less beeswax No sticky surface will happen and chemical odour can feel free.


Flood disaster mainly occurs because of illegal deforestation and unsustainable construction as a result of human ignorance towards nature. Our project named AQUABOX aims to reduce the loss of flood victims, to increase the probability of flood victims to survive during a flood, to calm down the victims while waiting for the rescue team . Aquabox is a flood barrier made from plastic bottles that we recycle and it light not just use as box that save your belonging.


This paper bags made from oil palm fronds as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags has demonstrated promising results. The utilization of oil palm fronds, a readily available agricultural waste, offers a viable solution to the environmental concerns associated with plastic bag pollution. By utilizing this abundant resource, "Elaeis bag" contributes to a more sustainable future and help mitigate the negative impact of plastic bags on our planet.


This system enables individuals to request emergency assistance by sending a short message that includes their location information. It is particularly suitable for rural areas with limited internet support. The system includes buttons to request help for medical emergencies, fires, bullying, or sexual harassment, expediting the response to safety issues among Madrasah students, reducing the likelihood of fatalities and trauma.


Over time, there have been many hipster cafes like Ngopi Pantai, Smiling Buffalo Cafe, Coffee Cloud, Bohor Coffee N Cafe, and more. The demand for coffee has increased, leading to more waste from unused coffee grounds. To tackle this issue, an innovation called "Arang Biji Kopi" (ARABIKO), made from coffee bean charcoal, was introduced to reduce waste.

Development of a Device for Enhancing Taste of Wine

This device emit a certain hertz frequency that is able to change the tannin contents or enhanced the taste of wine by changing the molecular structure of a new wine to aged or mature rapidly.

Development of An Anti-Fog Spray for Glasses

This is a formulation using organic substances to prevent glasses from fogging during rain, when eating hot meals or cold or hot drinks. Can be used on glasses, car wind screen, googles and visors.

Architectural Acoustic Panel from Mycelium Composite

Mycelium composite is another innovative bio composite material as an alternative for full-loop sustainability derived from mushroom mycelium, a vegetative part of mushroom, with agriculture waste fiber. The material is a living material mimicking the process of growing mushroom to engineer the material’s physical properties to be a solid lightweight material with high acoustic performance.

Development of a SMART drink for enhancing Memory and Concentration

This formulation is a botanical extract comprising of Natural extract that synergistic with the formulation enabling memory retention and concentration. Comprises of Lions Maine Extract, Caffeine, Huperzine, Bacopa Monnieri, Reseveratrol, Etc extract beneficial to human brain development.

Low Sintering Temperature Geo-Ceramics

The use of geopolymer method is an alternate way in producing ceramic materials since the amorphous to semi-crystalline behavior of geopolymer will transforms into crystalline (nepheline) phases upon sintering. The unique composition of the geopolymer system with the help of geopolymerization reaction will improve the crystallization process as well as reducing the sintering temperature required.






Pengembaraan Ali and Dino (COVID-19 Series) is an augmented reality book specifically designed for Malaysian children aged 5 to 6. The story introduces the journey of two companions, Ali and Dino, as they traverse the nation to enlighten young readers about COVID-19 and its prevention. By using the 5i motivational design principles such as information, interface, interaction, imagination, and immersion; the AR book introduces a novel approach to enhance children motivation in reading books.


The study was conducted to evaluate the shelf life and microbiological quality of ground chicken meat incorporated with Ficus Carica leaves extract at chilled refrigerated storage using three parameters which is microbial counts (TVC), sensorial properties (color, odor) and physicochemical property (pH) on different days of storage.


Cat litter made based on coconut trees and bicarbonate of soda. Adavantages of this product are controls odors effectively,solve the problem of odor pollution,fast absorption of liquid feces,easy to separate feces,products that use natural ingredients,more economical,eco friendly,solve the problem of landscape pollution,safe for kittens and adult cats also soft and friendly with cat paws


Herbaceso is a new natural wound protection product. It's a new innovation and replacement for plaster product adhesive bandage. This product uses a new technique in the process of treating wounds, which is by producing a gel that is able to form a protective layer for the wound while treating and preventing it from germs. Herbaceso also uses organic and natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, virgin coconut oil (VCO),cinnamon powder, tapioca flour, and Organic Alcohol.


Bio-Natural Ink is an innovation that uses all natural ingredients. Bio-Natural Ink 100% uses plants such as flowers, vegetables, leaves and fruit as the main ingredients in the production of ink color pigments. The produced Bio-Natural Ink is suitable for ball pen ink, calligraphy and batik painting.


NutriFLY is a highly nutritious chicken feed product which is based on black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae and sacha inchi (Plukenetia Volubilis L.) seed. The formulation undergoes solid fermentation by Rhizopus sp., thus enhancing its nutrient density and durability. The product offers cheaper chicken feed as a more cost effective alternative to imported soybean-based commercial diet.


My *BEG METODE MATAKU 20/20* is a set of methods of scanning and reciting words seen according to the Eye Level of the pupils.This tool can be adjusted and with it supplied various learning aids for the pupils.The uniqueness of this tool is included Optical Illusion card to provide students focus and clear their minds before starting the learning session. The eye can also absorb and store over 10 million colors in memory very helps students with special needs to remember words and sentences.

Novel Digital Incentive Spirometer Device

A novel digital incentive spirometer device is used to improve lung volumes by helping patients breathe more deeply and fully. It is a portable, easy-to-use, and suitable for patients after surgery. It provides real-time feedback during the inhalation and numeric visualization of inspiration. These numbers are expressed in millimetres and measure the total volume of breath in. It also shows how much air entry into the lungs and the higher numbers as patient can inhale.

A multigeneration geothermal system by using air cooling

The small-scale CCHP system was composed of a 10-kW organic Rankine cycle (ORC) unit, a 15-kW absorption unit, and a 20-kW drying room with air cooling, used as the cooling unit. From the study results, an energy efficiency of 17.23% was found. According to a life cycle assessment (LCA), a single score of the energy model of approximately 0.0250 Pt was analyzed. In the economic result, a levelized energy cost was approximately 2.98 Baht/kWh.

EcoRT: Sustainable Geopolymer with Recycled Copper Inserts for Rapid Tooling

The demand for metal recycling has been increasing as it conserves finite resources. This research aims to investigate and develop a new sustainable material by incorporating various types of metals in geopolymer becoming Green Geopolymer Copper Composite (GGCC) mould inserts for RT in injection moulding process. The goal is to optimize the composition to find the best mechanical and thermal properties suitable for RT application.


The charging system, built on Raspberry Pi, regulates charging for mobile phones and laptops by controlling time, voltage, and current and the system accommodates up to limited 5 users. Users swipe cards on the RFID reader, choose voltage, and the LCD displays relevant information before initiating a 5-minute charge. Its output research presented that mobile phones and laptops charge within 5-20 V. Output current ranges from 0.5 A to 5 A, and charging duration depends on the user's settings.

SESAMIO: Dietary supplement product from black sesame and honey

Sesame is known for properties of good health which consists of various nutrients. SESAMIO is produced with innovative non-chemical substances in all extraction processes from fresh black sesame seeds. Honey is used as natural solvent in extraction process to keep active substances, and essential oil. SESAMIO composes of sesamine, omega 3,6,9, essential amino acids, minerals. SESAMIO ( no fungi, bacteria, synthetics) has high efficiency in digestion and absorption all nutrients though cells.

Breath and Hold device

Breath and Hold device was developed to practice breathing exercise and real time monitoring. This device monitored respiratory pattern while breathe in-out and hold followed by application on the mobile phone. They were showed graph simultaneous breathing pattern by principle of engineering. The device is portable, easy to use and suitable for healthy people, people with respiratory diseases and hypertension to enhance more air flow into the lungs and reduce blood pressure.

CCF28O perovskite: Heterogeneous catalyst for efficient degradation of caffeine micropollutants

CaCu0.2Fe0.8O3 (CCF28O) perovskite is used as promising catalyst to effectively decompose recalcitrant caffeine micropollutants. A complete degradation of caffeine was achieved within 4 hr of Fenton-like reaction. Degradation of caffeine was mainly attributed to generation of ●OH radicals as confirmed by EPR analysis. From GCMS analysis, three main intermediates were found during caffeine degradation: i) N-N’-Dimethyl urea, ii) methylparabanic acid and iii) 1,7-Dimenthylxanthin.

Electronic Nose System for Characterization of a Coffee Aroma Map

Chiang Rai's unique Arabica aroma gains value with an Electronic Nose system mapping aromas, enhancing coffee recognition globally.

Ala Kazim Coffee: A Healthy coffee drink from bitter melon

Kopi Ala Kazim is an innovative food product co-developed by UiTM and EMZI Holding Sdn Bhd under the auspicious industrial based laboratory NANO-CORE located at UiTM Cawangan Pulau Pinang. The product based on arabica, robusta coffee and bitter melon extract as main ingredient. This product already successfully been commercialized.


By 2050, it is predicted that the global population will reach 9–10 billion, requiring a 25–70 increase in food production. Also, the reduction in crop productivity due to the abiotic stress have cut the average yields of crops by more than 50%. Fret not! Studies have demonstrated that seed priming is the keys to improve crop growth. However, nanoparticles as primer have agglomeration issue. Hence, by coating with chitosan, encourages development and increases crop yields.

Bicarbonate-H2O2-CaCo0.5Fe0.5O3 Perovskite System for Efficient Carbamazepine Degradation

This study investigates the role of bicarbonate as a co-oxidant in the activation of H2O2 by modulating the ratio of bicarbonate to H2O2 (R) to enhance the oxidative degradation of carbamazepine as a model pollutant for recalcitrant micropollutants. By using CaCo0.5Fe0.5O3 perovskite catalysts in the BAP system, our results provide important insights to optimize catalysis for effective carbamazepine degradation, which reaches 97% degradation within 45 min reaction time at an R value of 20.

Catalyzed Biomass Concrete (CBC) - A New Renewable Energy Source for Buildings

CBC, a revolutionary construction material, reduces carbon emissions during production and generates voltage in regular conditions. It serves as both structural and non-structural application, offering quality assurance along with the ability to produce electricity for daily gadget use. Its composition, external circuitry, mixing process, setup, and conductivity tests are meticulously outlined, marking a paradigm shift in sustainable and electricity-generating construction materials.

Wire Grip Installer & Remover Tool

We have designed a New tool to install the Wire grip and without having to climb on the electrical wire. The new tool can be connected with the tool that we have (Grip all Clamp Stick). This makes it easier and faster to install and remove the Wire Grip without having to take the risk of climbing on electrical wires.

Decision Support System for Spare Transformer Management

The Decision Support System for Spare Transformer Management collects, analyzes, and presents information in one place. The data originates from reliable sources, references key statistics, and enables swift access to information on unused power transformers. This enhances convenience and instills confidence in decision-makers for efficient power transformer management.

Real-time High Voltage Substation Intrusion Detection System with AI CiRA CORE

EGAT’s substation has many implements to protect against animal intrusion. To permanently solve the animal intrusion, Our group has applied from CCTV and image processing for artificial intelligence to detect any object, In this case, The system could have detected animal intrusion and sent the signal from MQTT protocol to the dry contact which be connected with sound generator, light signal alarm or other physical actions for disturb the animal movement and clear that trouble out of danger area

Carbon-CATCH (Porous carbon from wastes for CO2 Absorption To reduce Climate Change)

Advanced porous carbon materials for CO2 capture are synthesized from cassava waste and scrap tires with efficiency enhancement by amines. It has a high surface area of 1165 m2/g, CO2 capturing 199.20 mg/g, >20 regenerability cycles. Captured CO2 can be used for green cement production. LCA indicates that applying this advanced material to a coal-fired power plant may reduce GHG emissions by 50%.

Hydrophobic mortar for 3D printing technology

This research aims to develop hydrophobic mortar for 3D printing technology. Calcium stearate was used to replace hydraulic cement containing 15% by weight of the binder. In addition, micro-polypropylene fibers with a length of 6 mm were used in the mixture in an amount of 0.2% by volume. The flowability of the mortar was controlled by varying the water to binder ratio between 180 and 190 mm.

Flourless, Ready-to-Eat Egg White Rice

Continuous consumption of boiled egg whites can lead to boredom, monotony, and a decreased appetite in the elderly. To address this challenge, we've introduced Protein Transformation Technology, which employs gel-forming agents to encapsulate egg white proteins. This revolutionary process not only alters the shape and texture of the proteins but also eliminates the undesirable hardness found in boiled egg white. Result is flourless, ready-to-eat egg white rice that is soft and flavorful.

Thermal insulation concrete block form mixed with biomass bottom ash

This research is produced the concrete block using biomass bottom ash replacing the Portland cement mixtures or the sand. Test results for concrete block products are within the industrial production standards (TIS 58-2533) and ASTM standards. Including testing of thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient, and heat transfer. The research can produce high-quality concrete blocks, environmentally friendly, and low cost.

haptic glove game based hand rehabilitation

This device consists of 3 main components. Hardware components is Haptic glove consists of 5 potentiometers for detecting finger movement and 5 RC servos for creating movement resistance. Next, Software components is Firmware for Mbits board developed using Arduino Core for ESP32 + extension + Visual Studio Code. Exercise game subsystem also developed using PySide6 and Pygame. Operating system: game and recording subsystem are developed on Linux running in Raspberry Pi 400.

WOPENStruc: A Wind Pressure Reduction and Load Capacity Release System for Medium and High-Rise Structures

The invention, WOPENStruc, consists of an economical system of tapered mini openings, easily installable within ceiling zone at critical levels on both existing and yet-to-be constructed high rise structures, to reduce surface wind pressure with the aims to optimize structural capacity performance with tenable floor area, tonnage capacity per floor area, users comfort and incurred cost of construction while improving durability and design life as well as sustainability in construction industry.

An automatic cleaner for washing mussels

This invention is a device designed to wash mussels, which are the main ingredient in producing pickled mussels. It has a mechanical system that can wash a large quantity of mussels, reducing the use of your hand for handling the food. This ensures hygiene in food production and meets manufacturing standards. An automatic cleaner for washing mussels consists of a set of rotating gears controlled by a gearbox, which drives the central shaft of the container to lift the raw materials.

Dr.Barrier : Decision Support System to help solve forest fire problems.

The system helps decide on the date of fuel management by using area-specific burning methods. The process of analyzing the amount of biomass accumulated on the ground in a deciduous dipterocarp forest uses elevation photography. Take photos of tree canopies and adjust the color tone to white-black Measures the percentage of area covered by white pigment (sky) and percentage of area covered by black (leaves).

SilkLife: Transforming Healthcare with Cutting-Edge Biomaterial Solutions

SilkLife, a purified fibroin protein solution derived from Bombyx Mori silkworm cocoons, is a medical-grade biomaterial revolutionizing medical applications. Primarily utilized as a raw material, SilkLife shines as an innovative delivery system, employing encapsulation technology to extend medicine delivery, reduce administration frequency, and minimize side effects. Cultivated through an avant-garde sericulture process certified by the "Thai Agricultural Standard," SilkLife's cocoons serve as a

Air Purification Tower with Plasma Technique

The air purification tower proves instrumental in alleviating air pollution concerns, particularly the pervasive PM2.5 dust. Capable of purifying up to 30,000 cubic meters/hour of fresh air, the tower ensures the widespread distribution of clean air in its vicinity. Post-treatment, the air exiting the tower undergoes sampling and is subsequently directed to the Analyzer for the measurement of remaining dust's size and concentration.

Soravoot Rujivipat

Effervescent tablets containing mangosteen peel extract and tea extract for mouthwash and denture cleanser were developed. The product was aimed to develop a daily use of mouthwash and denture cleanser prepared from natural products with less irritation from surfactant use. The crucial problem in product development was the solubility of the active compound in the product. The water solubility of α-mangostin in mangosteen peel extract was improved without using a chemical surfactant.

The Quality Checking method of the Splicing joint for Coal conveyor belts

The process begins with the design of a testing machine, emphasizing ease of use, convenience, speed, and accuracy in the inspection process. Additionally, the structural strength is analyzed using Finite Element Analysis software. It has the potential to reduce machinery downtime, minimize the risk of damage due to severe belt degradation, lower maintenance costs, and facilitate the collection of usage history data for future planning purposes.

Slide Pump Set

A tool set, named "Slide Pump Set", that carries the weight of the die head and can move the die head along the working position in the process of stamping conductor. Supporting our Linemen who work as a member of “EGAT Transmission Line Maintenance Team” to be able to work easier, safer, and more comfortable by expanding the working space and flexibility.


To limit the level of transient voltage and current during switching high-voltage equipment in EGAT’s transmission system, switching controller called “EPOW2023” is developed to control power circuit breaker (PCB) to close/open at the appropriate point on voltage sine wave. With adaptive control function, EPOW2023 can be maintain the deviation time from the appropriate point in specified range.

Variable Speed Small Hydropower Plant (Prototype) 100kW

The operating range of conventional power generators doesn’t cover water levels that are too low or too high. As a result, the ability to generate power at this water level is lost and the higher power generation costs are not worth the investment. So a “variable speed small hydropower generator", which has a wider operating range and higher efficiency than the constant speed hydropower generator used as a conventional technology, in order to reduce project costs and increase competitiveness.

ผลิตภัณฑ์ดูแลผื่นออกซ์สคิน(The Skin Guard Product by the Oxakin Brand with Premium Red Palm Oil for Itch Reduction, Revitalization, and Strengthening)

The "Skin Guard" product was researched and developed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Monthon Lertcanawanichakul in collaboration with Oxakin Innotech company. The product contains an active ingredient from premium red palm oil enriched with vitamins E and A, offering antioxidant and moisture benefits with Cardiospermum Halicacabum extracts, it rejuvenates and protects against pollutants, alleviating itching and allergies while reducing inflammation. Ideal for various skin issues.

VR Gaming Application for Parkinson's Disease Patients

Thailand is stepping into an aging society, and Parkinson's disease is becoming more prevalent among the elderly. The VR game "The Guardian of Watcharapri" on Meta Quest aims to assist patients by merging gameplay and narrative. It enhances motor skills, countering disease progression. Combining whack-a-mole dynamics with a storyline, it promotes exercise to mitigate the severity of Parkinson's.

Mango Cheese Cake

Mango Cheese Cake is a bakery product, it’s quite difficult to have because it is a seasonal product. The main ingredients are crackers, cream cheese, and ripe mangoes. It used to eat as desserts in the form of combination of bakery with Thai fruit which is the ripe tasty aroma mangoes mixed with butter and crackers. It has a quite sour and sweet so refreshing to eat. It’s packed with beautiful modern packaging.

Emulsified oil in water is trapped by using air bubbles

Currently, wastewater from washing utensils used in cooking has also been found to pass through, which includes organic components containing fats and oils, etc. The research has designed an oil removal tank in the form of an emulsion by using air bubbles to carry oil droplets up to the water surface with the adhesion force between particles and the properties of natural fibers that absorb oil well, it is used as an absorbent material for the absorption of the emulsion.

Feel Fruits: Skincare set enriched with bioactive substances from immature durian fruit

Our skincare collection harnesses bioactive compounds from immature durian fruit, traditionally seen as agricultural residues. We pioneered DurioExtracts enriched with pectin oligosaccharides, polyphenols, and peptides. These extracts are the heart of our odor-free product line: pectin-enriched body lotion, a prebiotic pectin oligosaccharide soap, and a facial serum rich in polyphenols and amino acids. Each product is meticulously crafted to improve skin health in harmony with the environment.

Super Wheelchair Sport

Super Wheelchair Sport It is a wheelchair used for patients or the elderly. It can move with electricity. Through the use of a motor drive unit and a 4-directional movement control, it can also prevent the occurrence of pressure sores in patients in the scapula area stingray bone and buttocks Through an automatic massage system that massages with heat By designing a shape that is suitable for the body. Relaxing massage with rollers that can work to 8 roller operation systems and 3 controllable.

Solar-Powered Harvest Cable Car

This invention aims to help farmers transport their products from where it is collected to their barns without using much manpower, and to save a lot of time.

Smart Walking Stick

This innovation can help people with visual impairment to be independent and confident and be safe when moving around.

Parent-Child Proximity Alarm System

This built-in car seat device uses Bluetooth and the CARRIALL app which detects your distance to your child. If you stray too far, it alerts your smartphone instantly, preventing potential harm to your child.

Indoor-Hydroponics Plant Growth Chamber

This innovation is changing the agriculture industry by using the automatic machine that can take care the plants without soil and sunlight. With the help of Indoor-Hydroponics Plant Growth Chamber, even in the coldest or rainy season you can grow a healthy plant. This machine is able to control the temperature and water level which is really convenient.

The Internalization of Technological Innovation to Seize Water Vending Machines using Intelligent Modification Clamp (IMC) in Enforcement Activity.

Intelligent Modification Clamp (IMC) was created for the process of seizing unlicensed water vending machines in order to protect aspects of food safety and public health under the Malaysian food legislations (Regulation 360C (4) of the Food Regulations 1985).

Flood Water Alarm System

Flood Water Alarm System is a system that helps you to avoid flood water by sending out loud and clear warning signal.

Fire Truck Robot

This innovation prevents home fire by detecting and putting out fire primarily in our kitchen. Water comes out through its water pipe and automatically aims at the fire. It works with batteries and it is chargeable.

Collision Detection and Stopper

This innovation will immediately stop the car once it detects objects that are huge enough to cause life-threatening accident.

Automatic Drainage System

This invention exists to improve the efficiency and to lessen the manpower of drainage cleaning system. This results in minimization of blockages in drains and ensures the safety of workers.

Chickpea Hash Browns

Chickpea Hash Browns are a nutritious snack option ideal for between-meal cravings. Packed with high fiber, iron, and protein, chickpeas contribute to a healthy diet with low fat content. These hash browns not only resemble the taste of French fries but also offer added nutritional benefits.

Agricultural Wastewater Treatment Equipment

This innovation is to turn waste water into clean water to use in agriculture. This project can help save water and electricity. It reuses waste water, which will result for saving water for everyone.

Pha Som Fak Dipping Sauce

The objectives of the study were: 1) to study the basic formulation of developing Pra Som Fak Dipping Sauce product, 2) to study the appropriate amounts of Wax gourd and Parah in three different levels, 90 grams of Wax gourd with 60 grams of Parah, 120 grams of Wax gourd with 90 grams of Parah, and 150 grams of Wax gourd with 120 grams the appropriate amount of Wax gourd and Parah in Pra Som Fak Dipping Sauce, and 3) to study customer’s satisfaction toward Pra Som Fak Dipping Sauce product

A paper chromatographic-based electrochemical analytical device for the separation and simultaneous detection of carbofuran and carbaryl pesticides

In this work, we first developed a highly selective separation-based electrochemical paper based analytical device to determine carbofuran and carbaryl pesticides simultaneously. In this design, we built the proposed device using paper chromatography to separate the pesticides and online quantification for each pesticide using electrochemical detection. This sensing platform provides on-site measurements at a low cost, ease of use, not need complex instrumentation, disposable, and portable.

Kaempferia snack

galangal is a useful Thai herb. Helps stop cancer cells Prevents gastric ulcers Helps reduce bloating and flatulence. Experiment 1 study the standard recipe of kanom Thong muan for the development of Kaempferia snack products Experiment 2 Study on the quantity of Kaempferia that is suitable for the development of Kaempferia snack products of 50,100 and 150 grams. Experiment 3 To study the satisfaction with respect to the appropriate taste in the development of Kaempferia snack products

Coin-operated helmet sterilizer promotes the well-being of motorcyclists and passengers.

1. Coin operated 1 baht shows green light, coin operated 2 baht shows blue light and coin operated 5 baht shows yellow light. To stop working, press the red button. 2. Press the operation buttons in the system according to the color displayed after the different types of coins are inserted. Such as the green button to set the time at 2 minutes, the blue button 4 minutes and the yellow button 6 minutes, as needed. and stop working condition with red lamp.

From Fields to Bytes: Optimizing Fruit Farming with IoT and Advanced Disease Detection

This project aims to implement the concept of IoT on a soil monitoring system to monitor the condition of trees based on data acquired using pH, NPK, temperature and humidity, and soil moisture sensors. By combining different parameters, an AI application can be used to make targeted management decisions and optimize resource utilization. This new approach can offer a valuable solution by providing real-time monitoring of essential parameters.

AdenaPavo-L Concrete: Production of Lightweight Concrete utilizing Saga Seed Coarse Aggregates with Improved Compressive Strength

AdenaPavo-L Concrete is produced from the proportion of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, cement, water and Saga Seed. The Saga seed performed better than the coarse aggregate. It is damaged only when subjected to direct and strong forces such as impact and pressure. The seed can also live longer when heated to a higher temperature, although it absorbs more water than coarse aggregate. Replacing various proportions of coarse aggregates with Saga Seed can improve the quality of concrete.


N-Touch is an innovative wearable device designed for learning Thai massage. It combines pulse and force sensors with IoT technology to provide real-time monitoring in both online and offline environments. This tool helps trainees recognize and improve their unique skills in Thai massage, which mostly incorporates pressure and sensory approaches.


The Surface Level Turbulence Breaker (SLTB) is a modular structure which is engineered to be situated onto the surface of water channels such as rivers or streams in ensuring safe and controlled downstream flow of water current. The novelty and commercial value of the SLTB are as follow: (i) sustainable construction, (ii) cost efficient in industrial process, (iii) on-field portability, (iv) on-field rapid construction, (v) modularity and (vi) integrate-ready with other existing infrastructure.


The Underwater Level Turbulence Breaker (ULTB) is a modular structure which is engineered towards facilitating river training in ensuring safe and controlled downstream flow of water current especially for the case of waterhead. The novelty and commercial value the ULTB are as follow: (i) sustainable construction, (ii) cost efficient in industrial process, (iii) on-field portability, (iv) on-field rapid construction, (v) modularity and (vi) integrate-ready with other existing infrastructure.


The Compliant Mechanism for Knee Exoskeleton (CMKE) is a mechanical structure which is engineered to be facilitate medical recovery while promoting for overall individual health and well-being. The novelty and commercial value the CMKE are as follow: (i) cost efficient in industrial process, (ii) lightweight and (iii) low-maintenance.


The Narcotics Detecting Mobile Robot (NDMR) is a solar-powered robot which is engineered to be facilitate narcotics detection and the option for the use of K9-Units.The development of the NDMR is geared towards facilitating the local authorities in preventing illegal distributions, for example at the airport. The novelty and commercial value the NDMR are as follow: (i) facilitate law and order, (ii) lightweight and (iii) low-maintenance and (iv) portable.


The Lightweight Personnel Crossing Bridge (LPSB) is a modular structure which is engineered to float on the surface of water. The novelty and commercial value of the LPSB are as follow: (i) sustainable construction, (ii) cost efficient in industrial process, (iii) on-field portability, (iv) on-field rapid construction, (v) modularity and (vi) integrate-ready with other existing infrastructure.

Real-Time Drowsiness Detection

Nowadays, a majority of Thais face road accidents. In 2022, had 1,215 cases, whereas there was 1,052 cases which increased 163 cases from 2021. Drivers, over 50%, have experienced drowsiness while driving, especially during solo night trips, increasing the risk of sleep-related accidents. According to the issue, decided to develop a drowsiness alert device to mitigate road accidents caused by sleepiness. The device can detect when the driver is closing their eyes. If the driver closes their eyes

Pearitius Natural Hair Serum

"Pearitius" is a sea salt hair styling product that uses salt from the Gulf of Thailand, Samut Songkhram province. The concept was inspired using hair styling products, specifically sea salt sprays imported with high price tags. However, there is a non-available locally produced sea salt spray from Thailand, even though it contains various minerals and vitamins.

“Green Guardian” Nanocellulose coating for postharvest preservation

"Green Guardian", an innovative coating from hemp-extracted nanocellulose, is designed to preserve freshness of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables using nanocellulose film that could mitigate respiration rate and enhance moisture retention. Due to its natural ingredients and clean production technology, it is safe to eat. Green Guardian is developed for more anti-microbial properties, prolonging shelf life of fresh produce with no repeated coating/dipping.

“GreenfilV” Nanocellulose additives and fillers

“GreenfilV” is a product line of nanocellulose additives and fillers consisting of Nanofibrillated Cellulose (NFC), Cellulose Nanocrystal (CNC), and Bacterial Nanocellulose (BNC) produced by advanced technologies and know-how patented under our research group. Nanocellulose has unique properties that can be used as a reinforcing filler, coupling agent, water-retention additive, gas barrier modifier, and support for drug/enzyme immobilization.


H2S-spent activated carbon (AC) produced from the H2S adsorption process is categorized as schedule waste in the Fourth Schedule (SW411) of the Environmental Quality Regulations 2005, which may lead to a waste management issue. Hypothetically, the H2S-spent adsorbent could be employed as a soil conditioner because it assists in slow-releasing the nutrients from fertilizer to be adsorbed by plants.

TongPaBad V2 Badminton Shuttlecock Launcher

This machine is part of smart badminton court for playing and training. The machine has adopted the technology develop this innovation to be able to support shuttlecock in different conditions. With a sorting section that has 3 layers of arms that sort the bottom shuttlecock to fall down and can be controlled to rise high or low with the receiving and releasing sections having the same plane of rotation. It can check the release status and can control the power motor to save energy.

"Magneplus": The mineral supplement from sea salt

Mineral salt tablets for athletes and those who do outdoor activities. They are small, lightweight, easy to carry, even when running marathons, trail running, cycling, mountain climbing, etc., where large quantities of drinking water are limited. This product takes advantage of natural sea salt from the Gulf of Thailand that is high in magnesium. Eating 2 tablets of the “Magneplus” product will receive magnesium equivalent to drinking 1 bottle of mineral water.

Mobile High-capacity Oxygen Generator for positive pressure ventilator

The First Mobile High-capacity Oxygen Generator for positive pressure ventilator in this research can produce oxygen that have purity more than 85% by volume. When the Mobile High-capacity Oxygen Generator for positive pressure ventilator is connected to a "Positive Pressure Ventilator", it can provide oxygen up to MV 13. It has been developed to be smaller, lighter weight, to make them more movable. The Mobile High-capacity Oxygen Generator also designed according to IEC60601.

Biodegradable Plant Pot

The biodegradable plant pot, made from a blend of cow dung and eggshells, emphasize strength, water resistance, and the ability to decompose. These aim to replace plastic containers currently used for planting, and they can be placed directly into the soil. They are environmentally friendly and enriched with nutrients such as NPK and Ca, suitable for supporting root growth and leaf nourishment. These pots helping to reduce plastic waste that takes a long time to decompose.


The antenna operating frequencies is set within 5.85 to 5.925 GHz to enable vehicles communication with each other and alert drivers to roadside hazards in milliseconds without delay. The results show bandwidth enhancement which covering 100% of the required frequencies when SP feed and SR elements techniques employed toward the conventional microstrip patch antenna (MPA). The use of flexible PET on the proposed antenna allow it to be mount on various shapes and surfaces of vehicle.

Fortifying Arithmetic Proficiency through Game-based Learning

DAMAT is a mathematics game for children aged 6 to 12 years. It is designed to expose the players to arithmetic (+, ̶ , x, ÷) concepts and experience solving some consecutive arithmetic operations. Why DAMAT is important? Arithmetic is the most important aspect of mathematics. It is the foundation upon which more complex mathematical concepts are built. This makes it essential for students to master arithmetic in the primary school curricula.

Development of equipment to increase the efficiency of internal energy in steaming food

The background of this innovation is an idea of the way we steam or cook in a steamer nowadays like steamed fish, bun, dim sum or even eggs have much time spending as well as the energy consumed from gas or charcoals . Thus, the tool is invented to solve these problems as mentioned to reduce time and energy consumption with the evaporation, evaporating pressure, and heat transfer principle to distribute the temperature which decreases the time spending in cooking and energy used.

Seabite Brownies Brittle Brand “Kramchybrown”

These are SEABITE BROWNIES BRITTLE COOKIES under brand “KRAMCHY BROWN”, Delicious, easy and beneficial.Ideas for developing our food products They want to develop Healthy Snacks suitable for consumers who want to diet. we have developed a recipe for crispy brownies using oats and we also used “Sea bite” the plants that have anti-oxidant properties. That makes the body work more efficiently

Product development of herbal chili paste with dietary fiber from okra hunglei longan flavour

The origin and concept of the invention Thai people like to eat chili paste and it is a menu item in Thai people's meals. But the chili paste has a spicy taste. This may affect consumers regarding stomach and gastrointestinal diseases. The production team therefore developed herbal chili paste add okra with dietary fiber. Because It’s a native herb that contains pectin and high dietary fiber which help coat ulcers in the intestines and stomach. And with the taste of hunglei longan, which is a

The Herbal Oil Distillation Machine

The functions of this herbal oil distillation machine is to separate volatile oil from fixed oil, the said oil come from oil rich parts of herbs and plants such as leaves, roots, flowers, or woods, the machine can works with various species.The machine is designed to function as 60 Kg. omnifunctions distillery with separated condenser system; the machine can easily be taken apart or assembled which ease the transportation process by using LPG fuel.

Contemporary Nakhon Handicraft Necklace

Contemporary Nakhon Handicraft Necklace has the concept of nature and environment, incorporating Nakhon si Thammarat local wisdom into the field of handicraft and local materials. This involves adapting local materials to create narratives about the abundant nature along the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Specifically, seashells and coconut shells are creatively used to craft contemporary jewelry and artistic pieces, reflecting the richness of the local artistic heritage.

Hotline Electric Cable Stripper (K-8)

Hotline Electric Cable Stripper is an automatic cable stripper (185 square millimeter)that is energized by battery. Install innovation to where the cable needs to be stripped then press the switch. Innovation will work automatically until the aerial cable falls off from the main line. Innovation is as is labor-saving equipment and also reduces costs as It is time efficient.

Salak Crispy Spicy

to transform the ungraded salak which can be processed into value-added products for the community. Therefore, the preparation of chili paste products for taking crispy sheets.

Oh-Aew Phuket ready-to-drink jelly products for health

This research is a healthy study of ready-to-drink Phuket Oh-Aew Jelly products aimed to 1) study the basic recipe of Phuket Oh-Aew Jelly. and 3) study of consumer satisfaction with jelly flavor. Oh-Aew Phuket Ready to Drink for Health. The study was conducted with selection based on 9-level scoring tasting results. By selecting the basic recipe of Oh-Aew Phuket jelly flavor and then studying the appropriate amount of stabilizers. There are 2 levels of Agar: 0.5 g and 1 gram. And study the amo

Crispy Rice Thai Chili paste

It starts with seeing the sticky rice in the basket that people eat every day. You can see Grandma drying the remaining sticky rice and then frying it. Then I took it out to eat. This is of the starting point for making this "Crispy Rice Thai Chili paste". Get both the taste and aroma of chili paste. You can eat it all day and never get bored. It's also easy to do. Ingredients are generally available in every home. It adds value. Can be used as OTOP products and clearly generate income.

Smart Watering Set & IOT

Smart Watering Set & IOT, a watering control set with modern IOT technology that combines the use of sensor technology and data collection to make watering efficient and specific to the needs of plants. This system can detect and measure various values ​​such as temperature, soil moisture, soil water level, light, etc. to process the data and decide on appropriate watering in each area of ​​the crop field at the most appropriate time.

Manee Herb Tea

Manee HerbTea is a drink that combines Thai herbs that have good health properties through a processing. By drying with a hot air dryer in the right ratio, Wolffia globosa is high in protein, has amino acids that help repair damaged parts, has B vitamins that nourish the nerves and brain, has chlorophyll to help relieve constipation, and Pandan leaf have properties that help nourish the heart. Helps quench thirst and cool down.

Distributed Electric Power Source Exchange Platform of household electricity supplier

Kapacitor Node is an energy exchange device that allows electricity producers to deposit their energy into the system. When 1 kWh of energy is deposited, it is converted into 1 Kapacitor Token, which is an ERC-20 token. ERC-20 is a standard for creating tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The Kapacitor Token serves as proof of the energy deposit made by the electricity producer. This token is then credited to the depositor's Crypto Wallet, which is presumably linked to the Kapacitor system. Toke

Online Multi-Mode Fault Detection in Multirotor

The invention revolves around an online condition-monitoring or fault detection system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), particularly multirotor. This invention focuses on the vibration induced by a crack in the multirotor arms, measured by 8 ADXL335 accelerometers. Additionally, 8 current and infrared sensors are also installed to enhance the output of the algorithms. A sensor fusion algorithm will combine all parameters and a fuzzy logic technique is employed to provide the decision-making.















A warning support and fighting detection system using a combination of deep learning models

A warning support and fighting detection system using a combination of deep learning models



Eco-Friendly CO2 Capture

Eco-Friendly CO2 Capture

Innovative fabric production from various agricultural crops

Innovative fabric production from various agricultural crops










Our innovative exhibition room breaks barriers with a wheelchair-accessible entrance, Braille-infused information displays, inclusive symbols, and interactive features like life-size animal footprints. QR Codes offer video insights, while a sign language interpreter ensures everyone, regardless of ability, can fully engage. The goal is to create a space where diverse abilities converge, fostering a truly inclusive experience for all.

ACWC 14 (Perlis Limestone)


Stable Soil

Subgrade Stabilization Using Geopolymer Under Different Moisture Conditions

Semi-automatic loom

Using a traditional handloom will weave 1 meter long and take 144 minutes but using a newly designed semi-automatic loom will use an area of 1.2 x 1.8 meters and it will weave 1 meter long and take 50 minutes only. If weaving for 1 day takes 6 hours (360 minutes) it will weave 7.2 meters long. If weaving 30 days, it will weave 216 meters long per month. The structure of the semi-automatic loom is made from aluminum profiles. At the same time, use the principle of magnets to drive the shuttle b

Tile Bricks from wastes in the production process

At present time, Thailand industrial estate increase in growth, particularly in Rayong province. There are lots of factories and each factory produce waste resulting from the production process, including fly ash from coal power plants and sludge from a water production process. So therefore, we have come up with an idea on how to make tile bricks from wastes in the production process. That is affordable, durable can compression up to 38.30 Kgf / cm2 and environmentally friendly

Soil Stabilisation

Soil stabilisation of marine clay soil with Poba/ Slag based geopolymer.

Pornchanok Wantanakorn

VR-Shot system is designed to distract children aged 4–12 years old from anxiety and pain during vaccination, venipuncture, and intravenous access. Children are presented with an animation in a headset display. The story is age-specific and involved cartoon characters in a virtual environment. The medical provider controls the story events and synchronizes the animation with the ongoing medical procedure to reframe the painful experience into an entertaining one.

Disaster Drinking Water Treatment Unit (DDWT)

DDWT can treat raw water from several natural sources and is operatable using a mechanical hand pump, so there is no need for a electricity supply. The system is composed six filtration steps, 5 micron polypropylene filter/Activated carbon cartridge/Ceramic filter/Ultra filtration membrane/400 GPD reverse osmosis membrane /Activated carbon cartridge. Both drinking water and non-potable water supply treatment can be supplied with a capacity of approximately 120 liters per hour.

Unsinkable Porta Boat (UPB)

The Unsinkable Porta Boat (UPB) was especially designed for dealing with adverse environmental conditions brought about by the tropical nature of Philippine climate, experiencing heavy monsoons and a barrage of typhoons every year and bringing about devastating flooding especially in low-lying urban and residential areas. Besides the effects of natural terrain, a major factor in urban flooding is the clogging of drainage systems and waterways.

Human Disinfection Light (HDL) Tunnel

A disinfection tunnel that utilizes a special kind of UV that is capable of destroying viruses and bacteria without causing harm to humans.

Enhanced Unsinkable Water Ambulance (EUWA)

The Enhanced Unsinkable Water Ambulance (EUWA) is a groundbreaking vessel purpose-built to excel in environmental scenarios, particularly in regions where flooding is prevalent or the terrain is waterlogged with intricate networks of streams, rivers, or swampy areas. Designed to redefine emergency response on water, the EUWA's revolutionary unsinkability features make it a reliable and secure platform for swift medical assistance in critical situations.

ECO GEO-Smart Coating

ECO GEO-Smart Coating is a coating solution provider with innovative products made from inorganic waste material using the geopolymerization process for coating material from ceramic, concrete to floor and everything else. This specialized coating has major benefits, including the self-cleaning performances formulated by the photcatalyst effect by addition of Zinc Oxide to provide protection against surface deterioration and dirt.

A reagent kit and method for detecting dormant and dead malaria parasite in the sample analyzing

Antimalarial drug susceptibility test is essential for detecting the drug resistance. This in vitro assay is able to detecting dormant and dead malaria parasites in test samples (human blood or the in vitro cultured malaria parasites). It includes a mixture of two types ofDNA-binding fluorescence dye: cell permeable and cell impermeable, surfactant, and anti-CD45. Comparing to microscopy, it allows more sensitive and simpler detection of parasite resistant to the clinically-used artemisinin.


These products are from the geosynthesis reaction of aluminosilicate precursor and alkaline activator solution, which is a new technology of self-supported geopolymer materials that have good physicochemical properties of adsorbents, which are large surface area, isotropic pore size distribution, available polar sites, and reproducibility in the degree of activation.

Power Up Fuel Combustor

Power Up Fuel Combustor is a gadget with a catalyst and infuses dense oxygen into the intake and engine combustion chamber in the right mix with other components to produce perfect combustion.

TVET Electrical Case-Based Workplace Simulation (EleCBOS)

EleCBOS is an application to stimulate college vocational students’ thinking skills (analytical, creative & practical) and learning preferences (heutagogy, peeragogy & cybergogy) through TVET electrical industry case-based simulation. EleCBOS aims to produce the thinking skills and learning preferences profiling and the content of EleCBOS can be appear in Malay language and English language.

Beyond Tote Bag

Built-in solar panel that can be used to charge phones, tablets, or other electronics. Convert the sunlight into electric energy An excellent way to stay powered up while on the go. Attractive tote bag


This learning application is a web-based application through Google Sites. The E-Tronic Design application is online apps of electronic topic for form two students. The display of the teaching menu for each learning session is based on the principle of the Constructive Alignment Model where the display shows the active button for learning session 1 to learning session 4. The application user will be taken to the learning content that displays the instructional video and take the assessment.



Smart Social Relation Detector (Smart-Soc)

Smart-Soc is designed to screen behaviours of bullies and bully victims among teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17. The objective of Smart-Soc is to serve as a basic effort to curb bullying and bully victims so as to develop teens who are physically and emotionally healthy. As such automatic screening using computers and mobile phones is needed to speed up the process of screening these behaviours.

Medical food products for patients with diabetes mellitus use milk and rice.

The UHT medical food products use milk and rice as the main ingredients to replace imported products for diabetic patients, the elderly, or people with impaired lactose digestion with energy and nutritional needs. Medical food products manufactured at an industrial level in Thailand can help control blood sugar levels and create novel medical food products. This adds value to agricultural products and uses food production technology to solve the country's medical and public health problems.

MathSprint Oddsey

The MathSprint Oddsey was designed to help students who struggle with mathematics, particularly those who are not proficient in the subtraction and addition subtopics. This app aims to enhance students' comprehension of mathematical concepts through its well-crafted activities. The MathSprint Oddsey's self-directed learning concept is based on the ADDIE Model.

Automatic spraying mask for inhaled drugs with the ability to detect respiratory gases and alert the patient emergency condition

This mask is designed for respiratory patients who use inhalers. The device receives the medicine and automatically sprays it in the desired amount and at the right time with an adjustable motor. Also, with built-in sensors, it measures the patient's respiratory gases and alerts the caregivers of the patient's emergency situation.

Predictive algotithms for spinal metastasis patients who underwent surgery.

The medical field has achieved significant progress in predictive modeling through machine learning, with a particular focus on improving prognosis and treatment strategies for patients with spinal metastases. This project utilized a dataset from Thailand's largest medical school and employed advanced algorithms such as XGBoost and CatBoost. The primary objective was to comprehensively explore factors influencing patient survival after surgery.

The Apparatus for Performing and Mutation-Based Barfix Movements

The device is a high-tech tool for barfix and mutation-based workouts. It's smart, adjusts to individual needs, and offers guidance superior to human coaching. It tracks weight, analyses sound for diagnostics, and ensures safe, controlled workouts with precise mutations for better fitness results.

Fun Electric Learning Assistant (fela)

Fun electric learning assistant (fela) is an android-based teaching and learning material. fela can be used by teachers and students during the learning of electrical design topics for second grade students in secondary schools in Malaysia and can be used anywhere and anytime. The uniqueness of fela is because it applies project-based learning strategies (four constructs) and multimedia constructivism learning (five constructs) in its activities.

Quality Optimization and Clay 3D Printing for Modeling Concept Muck-up

This Apparatus Optimizes The Quality of Material for clay 3D printing and improves its Customized Efficiency by Using Artificial Intelligence.

Patella Fracture Model for Tension Band Wiring Procedure

The patella fracture model simulates transverse fractures for tension band wiring fixation training. It features supportive silicone rubber bases, simulated quadriceps, and patella tendon for realistic training in fracture reduction and fixation. Additionally, it is designed for reusable application without damage.

Wristband for sunburn while swimming with moving screen for determining the amount of UV and pigmentation

This Device, by using UV and skin pigmentation detection sensors by placing it in a moving frame, can measure the amount of radiation and increase the possibility of skin cell changes in the swimmer, by processing and sending information to the mobile phone and analyzing the data received by the application, it informs the user of the dangers ahead.

Inflatable backboard

The inflatable backboard is fixed to the patient’s body by an inflatable system and makes it safer to move the patient.

Surgical training program of internal fixation using virtual reality

The developed program aims to simulate the surgery without using radiation. The training module focuses on distal locking screw insertion in intramedullary nail under image intensifier incorporating realistic scenarios for training and evaluating users' skills in a virtual reality (VR) setting. The program concludes with a summary of training results and options to reset or close the application.


This study investigates the flow characteristics and hydraulic performance of perforated subsurface drains for stormwater drainage systems. The outlet conditions of a gate that is fully open are considered in this study. The results indicate that the value of flow discharge varies by flow depth and flow velocity. Estimating the manning roughness of perforated subsurface drains has a significant impact on ecological drainage design for reducing peak runoff volume and flash flooding.

BART LAB AI-Elderly Supporting Robot in Sit-to-Stand and Walk Applications

The growing elderly population underscores the need for Quality of Living (QoL) solutions in independent living, with robotics emerging as a key avenue. However, challenges such as ergonomic design, user comfort, aesthetics, and overlooking biomechanical and physiological needs hinder widespread adoption. A robotic assistive device was developed, using biomechanical analysis and reinforcement learning to address these concerns.

BART LAB Intelligent Robotic Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Stair Climbing Wheelchairs (SCW) present a promising solution, utilizing various mechanisms to navigate staircases, a prevalent urban obstacle. However, practical adoption is hindered by technical and psychological limitations. A semi-autonomous SCW, comprising of a hybrid system consisting of a track-based and wheel-based locomotion system has been developed, featuring a novel kinematic mechanism for seamless mode switching and autonomous pose adjustment on diverse terrains.

PiLeaf EcoLeather

Revolutionizing sustainability, our innovation employs robust pineapple leaf fibers from agricultural by-products. Renowned for strength, they blend seamlessly with natural latex rubber, surpassing synthetics in strength and tear resistance. With a simple, eco-friendly process, it reduces reliance on animal leather and minimizes plastics, offering a 100% natural solution. A leap towards low-carbon, high-performance, and eco-friendly leather alternatives.

The formulation and production process for nutrient-rich instant noodles fortified with shrimp shells

This innovation discloses a formulation for instant noodles enriched with shrimp shells and their bioactive compounds, emphasizing the enhancement of nutritional value, umami flavor, and sodium reduction. The manufacturing process involves key stages for instant noodle production. The overall quality of these noodles depends on the type and quantity of flour and hydrocolloid, along with the proportion of integrated shrimp shells and their bioactive compounds in the formulation.

UAV with 6 propellers system automatic mixing tank for spraying fruit growth promoter growth

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with 6 propellers 4/5 G system automatic mixing tank for spraying fruit growth promoter growth, automatic mixing tank type for spraying chemicals to promote fruit growth is an invention that is consistent with the 3 main phases that require the use of organic substances and chemicals that promote foliar growth include: 1) Automatic spraying of 3 tanks of fruit tree growth promoters with the ability to adjust various factors with a smartphone by detecting 3 main stages

Electro Gym

This treadmill is equipped with a built-in generator that harnesses the kinetic energy produced by the user's movement. As the user walks or runs on the treadmill, the generator converts this energy into electricity, which can be used to power the tread-mill itself or be stored for other purposes. This innovative feature not only promotes sustainability but also provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to generate electricity while exercising.

Application of printed computer-generated holograms as security elements

Algorithm for computer-generating holograms and making preparations for printing in correlation with the parameters of production printing techniques. This enables the quick and low cost production of unique CGH that have broad applications in security. Three security elements: computer manipulation of objects and composition of holo-blocks, progressive binarization. All this strengthens security while preserving the ability to print at low cost on standard commercial machines.


Tactile pendants consist of braille and typographic elements. The innovation's distinctiveness lies in the personalization of the pendant to the user's needs and the ability to be produced using various additive manufacturing technologies.Additive manufacturing technologies allow for the production of personalized products without increasing the production time and cost.An easy possibility of creating with a 3D printer. Selection of environmentally friendly thermoplastics that are wear-resistant

Measurement system for measuring the acoustic impedance of polymers during ultrasonic welding

To determine the ultrasound welding time,it is necessary to know the values of 43 different parameters.One parameter is the speed of propagation of sound in the polymer material,which determines its acoustic impedance.It is well known for some chemically pure polymers.Innovation determines the velocity of propagation of ultrasound in these materials using an ultrasound transmitter and receiver at a given distance.The distance and delay of the measurement signal from the transmitter to receiver


MRAssistant is an innovative digital platform that enables the contextualization of the industrial environment using mixed reality and is intended to improve the process of production, assembly, installation, assembly, and monitoring of plants and monitoring systems in various vertical industries (energy,transport,production, construction, shipbuilding, general security, etc. ) using artificial intelligence (UI) or virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies.


Überenigma is one of the most advanced modern cryptographic algorithms used for encrypting and decrypting data such as binary strings, text files, images, etc. It represents the next step in the evolution of cryptographic algorithms for data protection due to its complexity but also due to its lightning-fast speed, which enables encrypting and decrypting huge blocks of data (1TB+) in just a couple of seconds.

Pneumatic manipulator for obstacle avoidance on conveyor belt

The pneumatic manipulator for avoiding obstacles on the conveyor belt combines the pneumatic and transport system into a common unit and has the task of avoiding objects placed on the conveyor belt. Through interaction with the user, the mechatronic system and its basic features are clearly demonstrated.

Pneumatic robotic arm with a flexible gripper

Robotic arm with three degrees of freedom, which has a flexible gripper with the possibility of adapting to the shape of the manipulated object. This type of manipulator can be used to perform monotonous tasks of manipulating objects with asymmetrical geometric shapes, randomly oriented in space. Such activities in the processes of sorting objects generally require a considerable amount of manual work. For these tasks, robotic manipulators with standard grippers would be ineffective.


Lignocellulosic fibers obtained according to the invention can be used to produce composite materials with the possibility of application in various industries: in the textile industry for the production of non-woven and other technical textiles, in the construction industry for the production of insulation boards, for the production of paper such as kraft paper, industrial paper or cardboard, and for various purposes in agriculture (agro-textiles).


The MV-3 is a multi-mission vehicle intended for support in counter terrorism, hostage and other crisis tasks and missions. Counter terrorism interventions pose significant threats to tactical teams due to limitations of personal ballistic protection. MV-3 gives the tactical team possibility to use the system with or without the tactical team, which allows the flexibility and modular approach without necessity to put tactical members in harm’s way.

Virtual Reality Personal Development Simulator

The Virtual Reality Personal Empowerment Simulator is an advanced invention designed to promote personal development and empower people in various aspects of their lives. It uses the immersive capabilities of virtual reality to create interactive and transformative experiences. Using the latest knowledge in the field of personal development and combining it with virtual reality can improve the path of personal development in a unique way.

Nanostructured impregnation resin for insulation of high voltage generator coils with improved thermal conductivity

Nanostructured impregnation resin for insulation of high voltage generator coils with improved thermal conductivity based on unsaturated polyester-imide and biofillers. Nanocomposite resin containing a bionano filler was created in order to improve the thermal conductivity and volume resistance of the base resin. The resulting final impregnate after cross-linking improves thermal conductivity up to 25% and retains/increases the volume resistance of the base material up to 125%.

A wearable gadget for correcting the knee angle of rickets patients

The knee correction device improves the look of braced and crossed legs with a waist-worn circuit box, non-invasive foot correction, and orthoses using electromagnetic force to bring knees together. Continuous use for two years is vital for effective foot correction. The orthoses include a knee massage pump, faradic frequency stimulation for muscle contraction, addressing arthritis and leg pain. This gadget surpasses traditional methods, preventing disease progression and achieving complete knee


The product is an excellent combination of fine domestic komovica brandy (grape-based or some other strong natural brandy), carefully hand-selected berries of freshly picked domestic table grapes, as well as carefully selected quality petals of fragrant roses from a local plantation, picked with the first rays of the morning sun. Try it and see for yourself the special features of this drink! I hope you will like it.


We provide a unique portfolio of smart game-changing solutions in sustainable water use, energy and resource recovery combined with our intelligent services for a sustainable and resilient future. More than ever water is a critical resource where increasingly demanding environmental requirements have given rise to new technologies and working practises to create a more sustainable way of treating and reuse wastewater.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) treatment bag

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic digestive disorder causing persistent discomfort. The gadget's thermal system restores intestinal contractility, abdominal vibrations enhance blood supply, and mint oil prevents spasms. This multi-method approach offers a comprehensive solution for managing IBS symptoms and enhancing overall well-being.

Pedal Lancer stand

This invention is a gadget for fishing that allows you to pedal a normal Lancer and can replace an electric winch for catching relatively large fish. This invention does not require electricity or batteries for operation; it is easy to open and close, it is very light in weight compared to electric winches, and it is easily portable. The benefits of this invention make it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy professional fishing.

Auxiliary arm that reduces tremors in Parkinson's patients

Parkinson's, like Alzheimer's, affects the brain, reducing dopamine cells and causing movement issues, especially hand and head tremors. The "Auxiliary Arm for Parkinson's Patients" functions as a shock absorber, resisting body vibrations. The "Auxiliary Arm" minimizes tremors by acting as a shock absorber, improving the patient's quality of life.

Sustainable Cells in Series Constructed Wetland Systems Design Using Combination of Floating and Emergent Plant Species For Domestic Sewage Treatment 

Poorly treated sewage discharges have led to a new and alternative technology that solves the water quality problem and is sustainably managed in operation and maintenance. The Cells in Series Constructed Wetland Systems Design with the combination of surface flow (SF) and sub-surface flow, as well as floating and emergent plant species, can perform pollutant removal well in the pilot scale study. As a result, it can be scaled up for the actual case scenario if this concept is to be applied.

HybridSure: A Quick and Accurate DNA-based Technology for Hybrid Seed Purity Testing

Hybrid vegetable seeds are produced by crossing two parental varieties with desirable commercial characteristics. To ensure that hybrid seeds come from the intended parents, seed production companies carry out a grow-out seed purity test, which is extremely time-consuming. To expedite the purity testing, we developed HybridSure, a quick, accurate and affordable DNA-based approach. HybridSure takes 24 hours, has > 99% accuracy and is fully customizable.

Mir Sustainable Electric Windmill Community

In Pakistan, we often encounter electricity shortages, which have adverse effects on the economy and pose challenges for rural communities. Our aim is to address this issue by creating a housing plan in rural areas that primarily relies on electricity generated by windmills.

Sultana Corn & Rice Vendo Machine

Revolutionizing agricultural practices, our digital 2-in-1 milling machine transforms corn and rice processing. Combining efficiency and convenience, it empowers farmers by automating the milling process. This innovation not only enhances productivity but also serves as a sustainable source of livelihood, aligning with the modernization of farming techniques.

King Flute Philippines

n 1981, founder and entrepreneur Flordeliza O. Ursua established KINGFLUTE PHILIPPINES, crafting the first products herself—a humble beginning that evolved into a thriving business. From selling handmade flutes on the streets of Manila, Philippines, to winning inventor's awards at trade shows, Mrs. Ursua blended her love for music and nature. Today, the legacy continues as her daughter and family proudly carry the torch.

Natural products for preserving the quality of mangosteen and tropical fruits for export

Clove extract product is a new natural product for preserving the quality of mangosteen and tropical fruits for spraying on fruit peels. This product contains active ingredients: 3,4-dihydroxyphenethyl alcohol and 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid, which are extracted from cloves. The extraction process uses a consumer-friendly method and does not contain any toxic residues. This product can effectively inhibit the activity of pectin-related enzymes to maintain the firmness of the fruit and reduce spoil

Biological pesticides for vertical gardens and urban vegetable gardens

This product uses agricultural waste, antagonistic bacteria, bacterial insect pathogen, and small amount of adjuvants as raw materials and uses microencapsulation for the production of liquid formulation biopesticides to support the policy of reducing the use of pesticides and Bio-Circular-Green Economy Model. This product reduces labor and production costs and improves the health environment. This product can increase carbon sequestration in plants and soil, promote plant growth and yield.

Microbial extract products for low-carbon agriculture

A new type of water-soluble powder biopesticide for controlling plant diseases, promoting plant growth, stimulating plant immunity, and increasing productivity. This products can use as a replacement for agricultural chemicals. This product contains active ingredients: iturin A, surfactin, auxin, and gibberellin, which are extracted from Bacillus vallismortis. This product uses an environmentally friendly extraction method support policies to create change towards a low carbon society.

Improving STAT medications and Replace floor stock with ADM (Automatic Dispensing Machine)

Automated medication dispenser manages drug and medical supplies distribution from the pharmacy department to many departments, including inpatient and outpatient units. The medicine dispenser has temperature and humidity control. The drug dispensing is being recorded with real-time inventory management, which is very useful in managing medicines for floor stock medication to be more accurate, reduce waiting time, and reduce medication errors.

VIS Syringe - Syringe for the visually impaired

A modified syringe that allows the visually impaired to easily and accurately extract and transfer liquids

Tidal Energy Generating System

Bluenergy has developed the first cost-effective tidal energy generating systems with a Unique Selling Point of harnessing energy from low to high flows in the oceans, coastal waters and fast streams. The company owns and provides “PLUG AND PLAY” marine energy products and solutions. It is the first marine renewable energy diy solution provider in Asia to pioneer the integration of energy generation, storage, and distribution.

A Water-saving Toilet System Based on Intelligent Health Analysis and Environmental Protection

this project introduces a new type of water-saving smart toilet that aims to provide a more environmentally friendly and intelligent solution. Additionally, this smart toilet will adopt the Bristol stool chart to analyze and identify the shape and category of excrement. Furthermore, the product has successfully achieved excrement identification in simulated environments. By determining the shape and color of excrement, it is capable of comprehensive health monitoring and alerts.

Intelligent Current Detection Power Strip

Our project can instantly detect current and voltage and features three outlets. Above each outlet, there is an LED screen that displays real-time information on the current and voltage being used. This allows people to have a clear understanding of their current electrical usage and enables them to control the usage of the power strip, thus achieving the goal of safe electrical usage. The power strip uses a universal plug that can accommodate different types of plugs.


It introduces a fresh idea by using spent molasses concentrated (SMC) as a partial replacement for conventional bitumen in hot mix asphalt, especially for flexible pavements. Bitumen, derived from petroleum, poses challenges related to resource depletion and environmental impact. By investigating the viability of SMC in hot mix asphalt for flexible pavements, the aim is to offer an alternative that not only addresses these concerns but also potentially provides economic advantages.


Flexible conductive polymer composites (FCPCs) had attracted researches and industries due to their unique properties where it can be conductive under bending, twisting and stretching condition. Nowadays, FCPCs has been applied in many applications such as sensors and conductors, packaging and body health monitoring for smart device applications. In this project, thermoplastic materials has been used main matrix linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) with the conductive filler is copper (Cu).

GReeN Slag Concrete

GReeN Slag Concrete is concrete with free ordinary Portland cement (OPC). Alkali activated slag cement is used to replace the OPC. Alkali activated slag cement utilize the waste materials which is iron blast furnace slag as source material and activate by alkaline activator to act as binder. GReeN Slag Concrete is created as a ‘green materials’ in construction field.

The Huaguang Gate with a Flying Rainbow Condensed Bead Design

When the arched structure supports and sections are under pressure, a horizontal thrust will be generated, and the thrust will increase with the large span. This is a disadvantage of the arched structure, and it requires a lot of materials and energy to deal with this thrust. The invention of the Huaguang Gate with a Flying Rainbow Condensed Bead Design uses the principle of arch mechanics to innovatively combine the design of a spherical support and a rod-formed spherical circle

The Intelligent Sensing Airborne Bacteria Collector

The Intelligent Sensing Airborne Bacteria Collector is an innovative environmental protection device designed to accurately and efficiently collect airborne microorganisms, including viruses, rickettsia, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. Although these microorganisms are imperceptible to the naked eyes, they have an important impact on human health. To address the problems of low sampling efficiency and large error rates in existing airborne bacteria collectors, the Intelligent Sensing Airborne

The invention relates to a cavity structure nano imprinting template and an imprinting forming method thereof

One of the purposes of the invention is to provide a nanometer impression template with cavity type structure, which has good impression quality, simple demudding operation, and small damage to the molded impression structure in the demudding process; It is not only suitable for conventional imprinting structure molding, but also suitable for high aspect ratio imprinting structure molding, nano imprinting including imprinting process and demoulding process, the current prior art

Development of high-temperature titanium alloy products for civil aviation

In response to the current problem of relatively low maximum operating temperature (600-650 ℃) of traditional high-temperature titanium alloys, the development of TiAl alloys in the high service temperature range (600-850 ℃) has been carried out. This alloy material has obvious advantages in strength compared to iron-based and nickel based high-temperature alloys, and has excellent corrosion and high temperature resistance. It is a key structural material for the hot end of modern aviation

Reservoir intelligent interpretation method based on engineering logging parameters

As one of the most important industrial activities in the world, oil and gas exploration is gradually advancing towards deep and ultra deep underground and underwater areas. It has become a trend to expand into unconventional oil and gas reservoirs and other fields. The exploration targets are becoming increasingly complex, and exploration risks are increasing. Logging technology also needs to be continuously improved

Green Preparation Methods and Applications of Master Alloys for Titanium Alloys

Master alloys with stable chemical composition, no segregation, no shrinkage and low impurities can reduce titanium alloy defects, improve the microstructure of titanium alloys and enhance their product quality, are important raw materials for the preparation of aerospace titanium alloys. In order to achieve the development trend of increasingly complex composition of titanium alloys, it is necessary to synchronize the development of the preparation process of master alloys.

Efficient preparation technology of superfine nano polyanionic sodium-ion battery cathode material

Based on the problem of high full life cycle cost faced by sodium ion batteries in energy storage applications, a low-cost long cycle sodium ion battery is developed, and a sodium ion battery system based on nano polyanionic compounds is proposed. Taking into account the excellent structural stability of polyanionic compounds, we are committed to solving the shortcomings of preparation processes of traditional polyanionic sodium-ion battery cathode material

Key Technology for Emergency Treatment of Sudden Water Pollution Based on a Novel Magnetic Biomass Material Prepared from Aquatic Plants

Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute of Changjiang Water Resources Commission, China; South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Route Water Sources Co., Ltd. China; Yunnan Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China

Smart Coat SnO2/TiO2

Smart Coat SnO2/TiO2 is a self-cleaning thin film. The function of Smart Coat SnO2/TiO2 is to prevent dirt or organic pollutants from contaminating onto glass walls, doors, tiles or any surfaces. This invention will provide useful inputs in developing low-cost, self-cleaning and labor-free product that can create a revolution in the self-cleaning surfaces industry.

Lo-EM Hydroxyapatite Ceramics: Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Ceramic Fabrication

Introducing Lo-EM Hydroxyapatite (HA), a groundbreaking hybrid bio-ceramic, reduces energy use significantly. Using Alkaline Activation technique, it's sintered at just 900°C. This technique aligns with SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, revolutionizing ceramic manufacturing with energy efficiency. Its activated-technology's novelty can achieve the monoclinic structure (P21/b) of HA at these low temperatures. Beneficial for biomedical as it offers superior structural and chemical stability.

Modular wind turbine with a vertical axis of rotation

The subject of the invention is a modular vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT). The turbine has a shaft with an upper frame and a lower frame rotatably attached to it, between which the blades are rotatably attached. The rotor of the VAWT is equipped with a wind vane that normally extends in the vertical direction, so that the rotor rotates about an axis perpendicular to the ground.

Epoxy compund and method of its preparation

The subject of the invention is an epoxy compound and a method for preparing the epoxy compound. The purpose of the invention is to develop an epoxy compund for making adhesive joints with reduced flame and increased mechanical strength in the cured state. A beneficial outcome of this innovation lies in the fact that the epoxy compound produced in accordance with this invention is distinguished by its diminished flammability and heightened mechanical resilience when in a cured state.

Smart Self Tutor Device - Different but not less

Features Emerged Braille – The card is made of raised braille dots with specific data and Equipped with NFC. Built-In Speaker - It has a built-in speaker which speak louder and explain all the description when card is tapped on the device. Child Friendly – this is very interactive for child, it will enhance the knowledge and engage the kid into a good task. Multi Course Module Support- This is unique feature of our device which give a capability of Switching between multiple course modules

PCSmart IoT Node

The PCSmart IoT Node is a highly efficient, compact device designed for remote monitoring and control applications. It seamlessly integrates with various sensors, gathering critical data like temperature, humidity, or motion. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, this node allows for real-time data transmission to cloud services or direct integration with smart home systems. Its robust build ensures reliability in diverse environments. It also features energy-saving modes and secure data encryption.


The aim of the project is to rescue the Children from the Bore well. In India for past few days, there have been several accidents of children falling into abandoned bore wells which is left uncovered and get trapped. Abandoned bore wells seems to be death pits for children. In these cases normal operation of child rescue is done by using big machines with large manpower involvement. The rescue process to save the child from bore well is a very long and complicated process.

EcoWaste360 Application and Website

Waste360 is a waste management solving themed startup aimed for overall cleanliness through making best out of waste. Ours is a startup where we will be collecting the waste from the people. We here mainly focus on the Fabric Waste. People can use our app and website to giveaway the waste. We will be acting as the mediators for the common people and the waste recycling companies.


Communication between mute and a normal person have always been a difficult task. Manufacturers around the world have formulated various sign language systems but they are not adaptable and cost effective for all the people. By using hand motions and gestures we put forth a smart speaking system which will help deaf people to communicate with normal people. The system is provided with sensors like motion and flex consisting of hand motion reading system in addition with a unit of speaker.

Before You Cook

BYC leads innovation in India's food processing landscape across four categories: Chopped and Semi-Processed Vegetables, Spices and Oil, and sustainable practices with Manure generated from waste. Our diverse offerings redefine culinary excellence, ensuring quality, convenience, and environmental responsibility.

Improved Coloplast Ostomy Bag (iCOB)

The Coloplast Ostomy Bag is a handy device especially helpful for persons who have had a colostomy operation to eliminate waste from the body through the stoma/ostomy. It is a transfer bag with a flanged area that is applied to the human skin with an adhesive piece and a detachable pouch that holds the waste. Patients become bothered by the high voice of abdominal gases, To address this, very thin soundproofing foam slats could be put to the ostomy bag, reducing or absorbing the gas voices.

EduGineer : Shaping the Future through Gamified STEM Learning using Virtual Reality and Hand Tracking Motion

A developing trend in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, gamification attempts to increase engineering students' motivation and engagement. Using the existing console gaming, this module aims to provide an overview and practical applications of the concept of gamification and its benefits in STEM education. It provides examples of effective implementation of various gamification game-based learning.

Green Roads Initiative: Fly Ash Geopolymer Rigid Pavements

This groundbreaking invention revolutionizes infrastructure sustainability. It uses fly ash-based geopolymers for robust, eco-friendly pavements, reshaping construction norms. By optimizing fly ash and alkaline activator ratios - sodium silicate, sodium hydroxide - it meets strength standards. Addressing concrete replacements, it fosters circularity, slashing carbon emissions, and ensuring durability in harsh conditions.


MYCENO is a device designed to extract lightweight cenospheres from a dry mixture obtained as a byproduct of coal combustion in power plants. Using principles of aerodynamics and differential density, the separator separates cenospheres from heavier materials. MYCENO separators can be used in industries to efficiently recover cenospheres for applications such as lightweight concrete and plastics production, minimizing waste and providing a valuable resource for various processes.


This invention relates to the development of a novel digital farmer agricultural robot wherein the field farming and robotics systems are merge together to address issues on worldwide food scarcity, limited number of young people taking farming as career, and poverty. Moreover, it performs repetitive tasks faster, cheaper, and more accurately than humans in farm cultural practices, inspection, and harvesting, as well as post-harvest handling.


This invention relates to the development of a unique water recovery urinal which uses the combination of distillation and water purification mechanism in response to the global water crisis and pollution. The key features of this device are the integration of a bluetooth module, relay module, and water level sensor.


The original design of the interlocking tabs and slots of the FoldaBed provides unique interlocking mechanism and enhances stability or ease of assembly that sets it apart from other similar products. These interlocking tabs and slots may have additional space-saving features that make it particularly suitable for small bedrooms. This could include built-in storage compartments, the ability to stack or fold the frame when not in use, or a compact design that allows for efficient use of space.


This device operates on a simple and efficient anaerobic digestion process, which harnesses the natural decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms to produce methane gas. It's compact and easy to install, making it suitable for urban households with limited space it also offers a sustainable solution to the problem of organic waste disposal, as it not only mitigates the release of harmful greenhouse gases from decomposing organic matter but also provides a renewable source of clean energy

SaSDAM: Hybrid Monitoring Model for Critical Infrastructure (Dam)

SASDAM serves as an early warning system, especially for high-risk dams, and is a robust tool for dam safety and sustainability, disaster prevention, and dam infrastructure strengthening. SaSDAM consists of a physical experiment evaluation (flow impact on dam structure), model simulation and event predictions, relationship studies (cross-validation), and decision-making (implementation). The predicted data is crucial to speeding up the decision-making process and taking precise remedial actions.

Preparation Method of Copper Alloy Coatings for Semiconductor Manufacturing

This invention provides a method for preparing copper–rhodium coatings. The method includes the following steps: (a) providing a vacuum sputtering system and a substrate; (b) introducing argon gas into the vacuum sputtering system to form a sputtering environment; (c) using copper and rhodium targets in the sputtering environment under a sputtering pressure of 1×10-3 to 1×10-2 torr and sputtering power of 150 to 200 W to perform a total sputtering step, thereby forming a coating on the substrate

Improved Methods of Printed Circuit Board Pre-Treatment

Traditionally, it is micro-etching method as the pre-treatment to remove copper surface oxidation for the surface treatment of PCB processes. The thickness of the surface copper is subtracted from 0.03 to 0.06 mils each time by use of the micro-etching pretreatment. As a result, up to 6 to 8 processes are necessary to remove the copper surface before oxidation treatment. Therefore, the invention attempts to remove the copper surface oxidation without micro-etching, which not only has a good deo

Method For Preparing Superhydrophobic Film Material with Silicon Dioxide

63μm particle size of silica was used to replace the fluorine compound as the main material. Silica and water are immiscible, so it was used to fabricate with hydrophobic coating. In the experiment, silica mixed with the secondary alcohol and surfactant to modify (sol-gel method, and ensure to coat uniformly on glass surface by immersion coating method. The analysis included, the surface structure characteristics, transmittance, hydrophobicity, Properties such as microstructure and bond composit

A Method for Manufacturing High Aspect Ratio Hole

1. The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing high aspect ratio hole. The method utilizes a bipolar pulse voltage to control its parameters and an etching reaction to form a high aspect ratio hole in a test piece. Further, the method of wet etching by a bipolar pulse voltage that the etching solution will not cause the pool effect in the holes on the test piece. 2. The present invention can be used in etching technologies that require high aspect ratio microvias, including wafer

Fabrication of Micro-Arc Oxidation Ceramic Film on Stainless Steel Surface

The invention takes a stainless steel (316L) as the base material The stainless steel is prepared by micro-arc oxidation technology in an electrolyte system mainly based on aluminate. A film similar to ceramic is prepared and contains iron-aluminum spinel (FeO•Al2O3). In addition to improving the hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel materials, it can also expand the application fields of micro-arc oxidation technology. 1. A film similar to ceramic is grown on th

Squeeze the bottle sideways

This side-squeeze bottle features a hollow bottle body and a suction device. The bottle body has a spacious interior with an opening set at the top and a connecting piece set around the opening. The suction device consists of a hollow air pump with a valve seat at the bottom. A check valve seat is sleeved on the joint part of the bottle body. The suction pipe extends under the check seat, and the discharge pipe is located on the side. When used, the air pump pushes air into the bottle, there

Portable skincare set structure

This creation is a portable maintenance group structure. Cosmetics sold on the market are one item per product, such as lotion, essence, and lotion. However, individual packaging not only takes up a lot of space, but also costs a lot of money. Especially when you need to carry it out, multiple bottles, cans, facial masks and other packaging containers make it difficult to quickly find the appropriate corresponding care items when you need to use them. This is quite inconvenient and there is stil

Car-Shaped Package Box

A paper molded packaging structure, three types of Packaging box structure. One is a small turtle car shape packaging. The other is the package in the shape of an electric car, and the third is the packaging in the shape of a bus.

The microcurrent facial mask with a double-electrode pattern

The mask can extend the ion action time due to its dual electrode pattern. It triggers an electrochemical reaction between the fiber layers with the ionic compounds in the essence to generate micro-current, thus improving skin condition.

Environmental cup lid

There is an inclined tube behind the cup lid, which can pierce the sealing film before drinking. The handle is for carrying. It is reusable, reduces the use of straws and plastic bags, and promotes environmental protection.

Convenient Tea Brewing Device

We designed a chamber to allow the device to float on water. The tea leaves, once sufficiently soaked, will cause the device to sink at the optimal brewing moment. A scale is provided on the side of the container for easy judgment.

Multiplayer Collaborative Immersive Mixed Reality Training System

The present invention is a human parameter analysis and measurement integration system, which assists instructors in mastering the analysis of human factors engineering parameters and motion physiology sensing analysis, and provides reliable basis for precise sportstraining. In vocational education, many practical courses require adjustments and guidance based on each individual's body structure (height, weight, posture, and inertia). This system changes the traditional one-way teaching method b

A guided teaching and training system that combines human factors engineering parameters and physiological data to analyze smart calculation models

The present invention is an integrated system of human factors analysis and measurement that helps instructors to master the academics of human factors engineering parameters analysis and exercise physiology sensing analysis, which is a reliable basis for accurate sports training. In technical education, many technical subjects requiring hands-on instruction require correction and instruction based on each individual's body structure (height, weight, posture and inertia).

Phased-array Ground Object Detector

The stratum is the medium that guides the electric field to ground, so material changes in the stratum will change the electric field. The invention uses a dielectric antenna to detect electric field changes in the space, performs high-fidelity and low-noise amplification, transmits to the analog digital conversion module, and then analyzes with the computer software. The invention can detect the depth and thickness of groundwater and stratum, the physical state of the underground matter and the

Vanillin applied in ozone comb

The ozone produced by high-voltage corona electric field and spray out through comb. The ozone comb has massage and sanitizing benefits for both the skin and hair. When the ozone output stop, it can be through two-stage control, and then heating vanillin tablets or spray out from ultrasonic humidifier. The aroma of vanillin emitted the comb. The ozone comb combines the process and achieve a strong antibacterial effect. Vanillin (4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde, C8H8O3) is an aromatic compound an

Breath detection device used to optimize X-ray images

When conducting chest X-ray imaging, insufficient inhalation during photography can result in the lungs, which are filled with air, appearing grayish-black and reduced in volume. This can affect the accuracy of the diagnosis. For infants, it is common for them to have inadequate inhalation due to difficulties in following instructions. Therefore, we have designed a set of respiratory-synchronized imaging devices to address this issue. These devices aim to assist radiographers in capturing the op

Intelligent Guidance System for the Visually Impaired

The primary purpose of a white cane is to aid individuals with visual impairments in detecting and navigating around obstacles, thereby improving their safety and independence during mobility. Presently, these canes may include integrated warning devices that emit alert signals to notify the user. Although these warning systems can be helpful for alerting visually impaired individuals, they may come with certain drawbacks. Firstly, blind individuals might misinterpret the signals emitted by the

Application of interleukin 6 receptor antibody as a targeted drug for colorectal cancer

This invention uses interleukin 6 receptor (IL-6R) antibody for the diagnosis and treatment of IL-6R overexpressed colorectal cancer (CRC) by inhibiting tumor growth and invasiveness, whereas less affected to CRC with low IL-6R expression.

Multifunctional Pathology Sample Processing Instrument

This invention combines the functionalities of both tissue processing and pathology slide staining machines. It does so by incorporating an automated switching system and reaction chambers, along with remote control and monitoring capabilities.

Wearable Thin Eye Protection Mask with Dose Tracking Material - Designed for Radiographic Examinations

This innovative work has two patents. The team's development of the eye radiation shielding device effectively reduces the radiation dose to the crystalline lens and brain caused by radiographic examinations.

Screening of Salt Tolerance in Plants using IoT and Machine Learning

The system would use to control salt treatments 5grams to 25 grams per liter salt concentration is used to test and rank how well plants can handle salt. The system can monitor, control and channel the salinity water for different breeding lines to rank salt tolerance in plants quantitatively. To accurately predict seed germination, a deep learning model with region proposals is used. A low-cost handheld model that is easy to carry and can be used in both indoor and outdoor facility fields.

Improved Structure of Light Enchantment Device

The existing laser enchantment device does not have any automatic protection device, so people who are generally unrelated but pass by around the dharma meeting will not issue a warning signal, so it is easy for people to enter the restricted space of the dharma meeting by mistake, causing the eyes to be affected. In addition, the laser enchantment device in the previous case did not provide the function of automatic chanting Buddha, so the participants in the central area could not experience

Conveyor belt effortless lifting and lowering clothes device

This product is suitable for home rehabilitation patients who need wheelchairs, patients with shoulder pinch syndrome, and shoulder arthritis. We have designed this innovative design product in the hope that it can effectively help the elderly to successfully carry out rehabilitation training, improve their daily living abilities and quality. Existing products require greater shoulder joint mobility and cannot complete the action of drying/collecting clothes at a single point. This product has

Short-Term Lightweight Urine Collection Bottle

If someone needs to use a catheter at home due to urinary issues, but has to go out to pick up a child or buy food, it's still awkward because they need to hold the catheter in one hand, and the transparent urine bag makes the urine visible, which can be embarrassing. If it were possible to use a dark-colored, lightweight bottle with adjustable Velcro straps to secure it to the leg as needed, it would be both convenient and dignified. When returning home, the catheter can be removed, disinfected

All-in-One Multi-Function Stress Relief Massage Plate

The All-in-One Multi-Function Stress Relief Massage Plate introduces an innovative solution for facial massage, overcoming the limitations of conventional devices. This creation features several small protrusions, two large protrusions, a spherical shape, two concave arches, a wave structure, and a smooth surface on the plate (Figure 1). This design allows for acupressure massage of single or large areas and different massage approaches to be performed without changing devices (Figure 2).

Coin sorting and counting device developed using the principle of free-fall acceleration

o meet the requirement above, we propose our solution, A Coin sorting and counting device developed using the principle of free fall acceleration. Which designed with precision and time efficiency to reduce labour costs. With utilizes of microcomputers and photoelectric switches to swiftly calculate coin quantities, displaying accurate amounts on the screen. High-speed conveyor accel coins into free fall bodies, efficiently sorting by size and counting with precision.

Telescopic Umbrella Skeleton

In rainy weather conditions, navigating through narrow alleys is often hindered by the oversized canopy of traditional umbrellas. Therefore, improvements have been made to existing umbrellas by creating a telescopic framework. This innovation allows for easy passage through narrow alleys even during heavy rain, avoiding the issue of getting wet due to the size of the umbrella canopy. Additionally, this umbrella is equipped with a phone holder. In rainy conditions, when needed to be used for

Improvement of motorcycle center pillar auxiliary wheel with easy shifting

There are currently too many motorcycles in the world, but it is always hard to find a parking space. Even if there is one, there is often insufficient parking and turning space. As a result, the vehicle next to it must be moved to park the motorcycle in the parking space. As a result, You may accidentally bump into other people's motorcycles, causing unnecessary friction and disputes.

Multi-functional eco pressure pump

The product efficiently moves liquids from one point to another using vacuum force. Its uncomplicated design eliminates the need for external electrical power sources, making it adaptable for various functions. It can perform tasks such as removing water during floods, circulating water in aquariums, and transporting or relocating petroleum for machinery.

Self-Activating Anti-Toppling Device

The closet is prone to toppling during an earthquake or if a child climbs on it. In the event of such incidents, arms automatically spring out to stabilize the closet, preventing damage. This safety mechanism operates without the need for electrical power or any sensor.

Versatile Tray

The versatile tray allows users to effortlessly dine and work in the car. Its unique design contains a heater, light, working and dining platforms...etc

Omnibearing Stun Rod

The omnibearing stun rod is an all-encompassing electric device that combines features such as a mosquito swatter, mosquito zapper, mosquito repellent, light, and lighter to provide versatile convenience in daily life.

A wafer processing machine with thermal energy recovery

This wafer processing equipment platform incorporates thermal energy recovery, aligning with future energy-saving and environmentally friendly requirements. By utilizing the recovered thermal energy, it mitigates vacuum valve failures resulting from the removal of photoresist.

Motorcycle’s Traffic Warning Triangle

This is a special shoe rack that can quickly dry shoes, socks, and clothes! It has a great design to save space, and you can use it with a hairdryer. It makes wet shoes and socks dry very fast, and it can stop bacteria from growing inside the shoes and prevent them from smelling bad. At the same time, it can handle lots of shoes at once and saves energy!

Novel Design for Shoe Drying Rack

This is a special shoe rack that can quickly dry shoes, socks, and clothes! It has a great design to save space, and you can use it with a hairdryer. It makes wet shoes and socks dry very fast, and it can stop bacteria from growing inside the shoes and prevent them from smelling bad. At the same time, it can handle lots of shoes at once and saves energy!

Electronic Welding Assistant

Utilizing FDM printing technique, collocates with Arduino modules to design an electronic welding machine, with brightness regulating, X-Y-Z axes manipulating, and photographing features.

Improving The Surface Properties of Titanium Alloys Using Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Method

Titanium alloy has high specific strength, is an important structural material for aircraft fuselage and aero engine, and is currently widely used in aerospace, automobile, people's livelihood, marine, energy chemistry and biomedical industry. However, it has shortcomings such as large friction coefficient, poor thermal conductivity and wear resistance.

Toilet Insert FULL CONTROL

My innovative solution protects the user of the toilet against the possibility of contracting infectious diseases found, among others, in body fluids and faeces, mainly related to the COVID-19 virus, the plague of the 21st century. Hepatitis B, COLI, SALMONELLA and other viruses. The critical moment when using public toilets is flushing fecal matter with a stream of water from the cistern, that's when microscopic particles of water mixed with faeces ''in the form of an aerosol'' .

AIoT-enabled Device for Early Brain Stroke Detection via Arm Movement Assessment

An innovative AI and IoT-based device has been developed for the early diagnosis and detection of signs indicating a potential brain stroke through the arm movements assessment. The device incorporates six clinical test scenarios for evaluating arm movement. Various AI models, IoT devices, and video cameras uses to capture and analyse temporal dependencies in movement data.

GuardianCare IoT Smart Bed: Advanced Fever Detection & Health Monitoring

The GuardianCare IoT Smart Bed System tackles the challenges of monitoring fevers, especially in vulnerable groups like children, post-surgery patients, and the elderly. We place Infrared Temperature Sensors on bed guard rails and overhead infrared cameras for a holistic body view. After configuring sensor placement, we integrate these sensors with a mobile app, establishing a strong communication link.

Advanced Aircraft Docking Guidance System using AI

Airports need marshallers to guide the pilot to park accurately on the centerline due to the size and the difficulty of seeing obstacles, the centerline, and the stopping point from the top of the aircraft. An artificial intelligence system that guides the pilot to park without human intervention consists of a screen with signal instructions hung on the gate and a 360° camera to present the actual position, obstacles and damage in the structure.

An ointment that scabs a wound quickly-----The secret hidden between soil and flowers

Our product is an ointment that can replace band-aids to a certain extent. It can be used on boneless knife wounds. It uses medical ingredients to relieve pain, stop bleeding, and prevent thrombosis. The ingredients in it can also stimulate the wound to scab quickly, which not only reduces pain but also can Stimulate cell division and accelerate wound recovery.


This presentation describes the laboratory investigations to determine the in vitro selective cytotoxicity properties of andrographolide isolated from the ethyl acetate extract of A. paniculata, apoptotic process in andrographolide-treated prostate cancer (PC-3) cells, and in vivo animal toxicological studies.

2ReLiv™ for the revival and renewal of cirrhotic liver cells that lead to cancer

Induction of cirrhosis by TAA followed by TAA + ReLiv for 30 days indicated MC is still able to restore the liver and prevent further cirrhosis. ReLiv can revive and renew the TAA induced cirrhotic liver into normal healthy liver tissue. Additionally, ReLiv by itself has cytotoxic activity on liver cancer cell without affecting the normal liver cells. This indicates that ReLiv has potential therapeutic use as chemotherapy drug on liver cancer.

The Therapeutic and Prophylactic Potential of Leena indica against COVID-19

We found Leea contains bioactive substances: quercetin and quercitrin can bind to COVID-19 and stop the COVID-19 expression of the human ACE2 receptors inhibiting the release of pro-inflammatory substances and oxidative stress will eliminate acute respiratory distress syndrome as prophylaxis. As well as to cure COVID-19 infection by stopping the production of CLPro (main protease enzyme) and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) for COVID-19 to replicate.

Selective Noise Sleep Aid Headphone: EEG-Integrated Noise Cancellation for Enhanced Sleep Quality

The Selective Noise Headphones offer a bespoke auditory shield, facilitating uninterrupted rest while sensitively attuned to crucial environmental alerts such as a child's urgent cry or the piercing sound of a fire alarm. This discernment safeguards users in need of immediate wakefulness without subjecting them to less pertinent disruptions. Featuring integrated electroencephalogram sensors, the headphones adeptly navigate the user's sleep architecture, modulating noise cancellation congruent.

Fire Extinguisher Tracker (FET) Enhancing Safety Measures during Fire Events

an innovative solution, "Fire Extinguisher Tracker," with the intention of improving fire safety measures within any workplaces or any organizations. The FET is a small device integrated with a light activation system that functions as an alarm during fire events. It effectively addresses the challenge of locating fire extinguishers quickly in an emergency, significantly reducing response time and enhancing overall safety within the premises.

PEARL “Petroleum Engineering Application” 4.0 as A Digital Transformation in Evaluating and Designing Artificial Lift at Oil Field PT PHE

PEARL is a breakthrough solution in Oil and Gas Industry for designing and evaluating artificial lift pumps as daily activities anywhere and anytime because this application can be operated in the mobile phone with android operating system. PEARL application can reduce time and simplify the way of designing and evaluating artificial lift pumps only in 5 minutes (before 1 hour because we need more than 1 applications).

"Enhancing The Effectiveness of Preventive Maintenance Through The Innovation of Liquid Grease "PROTEQ" at PT KPI Unit VI Balongan

PROTEQ Liquid Grease is specially developed to protection rotating equipment, for long term lubrication, corrosion protection, and excellent for lubrication on difficult areas. Product Application : Gear, door hinges, valve, sprockets, pulleys guide rails, and more. Ideal for metal to metal application.

Increasing Oil & Gas Contingent Resources Using ECHA

Oil and gas industries have high risk subsurface aspect to be explored. West Penyu is one of the structure which is proved gas and condensate and have uncertainty to estimating volume of hydrocarbon column. This structure is related of fault that could be leak or seal media. ECHA is using method for estimating hydrocarbon column height quantitatively which could be hold by fault and minimize risk of estimating reserve.

BLENDING PREDICTION “BLENDIC” as a Digital Calculation for Oil Viscosity Prediction on Lube Oil Blending Process at PT Pertamina Lubricants.

BLENDIC is a solution for lube oil blending process to reduce blending rework process so that will reduce production downtime and increase productivity. BLENDIC is web application for calculating viscosity of oil products. BLENDIC formula application constructed to recognize the impact of changing raw material viscosity that is used which is Base Oil and Additives, so that the Quality Assurance can do some prevent action at the beginning before the raw material using in Lube Oil Blending Proces

Increase Oil Production with Electric Desalter’s Reliability Improvement using U-Channel Electrode Clamp in DS7 West Qurna 1 Field (Iraq)

U-Channel Electrode Clamp used as internal part of oil electrical desalter to hold the electrode on the grid and prevent short current. It replaced existing design which is less robust and causing frequently unplanned shutdown to the desalter system.


This system utilizes advanced fingerprint sensors to quickly recognize users, minimizing the risk of break-ins and providing convenience to homeowners or building owners. This project combines sophisticated hardware and software technology, as well as an intuitive user interface

Smart Green Irrigation

This product has a highly effective solution to address the issues involving utilizing a soil moisture sensor as an automated plant irrigation system. 


such as economic factors, limited knowledge, low interest in consuming nutritious food among children and also limited availability of natural resources based on certain geographical conditions. Of these factors, the main factors that cause stunting in children are the low interest in children's consumption of nutrition and also economic limitations. Therefore, our team tried to create an alternative that could solve these 2 main problems at once. Processing Moringa leaves as nori is considered

Future i-Lock System

This product seeks to overcome these challenges through the development of an innovative IoT-based Door Lock.

Mitigating Iron-Derived Anemia through BEETIFUL: Exploring the Preventive Potential of Beet (Beta vulgaris) Candy in Young Female

BEETIFUL stands as a distinctive natural fruit candy product since they can be compelling alternative to blood supplement tablets specifically designed for adolescent girls. Each candy is enriched with significant levels of iron and folic acid, crucial components in the formation of hemoglobin, thereby playing a pivotal role in preventing anemia. The convenience of BEETIFUL lies in its ease of consumption, making it a light and accessible dietary supplement suitable for any time or place.

Smart Parking System

This project explores the creation of an Internet of Things (IoT) system designed to tackle the widespread challenge of parking space scarcity, a common cause of traffic congestion and driver frustration.

BIOGUARD (Bitter Melon as Anti-Thypoid) Capsul Innovative from Extract Momordica Charantia as Alternative Therapy in Salmonella thypi Infection Post T

BioGuard is a traditional medicine whose main component is Momordica charantia extract, then this extract is packaged in Vagan capsules to avoid damage to the phytochemical compounds from M. This research is an in vivo study where it was found that there was improvement in the intestines of mice infected with Salmonella typi, after being given an intervention dose, a dose of 100 mg was the best dose compared to other doses and compared to controls in repairing intestinal damage.

Integrated Smart System Feeding Fish Based on Renewable Energy

A Feeding fish machine that using IOT technology (smart system) and power resources from solar panel as renewable energy. The machine turn on/off with smart phone from any place and any time places by fish farmer. The technology replaced man power (fish farmer) activity and economical add value.

PYTEC - Pyro Protector : Your Fireguard Automation

PYTEC is an automated system designed to execute firefighting tasks with high efficiency and accuracy. This robot is equipped with advanced technology, including automatic sensing and extinguishing capabilities, as well as navigation abilities that allow it to enter hazardous areas that may be too risky for human responders.

Ecology Corn Paper

Ecology Corn paper (Ecorn Paper) is a new type of paper made entirely from corn husks. With a cellulose content of 44.08%, it meets the main requirements for making paper, which range from 40.58% to 62.50%. In addition, it contains supporting chemicals such as NaOH, so this waste product has the potential to replace the use of wood as a raw material for pulp used to make paper.

UpMate - Connecting People With The Same Academic Interest

Startup Armora Tech aims to create an application called UpMate, which serves as a discussion space for friends who share academic interests, with the help of Machine Learning to provide recommendations for relevant interest tags based on users' preferences. UpMate is also equipped with a bad-word detector and spam detector features to ensure user comfort and safety.


Tsunamis pose an imminent threat, particularly in regions like southern Java, where the potential rupture of the megathrust fault can lead to devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. Recognizing the critical need to strengthen Indonesia's tsunami early warning system, this study aims to provide comprehensive early warning information, emphasizing tsunami threat levels in vulnerable areas.

Starsix (start supplementaion gaining more protein and omega six)

Supplementation for hen to gaining more protein and omega 6 egg

Herbal Burnplast Application: St. John’s Wort as an Alternative Treatment for Dermal Burns

This invention was created by considering dermal burns as an injury ranked number 4th among all injuries that are still underestimated, even though there are many complications arising from dermal burns. Considering the minimum side effect of St. John's Wort and its component (Hyperforin) which is able to initiate the proliferation phase of inflammation, is the reason for choosing this media. This product is made with attention to efficacy, ease of application, and affordability so it can be use

BIOHIDROGENO: Production Technology Innovation Bio-Hydrogen Through The Photobiological Process of Anaerobic Bacteria From Food Waste to Renewable Ene

BIOHYDROGENO is a breakthrough technology that produces bio-hydrogen through a photobiological process with anaerobic bacteria, using food waste as a substrate. This innovation converts organic waste into a renewable energy source, contributing to a circular economy. The main advance lies in the integration of the Enhanced Methane Prediction Algorithm (EMPA), which ensures optimal conditions for bacteria and predicts hydrogen production levels.

AVOVEED : Sago Flour Puree with the Addition of Avocado (Persea Americana) Seed Flour and Mackerel Fish as a Food Alternative to Prevent Stunting

Avoveed is a food innovation that is rich in protein and antioxidants. This product is in the form of porridge that only needs to be brewed when consuming it. This product can be expected to be a food to prevent stunting in children.

Plant Based Food "DATESLOVA" : Dates Jerky As An Innovation Functional Food With High Iron And High Antioxidants As An Alternative To Prevent Anemia

Dates jerky is a plant-based functional food innovation that can be an alternative food to prevent anemia in pregnant women. This jerky made from dates has a high content of iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants, making it a suitable food choice for pregnant women.

Automatic Vest Innovation to Minimize the Risk of Falls in the Elderly Integrated with IoT Based on the JASPRO Website

Automatic Vest with IoT devices based on the JASPRO website is one of the innovations in the health sector. Designing tools in the form of an automation system and presenting data in real time will protect clients from potential fall injuries and present data in real time via the internet to supervisors (family or health workers). This tool was created to be a solution to fulfill the security needs of clients who are at risk of falling.

BAHARAT Organik MSG from Pineapple Bromelin and Tempe Hydrolyzate as a SolutioJ18ne

The controversy over the use of MSG is still unfolding, but the production rate is still high, reaching 200,000 tons/year. Many threats arise from the use of MSG today from the very dangerous content of high sodium content, synthetic preservatives and other synthetic chemicals.

Mediosa Patch: Nanoemulsion of Parijoto Fruit Extract (Medinilla speciosa) as Antidiabetes in Microneedle Transdermal Patch

The invention is about a novel herbal medicine made from local plant in Muria, Kudus, Central Java, named Parijoto. The Parijoto fraction then made into nanoemulsion prepared in microneedle transdermal patch.

SMART DIGISS ((Smart Digital Stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer)

The Smart-DIGISS (Smart Digital Stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer) represents a leap forward in medical diagnostics and education technology. Engineered to assist medical students and professionals, this device integrates the functionalities of a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope to provide real-time, accurate blood pressure readings along with the audible monitoring of Korotkoff sounds. Technical Specifications: • Product Name: Smart-DIGISS (Smart Digital Stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer) • Dev


This discovery resulted in the innovation of eco-friendly anti-irritant wet wipes, utilizing pineapple leaf fiber and mother-in-law's tongue extract. Focusing on environmental and health problems related to conventional wet wipes, Tropiclean uses biodegradable pineapple leaf fiber to deal with waste that is difficult to decompose. Mother-in-law's tongue extract, potentially as a natural antiseptic, replaces alcohol to avoid skin irritation.


SUNCARIA is a sunscreen contain gambir leaf as the main compound. The reason why it's chosen as the main compounds not only to introduce its function that hasn't known well, but also to empower the Indonesian local resource. Through the sunscreen evaluation this invention obtain the best formulation that meets the pharmaceutical requirement.

SriBu: Bodycare Innovation from Self-nanoemulsifying Gambir leaf Extract formed in body butter as antioxidant and moisturizing

In the sun-drenched landscapes of the tropical climate of Indonesia, where the air is thick and the sun kisses the skin with its warm embrace, we as visionary pharmacy students embarked on a mission to tackle a common concern: dry skin in the midst of tropical environmental. Frustrated by the contradiction of a tropical country causing skin dryness, we combined the abundant natural wealth from our region into the rich botanical treasures of the country.

MiracleEco Patch: Burn Patch From Combination of Chicken Bone Waste and Miracle Leaf

The MiracleEco Patch is a product made from chicken bone waste and miracle leaf sourced locally. This patch has therapeutic effects, and its collagen content exhibits anti-inflammatory activities, reducing side effects during the wound healing process. The MiracleEco Patch is characterized by its soft, thin, and odorless nature, providing a calming sensation when used. This patch is applied directly to the injured skin's surface. Moreover, MiracleEco Patch is made from natural materials, ensurin

Gracolla: Innovation of High Collagen Granola Bar Made from Anadara granosa Shell Flour as an Alternative Snack for Osteogenesis Imperfecta Sufferers

Gracolla bar is an innovative product in the field of health products. Gracolla focuses on the utilization of high collagen compounds in shells (Andara granosa) shells which are innovated into alternative food products for people with Osteogenesis imperfecta. OI is a brittle bone disease caused by a gene mutation that disrupts the formation of type I collagen so that bones become thin, weak and easily fractured.

[AREL] : Anxiety Reducer Liquid from Citrus Aurantifolia Peel and Cananga Odorata Flowers for Reduce of Anxiety

Anxiety Reducing Liquid (AREL) is an innovative liquid that has the ability to relieve excessive levels of anxiety. AREL is made from a combination of Citrus aurantifolia peel and Cananga odorata flowers. The ingredients we use are common waste produced by Balinese people. AREL provides anxiolytic effect from hesperidin and antioxidant content. In addition, AREL has a fragrant aroma so that it can provide a relaxing effect for users. Our liquid innovation can be utilized in various devices.

Combination Of Straw Waste, Rice Husk (Oryza Sativa), And Conch Shells (Pila Ampullacea) As A Strong And Environmentally Friendly Puzzle Paving.

Indonesia is an agricultural country where most of the population earns a living in agriculture. Rice straw and husks are agricultural by-products that have not been optimally utilized by farmers. These by-products tend to be dumped and burned, which can lead to an increase in the greenhouse effect. When examined, rice straw contains 37.1% cellulose and rice husk contains 86.90% silica.

HemaCleanse EcoFlow : Innovative Solutions For Realizing Circular Blue Economy and Waste Limitation in Aquaculture 

The discharging of fish farming waste can harm the environment. HemaCleanse EcoFlow with IMTA system accelerates fish production by using aquaculture waste as a medium for H. pluvialis growth and bioremediation. The results showed that the specific growth rate of haematoccus cultured in channa wastewater for 15 days was 21.6%. Thus proving that HemaCleanse Ecoflow has the advantage of reducing environmental pollution waste, and being able to produce H.

Innovation MORFISHKERS (Moringa Leaf and Cork Fishbone Crackers) as Healthy Supplementary Food for Toddlers

MORIFSHKERS (Moringa Leaf and Cork Fishbone Crakcers) is made from two main ingredients which are moringa leaf flour and cork fishbone flour. Morfishkers has many benefits which are as supplementary food for stunting children as it is high protein, calcium and iron crackers. Our product is crackers with no additive compound that make Morfishkers is good to build and mantain bones and teeth.


Belina is a soybean dairy product with the ratification of Spirulina which has various benefits in the human body, especially, it can prevent stunting in children, vegetarians and lactose Intolerance due to vitamin B12 content. We have soybean milk product with Spirulina without using preservatives or food colors. We use raw materials is a natural and safe and good quality raw material.

Fibeweed: Balinese Traditional Medicine in Biofilm

Fibeweed is a herbal medicinal product for healing wounds, especially abrasions which are one of our daily problems. This product is highly applicable when traveling with the advantages of being simple and practical. It is in the form of a filament made from fish skin waste collagen, an antibacterial compound extracted from green betel leaf extract, and an antioxidant extracted from seaweed. This product can heal abrasions in one touch and is easy to carry.

Flotus Tea

Flotus tea which is made from lotus flowers by using an environmentally friendly tea bag, namely fish collagen so that when brewed the tea and the bag will dissolve so that it reduces the dregs in the tea and will not pollute the environment.

Chafla: Natural Flavoring from Snakehead Fish Head Waste (Channa striata) as a Substitute for MSG, High in Protein to Reduce Dependence on Chemical

Chafla is a natural flavoring substitute for MSG. which is made from the main ingredients of snakehead fish head waste and seaweed flour. Snakehead fish has a protein content of up to 25.5%. Apart from that, snakehead fish contains amino acids, mg and phosphorus which are needed by the body, making it an alternative to reduce waste and dependence on chemicals.

CHITOSTAR: Chitosan-Based Edible Coating for Fruits and Vegetables Shrimp Skin and Cassava Skin Starch are useful Overcoming Food Loss in Indonesia

The product that the authors offer in this program is CHITOSTAR, namely edible coating or edible fruit and vegetable coatings from a composite of shrimp shell chitosan and shell starch cassava. The composite of these two materials makes the quality of CHITOSTAR more optimal maintain the freshness of fruit and vegetables. CHITOSTAR is designed in liquid form, odorless, and Packaged in a 1 L plastic bottle for easy and even application when coating fruit and vegetables. CHITOSTAR is made from self


SMARTOSE is a smart bracelet to detect 3 in 1 diabetes (blood glucose, HbA1c, and ketone) based on deep learning. SMARTOSE consists of six main components, namely MAX30105 as a Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor, LCD nextion, lithium-ion battery, ESP32, charger module, and TGS822 as an electrochemical sensor. The PPG sensor functions to detect blood glucose and HbA1c.

Stiki's: fish bone meal stick biscuits to prevent stunting and safe to support nutritional fulfillment for children with special needs.

Stiki's is an innovative product made from fish bone meal which is rich in protein and calcium, and combined with mocaf flour which is good and safe for consumption by children with special needs who have a gluten free casein free (GFCF) diet program. Stiki's is made in the form of biscuit sticks that have a good taste and are popular with children and adults.

Vanatech : “Eco-Friendly Smart Autofeeder With Brushless Motor And Automatic Controlling For Enhancing Shrimp Productivity”

Vanatech utilizes a 50 Ah solar panel as its energy source and equipped with an autofeeder featuring pH, temperature, and salinity sensors for automatic water quality control connected to a website. With two driving components, the device designed to dispense feed up to 12 meters using a remote control. These facilitates the feeding process in ponds covering an area of up to 2 hectares. The device has dimensions of 1 meter in height, 1 meter in width, and 1.5 meters in length.

AZONORI: Azolla (Azolla pinnata) Nori as an Affordable and Sustainable Iron-Rich Food Solution to Mitigate Anemia Risk during Pregnancy and Stunting

Anemia is one of the health issues that are found in the global community. Anemia is a prevalent health issue that affects individuals worldwide. One common cause of anemia is iron deficiency, which is caused by insufficient consumption of foods containing iron. Iron-deficiency anemia is the most common form of anemia in the world [1]. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data in 2011, there are about 29.4% of women of reproductive age experiencing anemia.

Processing Orange Peel Waste and Guava Leaf Extract into Oren-G Herbal Candy

Oren-g is a product that innovates on the processing of orange peel waste and guava leaf exctact. Oren-g is an innovative product engaged in the field of Culinary and Food Commercialized Product in the form of candy. Oren-g candy has a sweet taste and has a chewy texture and yellowish orange color.

SCOUBI: Soap Scrup Bar Made of Coffee Grounds and Patchouli Oil

SCOUBI is a natural soap scrub bar made from natural surfactants and contains patchouli oil, which is anti-bacterial and also coffee grounds so that it can overcome the problem of oily and dull skin. The use of natural surfactants and the utilization of coffee grounds as a scrub and corn husk as packaging also makes this product environmentally friendly.

Biscatur (Eggshell Flour Biscuits)

Dietary calcium deficiency is a global problem, calcium is very important for bone health, so inadequate intake will result in other health problems such as osteoporosis and stunting. One of the health problems in Indonesia, especially in Aceh, is the high rate of stunting in babies and toddlers and osteoporosis in the elderly. Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), a country is said to be experiencing a stunting problem if the number of cases is above 20%. Meanwhile, the number

“Doratea: Anti-Cancer Tea from Robusta Coffee Leaves (Coffea canephora L.) dan Stevia Leaves (Stevia rebaudiana)”

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world with a total of 9.6 million. Many therapies and measures are needed to treat this condition. Cancer treatment involves various methods, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, which are selected based on the type and stage of cancer. Prevention with a healthy lifestyle is also important to reduce the risk of developing cancer. This study aims to determine the potential anticancer activity of Doratea products by testing phytochemica

Mycelium increase the percentage of food scrap inputs that could be successfully composted with the Osaki system

Bali is striving towards organic farming, necessitating ample natural compost with maximum nutritional content while minimizing production costs. To address the challenge of wet organic waste, particularly food scraps, Bali’s campuses are initiating composting centers. This aims to realize the vision of making Bali an organic island. However, the predominant issue in Bali and much of Indonesia is the handling of wet organic waste, leading to the disposal of almost all food scraps in landfills.

HEARJACK - The Ultimate Posture Enhancement and Skin Health Jacket for Military Excellence

HEARJACK, a smart jacket specifically designed for both military personnel and civilians, seamlessly integrates advanced sensors to revolutionize well-being with a primary focus on posture monitoring and rapid screening for spinal abnormalities. Through the incorporation of the MPU6050 sensor, the jacket actively corrects posture in real-time, significantly reducing the risk of spinal health issues. HEARJACK is engineered to provide an effective solution in swiftly and accurately improving the u

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in the AiCCESS Application: A Novel Approach to Enhancing Accessibility and Quality of Education for the Deaf

The AiCCESS application is a technological innovation specifically designed to assist individuals with hearing disabilities in obtaining a better education. This application utilizes three main capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, which are integrated to create features that are highly beneficial for its users. One of the main features in this application is AiSpeech, which is designed to help users capture sound and translate it into text. Another feature is AiWrite, which assists users in

Bioactive hemostatic agents with antibacterial properties dedicated to military wounds

The innovation of the project is based on the chemical modification of chitosan in a microwave radiation field in order to give it controlled hemostatic properties through the designed ability to sorb the water fraction of blood, as well as improving the mechanical and biological properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects through the incorporation of a plant extract and an enzyme, which constitutes the advantage of the solution compared to competitive solutions.


MyCoco is a platform that can solve the problem of coconut solid waste based on a marketplace and can connect startup community players, SMEs, and exporters with the principle of collaboration with coconut farmers in each region. In addition, MyCoco helps the marketing and sales process globally by offering environmentally friendly products. and carries the concept of social entrepreneurship to create an inclusive economic cycle.

MAID (MALARIA INFECTION DETECTION): Optimizing IoT Applications through Synergistic Integration with Semantic Segmentation AI

Research on the integration of IoT applications and Semantic Segmentation for malaria elimination is driven by a strong intention to make a global impact. By showcasing innovative solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies, particularly the strategic combination of IoT applications and Semantic Segmentation techniques, the goal is to revolutionize malaria prevention, detection and control strategies. This research is motivated by a commitment to advancing healthcare through technology,


StudeRent is designed for a campus environment, aims to facilitate the rental of various items needed by students and faculty.

"Lokar Herbal" Functional Beverage from Coffee Mistletoe Leaf Extract (Loranthus ferrugineus roxb) as a High-Antioxidant Drink to Maintain Immunostimu

'Lokar Herbal' is an immunostimulant beverage made from coffee mistletoe leaves (Loranthus ferrugineus Roxb.) processed into tea bags and ready-to-drink packaged beverages. 'Lokar Herbal' utilizes coffee mistletoe leaves, green apples, starfruit, butterfly pea flowers, and peppermint, rich in flavonoids like quercetin, tannins, saponins, and Vitamin C, capable of increasing antibody titers and addressing inflammation. The Lokar Herbal product also uses cassava sugar and stevia leaves, which are


Maple’s: A green technology invention which used degradable biomaterial, such as mangoes and apples to produce vegan alternative leather.

FIBRETE (Production of Environmentally Friendly Concrete using Bamboo Leaf Ash and Bamboo Fiber as an Alternative to Conventional Concrete)

Concrete that contains bamboo leaf fly ash and bamboo fiber as a substitute for cement (FIBRETE)


Charcorn is a black dye made from corn cob waste and screen painting paste. Charcorn aims to create an environmentally friendly alternative for textile paint and reducing food waste.


New innovation to take care your poultry easily.


PureVerve is a pomade product that is made from natural ingredients, including black soybean oil, which doesn't contain any chemical substances that made this product safe and beneficial for people who uses pomade for their daily life.

A fan structure with illumination.

This creation provides a structure for an illuminated fan. It features LED lighting equipment on the cover at the rear of the fan. Additionally, there are color-changing LED lights on the PCB inside the fan base. The top cover of the base is equipped with a solar panel, directly providing power to the fan. By using a toggle switch, the illumination of the LED lights can be controlled, with the solar panel serving as a power source for the LEDs.

An adjustable welding gun with variable welding power

This creation provides an adjustable welding gun with variable welding power. The welding gun is composed of components such as the gun body, heater, soldering iron tube, soldering controller, handle, PCB, and pressure regulator. Its main features include the installation of a PCB and a pressure regulator inside the gun body. The PCB is electrically connected to the pressure regulator, and the pressure regulator is electrically connected to the heater. By rotating the knob at one end of the pres

Single Bar Structure

This creation introduces a single bar structure composed of two pillars, a supporting plate, two telescopic rods, and a pulling bar. There is at least one support leg beside each pillar to stabilize it. The pillars have internal spaces for inserting the telescopic rods, allowing the height of the single bar to be adjusted according to the child's height. The pulling bar is threaded through the two telescopic rods. This single bar structure is designed for easy portability and convenient assembly

A water containment device

This creation provides a water-containing device consisting of a cup body and a cup lid. The device includes a circular base and multiple circular rings installed within the ring-shaped seat at the bottom of the cup body. When not filled with water, the multiple circular rings are folded into the circular groove of the ring-shaped seat. When the cup lid is placed on and the body volume is reduced, it becomes convenient for carrying and packaging. When there is a need to contain liquid, the cup l

Drip Sensor

This creation system provides an instillation sensor, which is mainly used when the patient is hanging instillation, and is used for the auxiliary point. A detector is installed on the drip bottle, and the detector is electrically connected to a sounding device; when the drip in the auxiliary drip bottle is about to be used up, the detector detects the lower liquid level in the auxiliary drip bottle and immediately informs The buzzer on the sounding device emits a warning sound to inform the med

Structural improvement of catapult glider with lights

This creation system provides a structural improvement of a catapult glider with lights, the main features of which are: a luminous body is respectively installed on the two wings to provide light for the glider; the front end of the fuselage is provided with a plurality of hook grooves for elastic body selection Hook · to control the height and distance of the glider flying; the fixed rod can adjust the two wings into a 90-degree parallel expansion shape or a 45-degree angle in the ejection

Structure improvement of massage hammer with sound

This creation provides an improved massage hammer with sound, which is a massager composed of a rod body, a circuit board, a sound generator and a battery cover; Board and sounder are installed in. Batteries can be installed in the inner compartment of the handle; when the user holds the handle of the stick by hand, When the hammer hits the body, the elastic element on the circuit board is in electrical contact with the conductive ring, which makes the sound generator emit sound.

The structure improvement of the flashlight of the charging stand

This creation system provides a simple structure improvement of a flashlight of a charging stand, which is mainly composed of a charging stand, a hand. It consists of a flashlight and a power cord. The flashlight can be inserted into the slot of the charging base to charge, and both ends of the power cord can be charged. The round plug or linear plug can be selectively inserted into the two-hole socket or three-hole socket of the charging base,It can be charged by plugging into the domestic

Toothbrush Dryer

The present invention provides a toothbrush drying device, which includes a box body, a base and a drying component, wherein the base is placed under the box body, the drying component is installed inside the base, and the inner edge of the upper cover of the two casings of the box body is provided with at least A brush handle slot, the brush handle slot can be embedded in the handle of the toothbrush, and the bristles at the other end of the toothbrush are placed on the base.


It's an innovative application to address the problem of food waste and other waste. This food waste needs to be a special concern as it contributes 1.3 billion tons of food waste every year worldwide. One where our app consists of several features, namely Profile, Share Recipe, My Fridge, and Community. From the application, users can process the food residue in the refrigerator for recycling so that food waste can be reduced. Hopefully, with this application, we can build awareness among the g

TOXIQUENSE (Toxical Drink Quality Sensing Device)

Contaminated beverages due to unhygienic processing lead to health risks like diarrhea, poisoning or digestive problems. In 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) reported 50-70 cases of drink poisoning in Indonesia. This can be related to the sale of non-packaged beverages on the streets, which is a serious concern due to the hygiene of the water used in the making and lack of hygiene knowledge increasing the likelihood of beverages contamination by dust, bacteria, or metals.

Golden snail bone scaffolding as an alternative to recover from non-union fracture

This study employed a document analysis approach, extensively examining literature, including journals, news articles, and theses. Both secondary and primary data sources were utilized, with a focus on producing bone scaffolds from hydroxyapatite, chitosan, and collagen. The research aimed to enhance hydroxyapatite with biopolymers for the creation of compliant and functional bone scaffolds suitable for medical applications.

Craba-Sonmat: Combination Water Hyacinth Fiber and Banana Peel as an Acoustic Material For Sound Pollution Reduction Solutions

As a human who lives in the industrial era, we always accept sound wave. We don't realize that the sound can be pollution. The sound pollution can be solved with the fabricated material. As an area that has many rivers, South Sumatra has a massive presence of water hyacinth which poses a threat to other species. Meanwhile, the abundance of banana culinary delights tends to create a new problem, namely banana peel waste. We want to utilize their fiber being a material for absorbing sound wave.

ESSIK GREEN-BIOFERTILIZER: Based on Fermented Waste (Egg Shells, Chicken Feathers, and Fish Scales) as a Plant Growth Enhancer Alternative to Chemical

Nowadays, chemical fertilizer is already pivotal in agricultural activities, despite it causing environmental problems such as land degradation. It is also relatively expensive, and there is a limitation in the number of subsidized fertilizers by the government. Essik Green Biofertilizer emerges to overcome those problems by converting waste into a useful, helpful, and important agricultural material.

Smart Health Monitor

"Smart Health Monitor" is an innovative Android application tailored to guide individuals in their 30-day journey to build muscle and improve their overall health and fitness. This comprehensive app is an ideal companion for those looking to transform their physique and adopt a healthier lifestyle. It offers a wealth of instructional workout videos, personalized fitness schedules, and a 30-day meal plan, all meticulously designed to help users buildmuscle, boost endurance, and achieve their fitn

Piramora: Utilization of Pear peel (Pyrus communis) waste and Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Leaves as a sheet mask serum to cure acne and moisturize face

Piramora is a sheet mask serum made from organic ingridientst such as moringa leaves (Moringa oleifera) rich in antioxidant compounds, such as vitamin C, flavonoids, quercetin, and zeatin. Pear peel waste contains alpha arbutin that brighten skin, reduce dark spots, protect from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Multipurpose Trash Bin

Multipurpose Trash Bin is a tool that can open and close the garbage cover automatically and can move using a Bluetooth controller on a cellphone to help people throw trash in its place to make the environment around us much cleaner. This tool is an Arduino UNO with a motor driver, Bluetooth HC-05 shaped in a box and put in front of the trash bin, Arduino nano with servo, Ultrasonic sensor put on the cover of the trash bin to automatically open and close it, Speaker, Vacuum cleaner and Broom use

Quit Smoke Application

Quit Smoke App is a groundbreaking health-focused application meticulously designed to aid individuals in their journey to break free from the shackles of smoking addiction. This app offers a holistic approach to smoking cessation, combining the power of audio therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to maximize the chances of success. With a user-friendly interface, Quit Smoke App provides a rich library of audio therapy sessions tailored to address the psychological and emotional aspects


What would it look like if starfish were not simply left as waste that harms the environment, but were reborn in a meaningful way through the process of circulation? MAUS protects against the destruction of marine ecosystems by starfish and prevents microplastics from washing machines from entering the ocean.

Metal Surface Treatment Process Monitoring System

• Developed a monitoring system for metal production processes, focusing on short blast and phosphate film coating. • Real-time data collection through sensors, preprocessing, and application of machine learning for fault diagnosis and prevention. • Emphasis on monitoring the wear of impeller blades in short blast and improving the quality dispersion in phosphate film coating.

Adhesive Application & Rubber Molding Process Monitoring System

The adhesive application and rubber molding process monitoring system monitors the vacuum pump of the rubber molding machine and the reducer process of the non-shaped applicator in real time to predict failure in advance, increasing productivity and efficiency.

System and method for intermediating small business owner and customer

Sogongso is a social o2o platform service that is not dependent on simply selling online products, but encourages online and offline creative activities based on various content and community services Encourage interaction and communication between creators and buyers,Through this, we aim to increase the fun and satisfaction of finding unique and unique products. In addition, we provide services based on various IT technologies such as live and AI

Overheating protection charger

1. There is a hole on the side of the charger so that the heat generated from the charger can be easily discharged. 2. There is a dust filter to prevent dust from penetrating the heat exhaust hole. 3. The dust filter is detachable so it it possible to remove dust. 4. By placing a Peltier element between the inside of the charger and the dust filter, it cools the charger and prevents damage from overheating.

Cool and hot bench

1. Using a thermoelectric element, no oxygen is burned, so there is no carbon dioxide emission or fire risk. 2. Since the heat pipe conducts cooling and heating quickly and evenly, the temperature difference between the upper plates is not large, heat conduction is fast, and energy consumption is low. 3. Block condensation by developing and applying an algorithm that calculates the surrounding temperature and humidity and operates to prevent condensation.

A mecanum wheel wheelchair that can move freely

Bluetooth technology is used to make a wheelchair that can be controlled by a mobile phone or a regulator by wireless communication, so that it can be adjusted easily without laboriously manipulating or pushing. In addition, the wheel driving device is equipped with a mechanical wheel, which is a forward driving system output by a 3D printer, so that the left and right sides of the wheel can change freely, making it easy to cross obstacles and move horizontally.

Organic Chemistry Encyclopedia (O.C.E)

O.C.E is a comprehensive program designed to help students and professionals in the field. To enhance the program's reliability, information modifications are restricted to experts, combining AI algorithm technology to achieve a high level of confidence. Ultimately, the goal is to create a place where people who are interested in organic chemistry can exchange information. Since most of the information is organized around English, it will increase convenience by gathering information by language

Using Cheerios Effect to Collect Floating Nano-Microplastic Debris in the Ocean

Donated fiber waste is a social problem that becomes a garbage island for environmentally poor countries. An effective collection method is to collect as much plastic as possible near the coast. By applying the density of circular cereals with the surface tension of the Cheerios effect, an invention for collecting marine floating fiber waste was manufactured with a 3D printer and verified with FT-iR and RamanSpectrum.

Body alignment and sleep pattern analysis through 3D pressure analysis mattress and personalized digital healthcare system

Connected to digital therapeutics via a sensor sheet the size of a single bed with built-in pressure sensors to measure body pressure, the app also provides bio-content to address anticipated illnesses or body imbalances. It can also monitor during sleep to improve sleep quality. With this invention, you can easily evaluate your body in an objective and quantitative way through pressure sensors, and receive health care such as exercise and stretching through bio content

Raman spectroscopy spectrum analysis to explore the recycling efficiency of food waste disposal supernatant using coffee waste and the Marangoni princ

Enhanced biogas and compost recycling in wastewater with high salt levels, using the patented . While diluted salts pose no bodily risk, liquid waste with high salt concentrations leads to ecotoxicity. In Korean cuisine, salt-rich fermented food waste prompts decay. Traditional salt removal methods (reverse osmosis, vacuum evaporation, ion exchange) face operational challenges due to costs.

Computer Vision-based Building Aging Analysis Device

This system enables fast and accurate inspection and maintenance of buildings, and is expected to have a positive impact not only on the diagnosis and management of aging, but also on the safety and performance improvement in smart cities and infrastructure management.

Listen-Up : Friend the artificial intelligence to help communicate

This is an invention that designs app applications and devices through an artificial intelligence model that recognizes the mouth shape of the opponent and converts it into language. In particular, we designed a deep learning model that considers both mouth shape and facial expression and fused it into a device using Arduino. This creates a communication method that solves the structural difficulties of the socially disadvantaged's information delivery method.

a moving toothbrush

This orthodontic toothbrush is a commercially available V-shaped toothbrush with braces The molars have the advantage of being able to shape difficult parts such as regular toothbrushes and inside teeth into mountain shapes, making it more convenient for orthodontic people to brush their teeth.

Bow Tightening Device For String Instruments

The bow-tightening device for string instruments is designed to relieve situations such as incorrectly tightening or loosening the bow. The bow-tightening device automatically tightens or loosens the bow before or after use, allowing optimal use of the bow. This allows even those who did not use the bow well to use it universally and practically, and to use it for longer.


The Tap-Stand is a tool that can be used to extend the length of the faucet. So How do I use it?Use the Tap-Stand by attaching an L-shaped pipe to the part where water flows out.Then just connect the faucet and you can use the faucet efficiently. The primary material is plastic, which can be easily molded.The advantage of this tap is that the middle part is foldable, so it can be folded into a small shape and carried around.And you can save the water resources.

WaterPipe that Produces Electrical Energy

This invention is in the form of attaching a generator capable of generating electric energy inside an existing water pipe, and water is drained and is an invention that generates electric energy by turning a turbine. It is manufactured to be detachable in consideration of the case where the generator is contaminated, and a storage battery capable of storing the produced electric energy is attached. By designing the invention in this way, it aimed for an environmental and practical direction.

Novel, non-toxic light-curing dental composites with improved physicochemical and mechanical properties compared to commercially available resins.

The invention relates to the development of initiating systems and novel light-curing resins with dental applications for obtaining new-generation composites with improved physical and mechanical properties with respect to commercially available dental fillings. Commercially available dental fillings use aromatic amines which have a toxic nature confirmed by studies. The proposed dental composites do not contain these harmful substances in their composition by which the new photopolymerization systems are characterized by a lack of toxicity. The organic matrix of the new composites does not contain acrylate monomers, which are commonly used in commercial dental fillings and have allergenic effects; additionally, by eliminating acrylates, harmful polymerization shrinkage was reduced. By reducing the shrinkage of the photo-cured polymer composite, the formation of microcracks, delamination and deformation in the composite is eliminated, thus not leading to the formation of dental caries. The composition of our innovative dental composites includes harmless epoxy monomers that polymerize in a cationic manner and are characterized by low polymerization shrinkage.

Smart safety band for fall accidents

SafeBand aids those with difficulty in accessibility in urgent situations, offering an affordable smartwatch alternative. Worn on the upper arm, it links to an app for login, tracking, and emergencies. Addressing fall accidents, a critical threat to the elderly, SafeBand automatically initiates an emergency call on detecting a fall, ensuring stability with its double-layered design. The user-friendly app prioritizes essential functions, making SafeBand a socially essential item.

Eco-friendly self-assembling drone that can be produced with a 3D printer

Customized 3D-printed drones allow children to have various creative opportunities and adults to have various performances by allowing them to use various parts according to their desired performance, unlike drones that are generally assembled for the most popular drones in the kidult market.

Smart Car Key

The key is designed in the form of a smart bracelet with modern technologies and precise software to read the car’s data and interact with the passenger. The key is linked to a dedicated application with smart phones to follow updates on the car with the ability to accurately self-examine and predict faults before they occur, in addition to being integrated with artificial intelligence technology where it works.

Real-time lonely death warning system

This invention detects an abnormal urgent situation of a person to automatically deliver the status alarm to others. Also, a voice-activated LED display for the deaf and/or buzzer for the blind of the device can be activated for one minute when certain words such as scream or "help" are recognized through the microphone. If people do not shut down the button system for one minute, the AI camera will be turned on to monitor the patient's motion.

Hactile book printing methods and printing devices

The present invention is a multimedia margin that combines various elements such as natural monument animal sound, paintings, story commentary, nursery rhymes and folk songs by combining multimedia elements with existing simple braille.

Smart farm system using solar power and IoT sensors

Farming management in Korea is gradually deteriorating due to rising labor costs, material costs, and distribution costs, and it is very difficult to secure specialized labor in agricultural sites, and as a result, the actual added value of agricultural products is falling. To overcome this, the government is paying attention to smart farms as a future industry that combines the introduction of ICT technology for new growth engines in the agricultural sector as part of creative agriculture.

Low cost assistance apparatus for experiment

- Student-led spectroscopic sensing-based experimental apparatus - Data-based AI analysis apparatus utilizing AI and big data technology - A new method of measuring pH, measuring the state of solution based on spectroscopy


CharLe Eco Plug is a technology that combines device+web+server technology and is the only technology patent in the world that reaches payment systems through radio frequency and ultrasonic waves through CharLe Lot Charger Core Chip.

Luminous road signs using sunlight

The present invention relates to a luminous road sign using solar energy, and includes a luminous part that absorbs light energy, emits the absorbed energy, and emits light; An energy supply unit located below the luminous part, stores solar energy as electric energy, and operates an LED when the illuminance falls below a certain level to irradiate light of a specific wavelength toward the luminous part;

Multifunctional HDPE Landing Stage

- A polyethylene floating pier of complex multi-function to reduce rolling - In order to improve the quality of procurement materials, the products which are manufactured by SMEs and which are superior in technology and quality are designated as excellent products through strict evaluation


The SETS app is a worldwide digital dictionary for numbers, used by everyone, everywhere. It allows you to freely search any combination of numbers 0-9, commonly used as 'numbers' in our daily lives. Discover the unique energy of every number from 0001 to 9999 within just 3 seconds. Our patented theory encompasses over 10.5 billion number combinations, revealing the energy of numbers in 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 digits. Uncover the energy of the numbers you are currently using in just 3 seconds!!!

Morphing eyewear VIAMOF

VIAMOF has been recognized in the design and invention categories, starting with Germany's iF Design Award in 2022. In 2023, winning the Red Dot Award Product Design Award, and sweeping Europe's most prestigious design awards such as winning the Silver Award at the Italian A Fashion Design and the Silver & the Best Invention award at the SIIF.

Vat photopolymerization-based 3D printing of polymer nanocomposites using a new type of photoinitiating systems.

The synthesis and production of polymer nanocomposites has attracted interest in recent research and development due to their superiority over traditionally used industrial materials. In particular, polymer nanocomposites offer higher strength, greater resistance to corrosion or erosion, flexible production techniques and lower costs. The vat photopolymerization process (VPP) is a group of incremental manufacturing (AM) techniques that provide the benefits of relatively low cost, maximum flexibility, high accuracy and complexity of printed parts. Over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in the understanding of VPP-based processes, such as high-resolution AM methods for printing complex polymer parts.In the presented invention, we show new foroinication systems that guarantee high speed and resolution 3D printing of nanocomposite materials using photochemically initiated 3D printing techniques.


D-Adventure (The Adventure Game For Detecting Dementia): Innovation for Early Dementia Detection Based on Virtual Reality Game as an Effort to Welcoming the Era of Society 5.0

TiPer : Stuffy Nose Relief Wipes

Tipper is saline nose wipes are wet wipes made with natural saline, which is gentle on skin, helps clean and dissolve snot and boogers, and wipes away dirt and germs. Tipper products are safe for all ages, can be used as often as needed and were created by moms for moms.Fragrance free because wipes are for clearing stuff noses - Contains salt (.9% isotonic NaCl), chamomille extract. Unlike regular facial tissues, Tipper Saline Wipes prevents the nose from becoming dry and irritated

Anti-Inflammatory Perfume (Investigation of Inflammatory Perfume Content Using In-Silico Methods)

Anti-Inflammatory Perfume is an innovation in the form of a perfume as well as a skin spray. This innovation is an alternative medicine and perfume can be used to prevent or relieve symptoms of inflammation on the skin caused by synthetic chemicals. This anti-inflammatory perfume is made using a maceration and simple distillation method from king of bitter, turmeric, vetiver, and frangipani flowers which were chosen because that’s natural plant, easy to obtain, relatively cheap prices.

Ardenica Eco-Wash

Ardenica Eco-Wash is an environmentally friendly detergent made from gardenia and papaya leaves. The creation of Ardenica Eco-Wash was motivated by the high level of environmental pollution due to the use of commercial detergents containing SLS and LAS. Gardenia leaves contain saponin which produce foam, and papaya leaves contain the papain enzyme which can be used to break down protein, so gardenia and papaya leaves have the potential to be used as environmentally friendly detergents.

LAST-D: Laboratory Assistant for Prediction Diabetes Disease with Machine Learning

LAST-D is a machine learning product that uses Decision Tree algorithm in the health sector. This product is made to help doctors and laboratory assistant on medical laboratories interpret test result for diseases, especially diabetes. The existence of this product innovation could help doctor to process their action on patient expeditiously at health facilities. LAST-D was developed in the website bases and could also be extended to the mobile application platforms.

Hurtech-Coesli: Humidifier Recycle Technology by Utilizing Tapak Dara Flower Extract and Basil Leaves as Essential Oil for Mosquito Repellent

Hurtech-Coesli is a humidifier technology using used plastic bottle waste to support the reduction of plastic waste and the application of the recycle method. Hurtech-Coesli is made by utilizing extracts of tapak dara flowers and basil leaves as essential oils. The aroma of Hurtech-Coesli extract is basilic forest and is able to create a reaction of the human body to relax which is characterized by a calm mind and not easily stressed.

SHELLEA:Eco-Friendly Cement Mixed from Gallus Egg Shell and Rice Husk Ash

Waste that accumulates and is not recycled will have a very bad effect on human health conditions. The increasing prosperity and lifestyle of people also increases the generation of waste per day. This has a serious impact on human life on earth. Egg shell (Gallus Egg Shell) is a recyclable waste that is very easy to find in daily life. The production of chicken eggshells per year reaches 150,000 tons. In addition to waste from animals that we usually eat and commonly encounter.


This particular eaves trough can extend its reach by 200 percent compared to the normal existing troughs available in the market. Thus it reduces time and work involved in the task. The users can perform cleaning without dirtying their hands and clothes while reducing danger elements around the environment. This innovation only requires a few parts to manufacture and so it is economically effective.


Holy Communion Gel Capsule is described where both juice (or wine & wafer) are provided in a compact and portable package facilitating the participation away from the church or distributed quicker and more conveniently. A gel cap or soft gel capsule filled with grape juice and/or wine surrounded by a wafer or bread ring. Compact juice/juice power + wafer in a supplement form, portable, sanitary, great for military, large or small groups.


This project’s mission is the fabrication of anode materials using commercial graphite as active material, investigation of the effects of varying active material compositions on battery capacity and capacity fade, comparison of performance of commercial and experimental anode materials and the design of Li-ion battery with performance characteristics comparable to commercial batteries. Most Li-ion battery fabrication utilizes graphite anodes.

“KUUPUNG” Optimisation of corn husk waste as low-carb flour: Potential application in diet programs, obesity control and diabetes.

Explained that corn husks with the right percentage can produce this high carbohydrate flour that can be used as an additional fibre in various food products.

Multifunction Bag "Bringing Convenience with Every Step: Multi-Function Bag - Always Ready, Always Useful."

Social Distancing Bag is a speaking bag used to alarm people when their distance from other people is less than 1 meter. This bag is equipped with Ultrasonic Sensor, Powerbank, DF Player, and a Speaker. It’s in the shape of a simple normal bag with speaker that can make a reminder sound to always do social distancing.


PORTILIZER is an organic pot made from sugar cane bagasse, egg shells, and corn silk that functions as a planting medium and fertiliser that can nourish agricultural plants. Apart from that, bagasse has fibres that can bind water, so it is very good for making flower pots or other plants. Therefore, PORTILIZER can maximise the growth of agricultural plants.

Effectiveness of Firewood Waste for Making Walls Ceramic

Wall ceramics have the main function as a room decoration so that they emphasize aesthetic aspects such as color gradation, gloss, texture, and /Pattern. Wall ceramics from firewood waste are wall ceramics made with biocomposite techniques and utilize organic waste in the form of firewood ash as the main ingredient and Resin Hardener as the adhesive. The wall ceramics produced are 20x20cm in size with a thickness of 5mm. The wall ceramics produced are gray gradient in color, dop gloss, smooth te

BALABOMB: Collagen Based Bathbomb From Barramundi Fish Scale Waste As Salus Per Aquam Treatment To Support Health Tourism Towards Eco Friendly

A Bath bomb made from barramundi scales with the natural fragrance lavender oil works to improve skin elasticity, enhancing skin health benefits and relaxation effects in line with the concept of Salus Per Aquam (SPA). The utilization of barramundi scales is one effort to utilize materials that are no longer useful and transform them into highly beneficial substances. This helps the environment by reducing the pollution caused by these waste scales. Barramundi scales contain a significant amount

ELMOND : An Analog Rice Based on Edamame Soybeans (Glycine max L. Merr), Almond Flour (Prunus dulcis), and Durian Seed Flour (Durio zibethinus Murr) a

Analog rice is a food alternative to regular rice or rice with high sugar content that can trigger diabetes, especially type Il diabetes. Our analog rice, named "ELMOND RICE," is made from edamame soybeans, almond flour, and durian seed flour.

GISCRIMS : Early Warning Crime Identification Using Geography Information System

n order to reduce the number of crime cases, especially crime against students, there needs to be identification of crime areas and education areas in the city of Bandung. With the GISCRIMS (Geography Information System for Crime Identification) website, we can map areas with crime rates in Bandung City and make input in the form of early warning system points. The data on the website is supported by simple spatial analysis using the ArcGIS 10.8 and Google My Maps applications. It is hoped that

Smart eco-friendly ice pack

The ice pack was made of eco-friendly materials (materials to be biodegraded) to solve the environmental problems of the existing ice pack. In addition, it is possible to make the desired size and shape by connecting the ice packs to each other using magnetic force, so it can be transformed and utilized semi-permanently.

Optimizing the Potential of Fish Bone Waste Through the Innovation of Toddler Complementary Food (FiBo Bites) to Support Stunting Prevention

"FiBoBites" is made, a highly nutritious food product for toddlers which is made from fish bone meal obtained from the rest of the processing of fish. FiBoBites serves as a complementary food for toddlers to prevent stunting which is integrated into an application that can be used by parents as a monitoring tool for the development and growth of toddlers. The FiBoBites application has a menu for parents. The menus in the FiBoBites application include measurement standards, stunting identificatio

KINDERBEAN GUMMY: Nutritional Supplement Made from Edamame Soybeans to Reduce the Prevalence of Children 1–5 Years Old Stunting in Indonesia

In 2022, Indonesia faced persistent stunting issues, a long-term nutritional issue that interferes with children's growth, particularly among children under five, due to insufficient nutrient intake, primarily protein, calcium, zinc, and iron. Riskesdas 2013 research revealed alarming figures, with 7 out of 10 toddlers lacking adequate calories and 5 out of 10 deficient in protein. Considering how many people there still live in poverty, Indonesia has a high rate of stunting.

A thermometer for the blind

A device equipped with a temperature sensor was connected to the speaker to prevent dangerous situations by allowing the blind to grasp the temperature of the beverage with sound before drinking it. When this device was put in the beverage, it was possible to measure the temperature by listening to an alarm sound from the speaker. The difference in temperature was expressed in piano scale.

Mace De Hairspray 

Mace De Hairspray is a hair beauty product for men and women to make the hair firm and stylish. Mace De Hairspray does not damage hair because it is made from natural ingredients such as jicama extract (Pachyrhizus erosus), telang (Clitoria ternatea), Citrus hystrix leaf, and beeswax which can maintain healthy hair and scalp, also environmentally safe.

Umbrella that turns into a mat

An umbrella is made of two layers of fabric. A zipper is placed between the top and bottom of the cloth. When you open the zipper, the folded down fabric unfolds and turns into a mat. A hinge is attached to the middle of the umbrella stand so that it can be bent 90 degrees, so it does not get wet when using it as an umbrella. There is a table frame attached to the umbrella stand, so it can be used as a circular table when used as a mat.


Introducing the BamBooster, a breakthrough in sustainable energy development! Using the power of nature's resilience, these supercapacitors are crafted from yellow bamboo waste (Bambusa vulgaris). The BamBooster delivers unparalleled performance while reducing environmental impact, offering a renewable, eco-friendly solution to power your devices. Embrace the future of energy with BamBooster and contribute in supporting the development of more sustainable world.

Smart Healthy Mat

Smart Healthy Mat is a mat that can dry the soles of the feet quickly and protect the soles of the feet from various skin diseases after bathroom activities. Smart Healthy Mat is equipped with a fan and infrared to keep the soles of the feet dry, clean, and healthy so that we are comfortable to do various activities.

Solar collection snow removal machine using a folding concave mirror

Since it is possible to track sunlight by installing a sensor that can optimally collect sunlight, it is possible to collect sunlight under optimal conditions according to the changing altitude and azimuth of the sun, thereby increasing heat collection efficiency. In addition, the simple structure of the heat collection device takes up a small installation space and has the advantage of reducing the manufacturing cost of the heat collection device.

CIMINT Natural Lip Balm Made from Cinnamon(cinnamomum verum) and Peppermint(Mentha piperita L.)

Women must be familiar with lip balm comestics, Lip balm has a function to moisturize lips, overcome chapped lips, brighten lips, and prevent sun exposure. There are so many lip baims that contain chemicals and have quite expensive prices. Here, we make an innovation that is "CIMINT: Natural Lip Balm Made from Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) and Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). This lip balm can not only moisturize the lips but also prevent sun exposure. To find out the amount of SPF contained in ou

Baclove as Bio-Briquette That Has Fly (Musca domestica) Repellent Properties and an Alternative for Cooking Gas

Baclove is a kind of sustainable bio-briquettes that has fly (Musca domestica) repellent properties and an alternative for cooking gas. Baclove is made by combining bamboo sticks, basil leaves, and duku skin.

ARTURE shoes - smARTfutURE shoes, safety shoes to help the elderly live better

Smart shoes equipped with a fall sensor and GPS represent the latest innovation in the footwear industry, combining advanced technology to enhance user safety and functionality

Unlocking The Potential of Cat’s Whisker Leaves : A PaperSoap Innovation for Suistainable Hygiene Solutions

PaperSoap is soap in the form of paper which when exposed to water, will become soap in general, the paper texture will change into a foam that can kills bacteria so it is hygienic. Our product named ‘Verdebloom’ , it is made from the extraction of cat’s whisker leaves and some chemical compounds which is definitely safe for the skin.

Respiratory Aid Tool for Asthma Patients Equipped with Blood Oxygen Levels

The purpose of creating this tool is to assist the breathing of patients with asthma or those experiencing respiratory health issues. The features of the device we designed include a low-pressure air pump system that produces a gentle stream of air vapor, ensuring that the user experiences fresh air. Furthermore, this device can also be used as a therapy for liquid asthma medication

LPG Gas Leak Detector Tool Based on Internet of Things (IoT)

Tool Based on Internet of Things ". The background to making the tool is because LPG gas leaks often occur, so I designed this tool as a security tool if there is an LPG gas leak at home or in a place that uses LPG gas cylinders. The tool feature that I designed is equipped with an LPG gas sensor type MQ135. If a gas leak occurs, the device will automatically activate an alarm in the form of a buzzer. And it will turn on the 12 volt DC fan so that the air mixed with LPG gas in the room where the

GoBricks (eco-friendly bricks): Innovation Biobriquettes of Ritual Waste , Coffee Dregs and Chocolate Bark as Environmental Friendly Renewable Energy

GoBricks is one of the innovations of biobriquettes made from Upakara Waste, Brown Skin and Coffee Dregs that are environmental friendly and sustainable. The development of this product aims to turn waste, which is a global problem, into goods that have a positive impact on the environment. This product has advantages such as being easy to light, having a long enough flame, and producing little smoke.

Zealigo abelmoschus

Biodegradable plastic is intended to reduce current plastic use that is difficult to recycle, it has both natural and volatile materials, and it does not cause any toxins or contamination to the environment. We call this plastic _Zealigo abelmoschus_. In addition to health, the wrapping _Zealigo abelmoschus_ can also be called "healthy plastic" because of an oxidant seed that acts as a good antioxidant producer and the production of such plastic has no negative effect at all.

Anabel Esculentus

Anabel Esculentus is tissue obtained from the use of pineapple peel waste and okra gel as ingredients for making healthy and environmentally friendly biodegradable wet tissue

HeroNor: Application Based on a Game to Facilitate and Gaining Attention of Youths to Blood Donors

The global medical community has been grappling with the challenge of ensuring adequate blood supply to patients in need for some time now. Blood reserves play a critical role in emergencies, from accidents to diseases like hemophilia, which can be inherited or acquired and can disrupt the patient's blood clotting process. Individuals with hemophilia require a steady supply of blood, as their condition can lead to clotting disorders. Whether for routine care or during emergencies, they often nee

Paradisia Golden Protection (sun screen based on combination extract kepok banana peel (Musa paradisiaca L.) and canang wastes contains water henna fl

The natural ingredients used in Paradisia Golden Protection sunscreen lotion offers a lot of benefits for skin protection against UV light from sun rays. Water henna flowers, marigold flowers, and kepok banana peels - the trio of ingredients - are known for their phenolic and polyphenol, flavonoid, tannin, and vitamin C contents, among other properties. These elements work as a team, working with each other to provide a complete skin shield. What's more, the ingredients used in the lotion are ob

Mangcitrus Leather

Mangcitrus leather is imitation leather made from fruit as an enviromentally friendly substitute for traditional leather

BIOSHIELD: Antifouling Agents From The Combination Of Glodokan Tiang Leaf (Polyathia Longifolia) And Binahong Leaf (Anredera Cordifol) As A Preventive

Indonesia is a maritime country because it has a larger water area than land area. People who live in maritime countries utilize the waters to meet their needs. Maritime countries like Indonesia have great potential for marine resources, one of which is in the field of marine transportation such as ships. In transportation there will be a buildup of marine life attached to the hull which is a common problem for fishermen. Attachment to surfaces exposed in the environment is referred to as Biofou

Agritech ESP32

A modern and more efficient and effective way of farming using modern Technology 

AquaSaver: Optimisation of water usage in paddy field irrigation system through IoT-based device with ultrasonic system.

Aquasaver is an innovation that focuses on the Asean agricultural sector. Aquasaver is inspired by the subak system which is a superior agricultural system in Bali, Indonesia. This research uses Arduino Uno-based IoT technology and ultrasonic sensors to improve labour and time efficiency by creating a water cycle from the lower to the upper part of the rice field, which keeps all parts of the field watered.

Bio-Isolator from a combination frangipani leave, rice straw, and chicken egg shell waste.

Prototype bio-isolator from a combination of rice straw waste (Oryza sativa), and chicken eggshells can be used as an alternative to ceramic insulators on the market. As for its advantages, namely environmentally friendly, natural color, easy to obtain materials, able to inhibit / no current (0 amp), 0% thick development, heat resistance up to 500°C, and 100% impact resistance.

ARBITA: Innovation of Edible Paper Made From Jackfruit Seeds (Artocarpus heterophyllus) and Yellow Pumpkin Flour (Cucurbita moschata) To Minimize The

Edible paper is one eco-friendly food wrap that can be consumed and can decompose both with microorganism and weather. Arbita is research into the Innovation of Edible Paper Made from Jackfruit Seeds (Artocarpus heterophyllus) and Yellow Pumpkin Flour (Cucurbita moschata) To Minimize the Use of Plastic Packaging. Arbita contains antioxidants that are useful for health and keep food from being contaminated with bad bacteria.

Anti-Radiation Box For Handphone From Waste Coconut Shells and Fibers (Cocos Nucifera)

This Anti-Radiation Handphone Box Biomaterial use coconut (Cocos Nucifera) shell and fiber as a material for absorbing electromagnetic waves. We use coconut (Cocos Nucifera) shell and fiber because Indonesia is a tropical country that has many islands and is the major coconut producer in the world (Widiyanti, 2015). In addition, Indonesia produces a lot of coconut shell and fiber (Cocos Nucifera) waste. According to Irsan et al. (2019)

Flavoraca, Herbal Medicine for Lowering Blood Sugar in Mice (Mus musculus) From a Combination of Butterfly Pea Flowers (Clitoria ternatea L.) and Purs

Flavoraca is a syrup-shaped herbal medicine derived from a combination of butterfly pea flower (Clitoria ternatea L.) and purslane plant (Portulaca oleraceae). Flavoraca is an herbal medicine that can reduce blood sugar levels in a natural way. Flavoraca contains flavonoid, alkaloid, terpenoid compounds that are known to have antioxidative functions, capable of preventing, stabilizing, and reducing blood sugar levels.

Biocomposite Noise Silencer From A Combination of Rice Straw Waste (Oryza sativa) and Frangipani Leaves Litter (Plumeria acuminata)

This Biocomposite noise-canceling media uses materials from Cambodia (Plumeria acuminata) leaf waste and Rice (Oryza sativa) straw waste as filler and harderner resin as adhesive (matrix). This noise-canceling media is in the form of a rectangular particle board with varying sizes as needed. The basic color of this noise canceling media is brownish yellow in accordance with the color of the fiber used. However, the color can be adjusted by adding coloring paint.


There was a fire incident which continues to increase causes the fire brigade to be more alert in handling it, if the fire brigade takes too long to handle it, it can result in many fatalities. Researchers want to develop an automatic fire extinguisher based on temperature sensors and smoke sensors for dense settlements. The hope is that this tool can help the community in dealing with fire disasters which often occur in residential areas

EcoSmile Solution: Innovative Development of Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Toothbrushes Made from Banana Stems and Siwak

Ecosmile is an innovation that uses shells as toothpaste and banana peels as a toothbrush with the aim of developing environmentally friendly oral hygiene products and increasing the utilization of existing local potential.

Functional composite materials based on waste cooking oil for use in public places and facilities with an increased risk of pathogens

The most important factor in the fight against the spread of diseases is maintaining high cleanliness in places where there is a particular risk of the development of microorganisms and human infection. The essence of the invention is a newly developed technology for obtaining functional composite materials based on waste cooking oil for use in public places and facilities with an increased risk of pathogens, and these materials do not contain cement. These materials are created in the process of polymerization, esterification and polyesterification of compounds found in used cooking oil. The obtained materials are additionally enriched with substances of natural origin, thanks to which they gain antimicrobial properties against disease-causing pathogens. The products have mechanical strength consistent with the requirements for paving stones. New materials can be used in the form of paving stones, slabs, curb edges or shapes for the construction of sidewalks, paths, rest areas, housing estate waste containers, wall elements of municipal waste shelters, fencing elements, etc. Features of functional composite materials, i.e. oleophobicity and hydrophobicity will make it easier to keep the places of their application clean, which is undoubtedly desirable for sanitary reasons.

ELECTRA-COMPLIANCE: Electromagnetics as a Strategy to Increase Compliance in Traffic Lights

ELECTRA-COMPLIANCE is an innovation that uses electromagnetic technology on roads as a strategy to increase driver compliance with traffic lights


In the framework of the project entitled 'Determination of the seismic structure of the Earth's mantle based on tidal gravimeter recordings', funded by the National Centre for Science, under the OPUS 14, contract No. 2017/27/B/ST10/01600, it has been demonstrated that joint recordings made by a broadband or very broadband seismometer and a superconducting gravimeter can be used to determine the phase characteristics of the gravimeter and that the seismometric data can be used to improve the quality of the superconducting gravimeter recordings over the operating frequency range of seismometer. The research conducted as well as the experience gathered by the team during the analysis of gravimetric recordings of earthquakes will allow in the future to develop a method for effective removing them from gravimeter records and thus improving the results of tidal analysis.

NikoEase Drops: Innovation in Nicotine Eliminating Candy Based on Betel Leaf, Lobelia Flower and Ginger Extracts

NikoEase Drops is a candy innovation that helps eliminate nicotine addiction by relying on betel leaf extract, lobelia flowers and ginger as the main ingredients.

Utilization of Sidoarjo’s Lapindo Mud as a Base Material Synthesis of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) to Increase Green Energy Production in PMFC using

This invention is a development of conventional salt bridge in Photosynthetic Microbial Fuel Cell (PMFC) into thin Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) that is expected to improve PMFC performance in energy output. By utilizing high content silica from Sidoarjo's Lapindo mud flow, which has not been widely used yet, PVA-based PEM is made with the addition of silica.


A prototype of the InCoNaDa application for integrating Copernicus land service products, calculating statistics and generating simple reports. The application is being developed as part of the InCoNaDa project ( IGIK has developed an approach in which a database based on a PostgreSQL implementation, together with a PostGIS extension, forms the basis for analytical tools in the web application under development. The prepared statistical data, recorded with reference to a regular grid of squares, was divided thematically into four groups, constituting separate panels: i) National LCLU data, based on data from the national BDOT10k database, ii) Copernicus LC, containing land cover data of the so-called High Resolution Layer (HRL) from the Copernicus land service, iii) LULUCF containing detailed land cover and land use data for reporting greenhouse gas emissions and removals in the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector, and panel (iv) Land Use Planning aimed at planners and urban planners.


Aluminum is a material that is often found around us, such as drink cans, car components, planes, trains and household furniture. Aluminum is a very reactive element so it is easily oxidized. Active metals, such as Mg and Al, can produce hydrogen through a hydrolysis process with water under mild conditions which makes it possible to create real time hydrogen generation. 


Application of satellite remote sensing for monitoring crop growth conditions, including agricultural drought detection and for estimating reduction of crop yields caused by unfavorable crop development in 2020 (National Support Centre for Agriculture; The Remote Sensing Center developed a model of agricultural drought in the country by monitoring crop growth conditions during the vegetation period and assessing the reduction in yields as a result of unfavorable conditions. Over the years, careful efforts have resulted in the development of drought monitoring systems, which are essential tools for ensuring sustainable grassland development and food security. A satellite drought information system (DISS) developed by the Remote Sensing Center, uses synergy between meteorological data and indicators obtained from satellite images. The drought index includes (1) the hydrothermal coefficient (HTC), which characterizes the meteorological conditions in the study area over a long period of time; and 2) a Temperature Condition Index (TCI) derived from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data, which relates instantaneous land surface temperature (LST) to long-term extremes. The use of the methodology for determining crop yield reduction made it possible to determine: Polish regions - voivodeships and communes with the highest percentage of areas with moderate and high yield reduction.

Development Of Electrophoresis Device Power Supply As An Alternative Instrument For Molecular-Based Diagnosis

this research aims to develop power supply components for electrophoresis devices to provide alternative solutions for diagnostic and clinical needs based on molecular analysis. The method for developing a power supply for electrophoresis device specification with a voltage range of 18-180 Volts is tested by running a DNA sample test on the agarose gel.

Structured Pouring of Soup

Structured Pouring of Soup" is a unique and creative culinary masterpiece. Through meticulously designed pouring techniques and clever ingredient distribution, this work not only showcases culinary expertise but also highlights order and structure within the art of gastronomy.

A full-size station for training rescuers in the detection and identification of CBRN agents in a contaminated atmosphere, taking into account complementary analysis methods

The stand is an exercise and training facility with an internal area of 80 m2. The main element of the station is a room for simulating the release of hazardous chemicals in both gaseous, liquid and solid phases. Among other things, through a dedicated nozzle system, it is possible to simultaneously administer various substances including CW simulants (such as dodecane, diethyl succinate, diethyl glutarate). With the developed event scenarios (different arrangement of the emergency event), the detection and identification of CBRNE agents is carried out. Both single chemical compounds and mixtures are analysed. Rescuers learn about the possibilities and limitations of using different techniques and measurement methods at the incident site and the impact of the presence of interfering factors on detector indications, including false alarms. Mobile measuring equipment is used during training: FTIR spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, ion mobility spectrometers, electrochemical sensors, photoionisation and solid-state detectors.

Straw Holder

The Straw Holder is an ideal choice for enhancing dining experiences and service efficiency. Not only does it make straws easily accessible, but it also creates a tidy, organized appearance in your space. Choose the Straw Holder for a more convenient and professional approach to straw management.

Integrated platform of environment and public health management during and after waste and garbage fires

The effects of fires on air quality are widely recognized as a major concern, as they can significantly increase the concentration of pollutants in the surrounding areas and beyond, caused by the dispersion of harmful particles and gases in the atmosphere. To combat this issue, standardized environmental and public health management practices have become increasingly important. As such, a cutting-edge platform has been created to analyze and recognize the impact of waste and garbage fires on particulate matter and other gaseous pollutants, including greenhouse gases. The platform comprises a range of innovative features, including an atmospheric impact assessment methodology that utilizes online data from fire officers, weather forecasts, and information about the type of waste. This methodology allows for swift determination of the areas that require protection and evacuation during rescue operations. Additionally, the platform facilitates post-event evaluation of the impact of waste fires, considering various parameters such as impact distance, area, population exposed, and exposure duration. The tool has been tested in both laboratory and training ground settings, demonstrating high accuracy and applicability in regions dealing with waste and garbage fires. Its use is set to revolutionize the approach to dealing with such fires and reduce the negative impact on air quality

Enhanced Backpack Anti-Slip Pad

The Enhanced Backpack Anti-Slip Pad is a revolutionary accessory designed to provide an upgraded level of stability and comfort for backpack users. This innovative pad is engineered with advanced features to address common concerns related to slipping and discomfort when carrying a backpack.

An innovative training station for examining threats related to LNG and testing rescue procedures for services in real conditions.

The main goal of the project was to develop and build a prototype of an LNG trainer, develop tactics for operation during an LNG tanker failure and training procedures for the activities of State Fire Service units at the operational level. Goals project details: construction and production of a prototype of an LNG physical trainer; - determining the possibility of use and developing, based on research, requirements for rescue equipment: pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, manual and personal protective equipment for rescuers when working with LNG; -examining the behavior of the LNG cloud in changing atmospheric conditions; - analysis and assessment of the risk of failure and operating procedures in failure conditions; - developing rescue/training procedures and creating technical equipment enabling training using modern techniques. The following results were achieved during the project implementation: construction of an exercise environment for rescue services by developing a stationary LNG trainer on a dummy tanker truck on an LNG trailer and a reflecting exercise trainer to simulate procedures aimed at eliminating the threat at the scene of the incident; developing a risk assessment methodology along with response procedures; - preparation of training programs for individual trained groups; conducting a demonstration of the trainer in conditions similar to real ones.

Innovative Can Opening Mechanism

The Innovative Can Opening Mechanism is a cutting-edge design that revolutionizes the traditional can-opening experience. This advanced structure is engineered to provide a seamless and efficient method for opening cans with ease.

HEETII - Innovative high efficiency power system for machines and devices increasing the level of worksafety in underground mining excavations

HEETII is an innovative, comprehensive power supply system for machines and equipment, including mobile machines and equipment. It consists of three subsystems: - single-wire energy transmission (SWET), - wireless energy transmission (WET), - a hybrid suspended monorail track, built of composite rails. In addition to its basic task, the suspended monorail track also serves as an antenna for the WET subsystem transmitter, which provides wireless power supply to the machines moving on the track.

Filamentous Soap Cleansing Skein

The Filamentous Soap Cleansing Skein introduces a unique approach to skincare, combining the benefits of a soap-like cleansing product with the gentle touch of fine filaments. This innovative cleansing skein is designed to enhance your skincare routine, offering a thorough and rejuvenating cleansing experience.

Advanced utilization of satellite and governmental data for determining the coverage and condition of green areas in Poland: an experimental statistics supporting the Statistics Poland

GAUSS (Generating Advanced Usage of Earth Observation for Smart Statistics) was an 18-month project financed by the European Space Agency. It was led by the National Observatory in Athens (NOA) in collaboration with the Finish Meteorological Institute (FMI), the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography in Warsaw (IGiK), and Evenflow company from Brussels. It aimed to present the possibility of using satellite data in official statistics in the field of monitoring air quality, water resources, snow cover, and the extent and condition of green areas in individual administrative units. In response to the needs of national statistical units, the GAUSS project, whose purpose was to provide recipients with the most reliable data on society and the environment, strived to develop a methodology for the use of satellite data to create new environmental quality indicators that affect human well-being. The project concluded successfully in the second half of 2023.

ExoReha-control – a device for immersive teleoperation of rehabilitation exoskeletons

In task-oriented kinesiotherapy, patients exercise by performing activities of daily living. Rehabilitation exoskeletons can overtake the duties of physiotherapists by supporting or resisting the motions. They provide force support and higher accuracy of performed repetitive motions. Moreover, their fleets can be used to exercise with numerous patients controlled just by a single therapist - even remotely.


Dual Monoblock Stereo Power Amplifier MC 1 has a huge potential The amplifier has no problem building a wall of sound Even in a very dense texture, it remains smooth and does not introduce tension that might suggest that it is approaching the end of its capabilities The sound is solid, saturated, and dense The solidity is emphasized by the wide dynamic range and the ability to play both quietly and loudly The whole performance is based on a foundation of deep and powerful bass.

Device for mixing, especially an adhesive compound

Invention description (300 words max) The purpose of the invention is to develop a device that enables uniform and mechanical mixing of the adhesive compound. An advantage of the invention is that it enables simultaneous mixing and removal of gas bubbles. The design of the device is compatible with all types of table drills equipped with a three-jaw self-clamping chuck and is characterized by the possibility of quick assembly and disassembly.

Retaining and fixing holder, especially overlap adhesive joint

The construction of the holder enables the correct retaining and fixing of adhesive joints of flat sheets while making the adhesive joint, ensuring the shape and dimensional accuracy of the joint and the axiality of the adherends. The holder according to the invention ensures an invariable arrangement of the adherends in the curing process of the adhesive joint without the necessity for additional measurements and markings of the length of the overlap.

Holder for fixing a butt adhesive joints sample

The holder for fixing a butt adhesive joint of pipes allows for quick and accurate fixing of a sample of a sleeve adhesive joint and control of the execution of various assembly joints, including adhesive joints, e.g. in a leak-tightness test using an aqueous environment. It enables non-destructive test of assembly joints of cylindrical samples of various diameters, heights and wall thicknesses, as well as made of various types of materials, both polymers and metals.

Shape of mineral-polymer material and the method of its manufacture

The essence of the polymer-mineral composition, is that it consists of a polymer recyclate in the form of recycled polyolefin plastic in the amount of 30% to 50% by weight of the composition, a mineral filler in the amount of 42% to 66% by weight of the composition, an exothermic moving agent in the form of a solid in the amount of 3% to 7% by weight of the composition and a pigment in the amount of 1% by weight of the composition.

Improving Bee Living Conditions through Ecological Thermal Insulation and Remote Early Anomaly Detection

The Intelligent Hives system is designed to provide comprehensive and accurate data on the condition of hives and their colonies, making it an indispensable tool for both beekeepers and scientists. A intelligent hive is created by implementing a low-power device in an o hive to monitor the life of bees. The hive posses special cover is manufactured in form of nonwoven which consists of a mixture of sheep's wool and chicken feather wastes from a poultry slaughterhouse.

Device for cutting fresh and frozen fish fillets into strips

The device was developed under the innovative program of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, dedicated to fish processing plants and co-financed by the European Union. The known devices for cutting fillets into strips are designed to either cut fresh or frozen fillets. This is due to the need to use different knives and cutting speeds for soft (fresh fillet) and hard (frozen fillet) materials.


The lumbar stabilizer is made of a perforated, flexible orthopedic tape - covered on both sides with a fabric made of body-friendly silk fleece with high air permeability of 87%, typical of fleece, ensuring free skin breathing. Inside there are hand-sewn ferroceramic magnets. To increase the rehabilitation value, the belts are equipped with 6 flexible silicone underwires - stabilizing the lumbar spine. The belt is fastened with Velcro.

ORT BUTTERFLY Magnetic Orthopedic Pillow

The Ort Butterfly pillow was designed for people suffering from back pain, especially in the cervical region. The filling of the Ort Butterfly pillow consists of luxurious cellulose and silicone fiber. Inside the pillow, 10 ferroceramic magnets with a power of 1200 GS each, in the negative polarization of the north pole, have been hand-sewn in one of three planes.


In the realm of medical diagnostics, rapid and accurate test results are crucial. Lateral flow tests, commonly used for various purposes like COVID-19, pregnancy, and virus screening,However, the interpretation of these tests often relies on visual assessment, which can be subjective and prone to inaccuracies. To address this critical issue, we introduce a groundbreaking medical device that transforms lateral flow test interpretation from a visual to to a digital format.


This device is a compact, portable unit designed to fit inside the door of washing machines used in public spaces. Its primary function is to sterilize and disinfect clothing. Utilizing UV light, it effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just ten minutes. UV light is widely recognized for its use in operating rooms to achieve thorough sterilization and has recently gained popularity in various public areas, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explainable System and Method for Disease Diagnosis from Chest Radiography Images

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized medical practices, offering opportunities for enhanced diagnostics and patient care. In the medical domain, the integration of AI brings forth a critical need for explainability, ensuring healthcare professionals can trust the decisions made by AI models, especially in medical imaging systems where precise and interpretable results are paramount.

A Machine Learning System for Detection of Reflection-based DDoS and Exploitation-based DDoS Network Traffic

This study aims to discover an innovative methodology that helps in enhancing the performance of machine learning algorithms. This research involves a systematic process considering phases like data preprocessing, generating spectrograms and analyzing the performance of machine learning algorithms. The initial phase of implementation focuses on data preprocessing, which refines the dataset in order to improve the detection rate of classifier.

A System and Method to Detect Low-rate and High-rate DDoS Network Traffic

With the increasing prevalence of low-rate and high-rate Distributed Denial-of Service (DDoS) attacks, there is an emerging and immediate need for computationally efficient and simpler methods which can efficiently detect DDoS attacks using low computational resources and with higher detection rates. Existing deep learning models lack interpretability and explainability which is one of the major limitations hindering their widespread adoption in security-critical domains by industry.

Explainable Machine Learning System and Method for COVID-19 Detection from Chest X-ray images

The major challenge in disease diagnosis using medical images for explainable machine learning lies in identifying appropriate and contributing image pixel features which can help the learning machines to perform better thereby achieving high detection rates. Feature engineering is thus an important step in building a good machine learning model. The idea is to build an explainable AI model, yet computationally efficient and whose learning process is guided by proposed feature engineering phase.