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Medicine and Public Health / Medical Technology / Pharmacy / Hygiene
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Health products / Foodstuffs / Drinks / Cosmetics / Personal care product
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Modern Agriculture / Horticulture / Forestry and Gardening
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Protection of the Environment / Energy / Water / Power and Electricity / Green Technology
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Building / Construction / Civil Engineering / Architecture
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Educational / Office / Household items and tools / Sport
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Robotics / Electronics / Automation / IoT and Application/ Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
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Mechanics / Engines / Machinery / Manufacturing processes


Green Concerto

This project consists of nature’s pictures and all its elements. It aims to transfer the nature’s framework and rhythm to each one in order to help him fight boredom, inspire him to broaden his imagination, daydream and release stress.

Interlocking system

The invention relates to an interlocking system made on the basis of two Nitinol elastic elements (shape memory material), intended to lock doors, shutters in order to secure constructions or installationsThe technical problems that the invention solves consist in the constructive simplicity as well as the increase in the precision with which the locking element is controled

Ecologic Geopolymer Based on Thermoelectric Power Plant Ash and Glass Powder

The invention refers to an ecologic geopolymer based on thermoelectric power plant fly ash and glass powder from recycled wastes for applications in the field of constructions and procedure of obtaining it. The raw material, rich in aluminium and silicon oxides, is activated with an alkaline solution of sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide.


The invention relates the composition and method of obtaining flour assortments ( from various cereals) and bakery products such pastry and confectionary, which incorporate various percentages of SERICIN with technological and nutritional role The use of sericin has the effect to improve the rheologicals proprieties of flour and for the products. One application is using SERICIN in biscuits flour

Individual personal electrical car

The invention relates to a car intended for economic and non-polluting travel in the city in cases where it is necessary to move only his own person. The body is elliptical and has four wheels arranged in the peaks of a rhombus with large diagonal of direction. The classic steering wheel is missing and all the driving is done from a joystick. The autonomy is aprox 60 km.


The dietary supplement for reducing gastroesophageal reflux is a natural alternative to reducing reflux without adverse effects and, implicitly, adjunct to the prevention of dental erosions. This is an alternative for patients who are under long-term treatment with antacid treatment. It's easy to administer. The total number of episodes of reflux is reduced by 24/ hours

Electricity generation without fuel

The system works to generate electricity without the need to use fuel This system works mainly to exploit the power of nature to move the accelerator generator to produce electricity This system can generate electricity estimated to generate capacity of 4 kilowatts by relying on two systems to increase the speed of the rotor engine generation The system: Depends on the propulsion force and the gr

special needs assistant robot

Hurobot Assistant with special need Deaf, mute and unable to move The robot performs some functions via voice comman It turns speech into a badge and vice versa, and displays facial expressions on a miniature screen In positioning and controlling electrical devices, solve complex problems easily If the phone is lost, he will search for the phone by the network and the name of the device Teaching

Censor Made Of Mud Electric Burner

It uses electricity to burn incense instead of coal that pollutes the atmosphere. Characteristics: 1_ Environment friendly. 2_ Economical It consumes 40- 60 Walt and 220 voltage. _ It produces pleasant incense without the bad smell of exhaust. _ It integrates the Yemeni style with the modern technology. The current output is generally related to electrical vaporizers, particularly electrochem


A method of producing a biocompatible alloy comprising the steps of blending a composition of substantially impurity-free elements comprising titanium, molybdenum, zirconium and tantalum, and subjecting the blend to repeated melting and solidification in an electric arc furnace and in an oxygen-depleted environment for 6-10 cycles to form the alloy.

Polymers Remnants to Produce Energy

We can use the remnants of polymers of all kinds to produce gas as well as some oil derivatives in an inexpensive facility. A simple plan and economically feasible. It can be applied at the lowest costs to provide and secure gas. In addition, it is useful in terms of preserving the environment due to the difficulty of polymerization in nature

Nozzle system used for thermal spraying in electric arc

The invention belongs to the field of Thermal spraying in electric arc of wire drawn metallic materials. The technical problem that is solved by the invention is the directed constrain of the electric arc without modifying the velocity and the flow of the compressed air that divides the droplets of molten metal into fine particles in order to increase the temperature and the velocity of the spray


The invention relates to a process for the realization and a system of pavements, paving slabs and road edges made of alkaline activated geopolymer, without cement content, for the production of prefabricated elements, for pedestrian use by using fly ash as raw material in their production

An ecological stabilizer to control viscosity loss of polymers and its application in polymer injection process in oilfield

This technology is suitable for polymer injection process in oilfield, and it is the main technical measure to stabilize crude oil production in the later stage of oilfield development with the characteristics of high moisture content. At present, it has been applied in the injection station of No.7 oil production plant in Daqing Oilfield.

Multifunctional PV UAV operation and maintenance inspection system

The UAV has the characteristics of high operation efficiency, high accuracy of fault identification, strong repeatability and consistency in the inspection process, and can also be applied to various types of photovoltaic power station inspection business. The operation and maintenance assistant decision-making and inspection and maintenance management system...

UV sterilization box

This UV sterilization box can exit ultraviolet light, which can effectively kill virus on the objects in the box. The outer shell of the UV sterilization box is made of plastic for easy cleaning. There is a plastic rack in the box, so mobile phones, necklaces, etc. can be placed on the rack. There are also four plastic posts in the box, which can be used to hang bracelets and rings. With a mirror


Bion is an air filter that uses an ion-generating electronic which generates then grounds and refines particulate matter in the air using an organic filter and a metal mesh. In addition, indoor plants such as Golden Photos, African Violet, Chinese Evergreen, and Succulent Plants will act as the organic filter and would help sift out other undesirable chemicals inside the area.


Robofish seeks to help eliminate harmful algal blooms contaminating a wide range of water bodies. RoboFish's structure and principle are of a remote-controlled submersible that detects algal colonies and releases compounds to eliminate the contaminants and neutralize the water.


The Multi bot is a condensed and compacted machine designed to be flexible and adaptive to all situations regarding Clean-up and segregation, also including Disaster Response and Rescue. All this at a low cost while integrated with automation.


KontrApoy is a tool capable of manipulating home appliances via KontrApoy App by the means of Internet of Things (IOT). By allowing the homeowner to monitor the appliance’s engine temperature from time to time, and when its exceeds without the homeowner’s command it will automatically turn off, by that means the process of overheating is prevented.


This project was inspired by the camouflage system of a chameleon when under impending danger, as it can change its colors by modifying its skin temperature and initiating chemical reactions modifying its pigmentation to suit its surroundings. Supporting and protecting the army, governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations, including humanitarian aid organizations


-Enabling the patient to take medicine in a safe and healthy way. -Protecting individuals, patients and the healthcare workers from transmission of infections, viruses and microbes, especially Corona virus. A metal model was manufactured consisting of two interconnected parts; the first section is accomplished through the electro-thermal-air technology

ECOLOO Sustainable Toilet Technology that saves lives, water, energy and the Environment!

ECOLOO's award winning biological sustainable Sanitation Solutions are based on the principle of Simplicity, Scalability, Environmental Responsibility and Economic Viability. It employs special formulated bacterial culture to treat and vanish human waste and transform the urine into natural liquid fertilizer that is odor free, pathogen free and full of nutrients, perfect for organic farming.


The Anasir is an automatic hairbrush that releases its inner portion of coconut oil. There is a mirror in the back portion of the Anasir Hairbrush, so that people can use it to check their faces. The purpose of this project is to provide a convenient way to care for hair that will be very helpful to individuals.


Energy efficient silent solution that infiltrates the air through an innovative cyclone sweeper and destroys airborne viruses and bacteria through an innovative, responsive negative ion dispenser. A replaceable activated carbon filter and an Ultraviolet C light are used to kill the viruses and bacteria


A solution to the stunted growth of plant due to the rapid change of temperature, an Internet of Things system is introduced wherein the plants can be incubated. The encased plant will be given its desired light, temperature, humidity and water with the help of IoT based appliance and different sensors.


DisShoeRack is an automatic disinfecting shoe rack designed disinfect and to prevent damage to the shoe. DisShoeRack automatically sprays disinfectant to the shoes when placed and detected in the shoe rack. It is very essential and helpful to eliminate the microorganisms in our shoes.


VolArTra is a volume-consumption notification bottle that alleviates dehydration through tracking of an individual’s daily water consumption. The system used an ultrasonic sensor to measure the amount of water consumed by the user and a DS3231 clock module to constantly alarm the user when it is time to drink water. For convenient cleaning, the bottle is detachable from the device.


Cleadrops is a water filter that uses the heat of the sun to purify rainwater. It has a storage system for the rainwater, the water collected would then be regulated by the floating valve. The water will flow through the piping system and will be evaporated, the vapor will then be condensed back to distilled water by the refrigeration module. The distilled water will then be stored in a container.


An inexpensive device used to protect from Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation from phones when not in use. It uses galvanized iron as the main shield and rotates to separate users from the phone that emits RF-EMR. The project has Microphone module and a Light Dependent resistor to react through sound and light notification from phones and not to miss any urgent calls, or other notifications


Electrilet is a ring and bracelet that can be used as a self-defense device. This is a kind of bracelet that releases electric shock when the wearer presses the button that is attached to the ring. This invention is recommended for women or people that have bad experiences related to abuse. This device aims to provide protection and improve mental health through its ability it can provide.


TraSept is an automated trash bin designed for segregating plastic bags, and their food residue. It is invented to help practice waste management. With a rotary system, it tears apart plastic bags while rotating clockwise. The food residue will then be put in a container, the plastic will be released and placed in another container when the system starts to rotate in the opposite direction.


TimedBank is a storage with four (4) compartments functions as a money box that the user can open using his or her fingerprint while the other one will remain closed until a certain date comes to save some money that can be used for a plan in the future. Compartments can also be used as storage for emergency money, so that the user will have cash in their house which can be useful just like now.


By rotating the blade to generate electricity in two stages, GenSway is an energy efficient solution. The vertical blade moved to rotary motion. The lower part turns the blade into a fluid movement and uses control valves to drive it through the turbine so that the machine generates electricity at two points. The output will be measured using multimeter to calculate the output voltage of generator


The Comproy is a portable trash bin which quickly converts solid waste in homes into compost. It uses a system of mixing blades that continuously mix and grind the waste until it becomes compost. Since the usual composting methods used take weeks to generate soil, the Comproy aims to speed up the composting process and improve the compost quality.

Garlic (Allium Sativum) Peel Facemask

Garlics (Allium Sativum) have been used by society for the past 4000 years. Since then, it has become one of the primary ingredients in different recipes and foods. Until this day, it still is useful to our modern society which uses garlic as an important ingredient on most of our meals. However, garlics also contain peels which are thrown away normally which shouldn’t be the case because this con

Povidone – Iodine using Mayana

Mayana (Coeus blumei Benth) is a folkloric herbal medicine in the Philippines that will be use as the main material in creating povidone-iodine product. This product with the help of turmeric, radish, aloe vera, and guava leaves is created to alleviate people who are experiencing wounds. This Povidone-Iodine using Mayana will benefit users because it can recover cuts, wounds, scrapes, burns

Organic Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is agent applied to hands for the purpose of removing common pathogens. This Organic Harvest Hand Sanitizer with Tea Tree Essential Oil helps n removing germs and infectious agents in hands without the use of water. It provides protection on the go that kills 99.9% of the germs and ensures hand hygiene anytime and anywhere.

Home-made Shampoo made with Saponin Extract

Shampoo is a hair care product that is use for cleaning hair. This research will improve the use of shampoo by adding ingredients which will be very useful in hair and scalp. Gugo extract, lavender and olive oil will be added in making the shampoo. This may improve the hair growth. Saponin is very abundant in Gugo extract.

Tubasphere: Natural Termicide for Cryptotermes cavifrons (Dry Woods Termite)

Tuba-tuba is an herbal medicine with a scientific name Jotropha curcas, known in the Philippines as a remedy to bruise and sprained ankle. Yellow dye can be obtained from its roots and blue dye from the bark. The most promising part of this plant is the seed that can be processed to produce alternative biofuel.Tuba-tuba is the main material use in this research to create a termicide

Guava Leaves Hand Sanitizer

The purpose of this project is to make an alternative disinfectant or alcohol as we’re now experiencing shortage of it because of the pandemic. Leaves of Psidium Guava L. (guava) have been widely used as a prevention and treatment for various diseases. Thus, the objective of this project is to use guava leaves as a disinfectant.

Paragis (Eleusine indica ) Grass Hand Sanitizer

The primary purpose of the study was to detect the bactericidal potential of a formulatedparagis hand sanitizer gel on Staphylococcus aureus. The efficacy of this formulation was tested against a bacterial strain through the well-diffusion method.

Disinfectant made of Malunggay leaves and Cane Vinegar

The lack of proper sanitation is a major issue in the Philippines. In fact, Valley et al. (2019) stated that hygiene-related diseases resulted in an estimate of 15, 000 deaths in the country each year. The said problem primarily stems from the inaccessibility of sanitary supplies such as disinfectants to eliminate disease-carrying agents like bacteria and fungi.

Lemongrass and Calamnsi peels as Mosquito Repellant

Mosquito repellents are essential in our daily lives. It will protect us from the harm that mosquitoes can cause to us. It spread malaria and other diseases, such as dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever. So why do we need it?

Breathing Assistant Automated Mechanical Ventilator.

Breathing Assistant Automated Mechanical Ventilator will address medical concerns regarding ventilation of patients. It is a low-cost mechanical ventilator that was designed to meet the requirements of doctors at the forefront. It gives doctors basic, but sufficient functionality and flexibility to treat patients when more fully-fledged and complex ventilators are not available.

Spill-free Measuring Spoon

This invention is to prevent the seasonings from falling out and wasting seasonings. The spoon with the sliding cover is designed, the sliding cover is pushed open, the appropriate amount of seasoning is put in, and then pushed to the front, the seasoning will not be spilled. And a spoon can display different weights, convenient and practical.

Non-Slip Serving Tray

We designed Non-slip Serving Tray which contains different kinds of holes. We can put cups, dish inside specific holes. The holes can firmly hold them on the tray. It avoids spilling drinks or food, to prevent wasting food. It avoids slippery floor accidents. It saves manpower for cleaning.

YSC STEM Digilearning Model

YSC STEM Digilearning Model is an online STEM course that was created and successfully implemented to combat the limitations in the technological replacements for a physical presence of an instructor and peer collaborated classroom that could not retain student interaction and positive learning attitude as in the pre-covid period.

Safety Window

Safety Window is a new design. It is safe, easy-operated and can prevent children from dropping off from it. The design and operation are simple. First unlock and push the window grill outward. When it is fully opened, the area inside creates an Equilateral triangle. It stops infant’s head to past through the window. A protective plastic also prevents users’ fingers get trapped by window gap.

Syringe Collector

I am a student nurse and studying in University. At work, I found that some diabetic patients were given injections at home and discarded the used syringes casually, causing pollution and easy infection of others. So, I designed this small instrument "Syringe Collector" for home used or for elder diabetic patients’ convalescent in the care and attention homes to collect discarded syringes.

Method of Fabrication of Preparation on the Base of Iron Oxide Magnetic Nanoparticles for

The invention provides for the production of magnetic nanoparticles with an initial hydrodynamic size of up to 20 nm, and stabilized nanoparticles with a size of up to 50 nm, by changing the boiling mode of a solution of iron (III) acetylacetonate in benzyl alcohol during the preparation of the initial magnetic nanoparticles.

Method of Ultrasonic Study of Solid Materials and Device for Its Implementation

The technical result of the invention disclosed herein is increasing the accuracy of the real time visualization system and providing a device which uses the method disclosed herein for studying various objects of arbitrary shape, including biological objects.

GestuGlove Manipulator

GestuGlove glove manipulator was developed with software capable of tracking the position of the hands and all phalanges of the fingers in real time in space. The manipulator allows you to control both a computer and any equipment, as well as virtual objects.

Biosensor of the security system

A mock-up of the biosensor of the threshold principle of action in normal climatic conditions has been developed. Its principle of operation is based on the use of the electric potential of plants (root systems) as a primary transducer instead of the cable sensitive element of the seismic sensor. A distinctive feature of a biosensor is that it works based on the action potential of a living plant.

Database of Heatmaps of Common Utilities Infrastructure of Moscow City

The Database is designed to provide decision makers visual analytical layers of different parameters of common utilities infrastructure: connected power, reserve capacity, consumption, depreciation etc. The Database contains the data from over 270 utility companies in Moscow City. Electricity, common heating, cold and hot water supply companies provide actual data every three months. The Database


Eco-peeler is created for everyone to clean up and peel fruit easily. Because when we peel fruit or vegetable with a regular fruit or vegetable peeler most of the time it ends up having a huge mass of fruit or vegetable remains everywhere. This peeler will peel your fruits and vegetables very easily and you won't end up having a huge mass and you can easily dispose the remains with recycle bottle.

Floating wave power station

Power plant includes section installed across the direction of wave movement, including two floats and installed along wave movement one after another. In the lumen there are spoilers and traps arranged at different heights, connected by frame, which is fixed by cable to anchor. Float is made adjusting with tight sections to achieve optimal position of spoilers and traps.

Piss Light

The Invention have soft-cover for the urine to be split, it shocks absorbing nature can prevent the urine from bouncing out. The fluorescent coat on the invention can help the user to find the urinal at night without effecting the sleeping mood of the user. The Invention is attached to the urinal by the pleasant smell jelly with water dissolving nature.

Universal Mirror

Under the threaten of con-vid 19, the use of electrical HD cam or visualizer for online teaching or meeting become the new habit. However, the cost of an electrical visualizer could be cost for more than 150 USD. The invention could turn a laptop/ Chromebook with front cam into a visualizer in a second with multi-function.

Picnic Partner

The invention is easily carried for different use. It can be used as a table and a shopping bag to carry the camping material, because the table can be folded as a pyramid to carry things and unfolded as a table to stand on the ground

Method of assessment of state of population of a knout goby based on biological analysis

The problem of rational use of aquatic biological resources is currently very relevant. Goby fish are objects of fishing in the Azov and the Black seas, but the proportion of individual species, including the knout goby, is not taken into account by fishing statistics in catches. The specificities of the knout goby’s biology in the Black Sea is poorly studied, so it is important to revise some as

Control your smart home with gestures of a man

The issue of managing devices without physical contact between a person and the device is becoming more and more relevant. The project is dedicated to the problem of controlling smart home elements with hand gestures.This option was chosen because gestures are natural human movements. Due to the introduction of a huge number of robot manipulators on the market, the project also allow to solve the

Optimal control of a diving probe for measuring seawater parameters

The purpose of the project is to improve the quality and enhance the capabilities of marine research by operating marine probes in active diving mode.The project is dedicated to the urgent task of studying the parameters of seawater using autonomous diving probes. Internal waves must be taken into account for forecasts of ship's sonar communications, for assessing marine bioresources, etc.

Perpetual Calendar for the Gregorian Calendar

What we do is find the value or equivalent of the parts of the date and the leap years thru a table. Perpetual calendars are good for a span of years. The Perpetual Calendar is good from 1 AD to 9999 AD. Modifications will be made for years greater by adjusting the Years and the Leap Years.

Synthesization of ZnO/Fe3O4 for herbicide treatment on the fields in Middle Vietnam

The visible photocatalytic activities of ZnO can be used to photodegrade organic chemicals and applied in any regions such as water and air treatment. The ZnO/Fe3O4 nanocomposite with high magnetic properties can be easy to recycle after use. The purpose of this project is to degrade herbicides using ZnO/Fe3O4 nanoparticles.

Inter-turn Short-circuits Fault (ITSCF) Detector for Motor Rotor Winding (RW)

This invention presents a novel satisficing the market's need for a high performance, low-cost, easy-to-operate fault detection device, which allows users to prevent catastrophic motor failure. The device consists of two parts: (1) EM generator that energizes RW-IT; (2) EM probe precisely positioned a ferrous metals strip near the RW under test for detecting ITSCF through mechanical vibration.

Synthesis and Evaluation of the ability to inhibit gastric cancer cells of AgNPs-Croton tonkinensis Gagnep

AgNPs-Croton tonkinensis Gagnep. complexes are silver nanosystems synthesized by biological method, so it is less toxic than many other anti-cancer drugs. This complication, if successfully tested, could be directed to treatment for gastric cancer.

Manufacture of Anisotropic Ag and Au@Ag Nanostructures for Quick Detection of Rhodamine 6G used in Food Preservation at Low Concentrations

Nowadays, Rhodamine 6G organic pigments used in the tanning industry and garment are being used to preserve and colorize food indiscriminately which is very harmful to human health. We have successfully manufactured the complex of anisotropic Ag and Au@Ag nanostructures for quick detection of Rhodamine 6G used in food preservation at low concentration.

The production and inhibitory activity of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) tea from fermenting Vietnamese green tea (Camellia sinensis L.) by-product

GABA tea is the tea that has undergone a special oxygen-free fermentation process, and as a result, has accumulated GABA in tea leaves.

Real time data linkage science popularization optical experiment system(Ver 1.0)

This optical experiment system uses IOT technology to transmit data to the tablet computer in real time, which shortens the time and makes the data more accurate. It can quickly assemble and disassemble various optical components at the same time, which is compatible with more optical experiments. This is convenient for students to learn optical knowledge.

Triterpenoid from Combretum Trifoliatum Collected in Vietnam

This is the first time the chemical composition of Combretum trifoliatum leaves has been studied. The study has isolated and determined the structure of two triterpenoids, betulinic acid (CTE.01), and mollic acid (CTE.02). Although these compounds have been confirmed from the other species of the genus Combretum, this is the first time that has been affirmed from C. trifoliatum.


The efficient and systematic α-glucosidase inhibition-guided fractionation of the n-hexane and ethyl acetate extracts of Ludwigia octovalvis was conducted and led to separation and purification of two flavonoids, luteolin (1), and orientin (2) using variously chromatographic methods. For the first time, compound 2 was recognized from this species.

Response surface optimization of the removal of antibiotics from aqueous solution by heterogeneous Fenton process using iron-modified fly ash

In the present world, the iron-impregnated fly ash (Fe-FA) was used as an effective heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst for the degradation of antibiotics in aqueous solutions. Effects of some key operating parameters on the treatment efficiency were investigated, optimized by response surface methodology, and discussed.


The use of chemicals to preserve fruits is often harmful to humans. The study of non-toxic natural preservatives helps people to preserve fruits better without being affected. With the desire to create long-lasting, non-toxic, easy-to-use, and low-cost products, we are working on making fruit preservatives from shellac and clay.


This is the first project to research and extract collagen from high-purity freshwater fish scales as well as fabricate and define the characteristics and morphological structures of the nanoparticles of chitosan and collagen composites (extracted from fish scales) carrying nano-sized lovastatin with appropriate ingredients by the microemulsion method.

Study on antioxidant and anti-cancer effects of an extracted mixture of papaya leaves and Panax pseudoginseng on hepatocellular carcinoma (HepG2) and

With the tropical climate, the plant species in Vietnam are very diverse and plentiful. Many scientists are interested in using these plants in researches to find active ingredients that enhance health and prevent diseases, especially liver and lung cancer. Among the precious medicinal herbs, papaya leaves and Panax pseudoginseng are the species that scientists like to use in researches.

Development of high performance CO2 adsorbent using response surface methodology

The response surface method (RSM) was used to optimize the conditions for the impregnation of blended amines into mesostructured cellular silica foam (MSU-F) to prepare effective solid sorbents for CO2 capture. The effects of the amounts of tetraethylenepentamine (TEPA), diethanolamine (DEA), and MeOH in the wet impregnation mixture on the amounts of CO2 adsorbed were investigated.


TMC made from nanomaterial containing Tb3+ from rare earth combined with the CD133 and PDL1 monoclonal antibodies. It has shown to be durable, safe and effective in labeling and inhibiting cancer stem cells, as well as have the potential anti-tumor effect. Therefore, TMC increases therapeutic benefits for cancer patients.

AI herbal tea doctor

Guangdong herbal tea is a representative of Chinese traditional herbal tea culture, and herbal tea has a unique cultural heritage. The combination of herbal tea and AI can make herbal tea more widely spread and bring a lot of convenience to people's lives. At home, you can use Dr. AI herbal tea to complete a more accurate physical examination. The whole process is realized by AI technology and pyt

China Intangible Heritage Stationery-- Multifunctional sitting posture correction pad

Based on years of teaching experiments and peacetime correction of student sitting experience Solve the problem of student sitting One is to relatively fix the left hand on the table, balance the shoulders naturally 80% of good sitting posture can be solved;The second is to allow students to make appropriate physical barriers between the chest and the desktop when writing...

BIT Drives WATT: Energy BlockChain for Innovative Peer-to-Peer Decentralized Transactions

Energy blockchain technology is committed to using information technology to promote the development of the energy Internet and facilitate the sustainability of the energy industry, which creates important scientific and engineering values. Our team’s work has three core innovations, achieving the coordination of the energy flow, information flow, data flow, and financial flow...

Cosmetic composition with effects of resisting wrinkles, whitening and removing acnes

It’s a cosmetic composition with effects of anti-wrinkle, whitening, anti-acne and scar removing, and the Chinese herbal medicine extracted from which can stimulate lipid and adiponectin production and adipocyte differentiation as well, with excellent effects of antioxidant, skin moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, wrinkle removing, spot removing and so on.

Hard Metalworking Paper-cut

The project integrates the production of metalwork jewelry with traditional skills such as the Chinese paper- cutting technology, fully absorbs the elements of Chinese excellent traditional culture, uses metal materials such as gold, silver, copper and so on, integrates the cultivation of professional spirit and the promotion of professional skills, which is used to beautify life...

Intelligent light chasing sun umbrella

Nowadays, transportation is developed, and tourism has become people's favorite project. With the development of tourism, people generally like to go to the beach and other areas for outdoor activities. Ordinary parasols can only block part of the sunlight due to changes in the angle of the sun. For this reason, we have made an intelligent chasing umbrella. The main structure of our work-the intel

Visible Deep-water salvage platform

Considering accuracy, the influence of the environment improves the salvage limitation of the salvage object in the muddy water. At the same time, in the extension of the salvager, the traditional replacement of the traditional iron rope, without artificial assistance to salvage at the same time improve the salvage range of the salvager, to overcome the problem of salvage object ring.

Bifunctional ZIF-derived Catalyst and its Application in Zinc-air Battery

We propose a high performance bifunctional electrocatalyst consists of cobalt phosphosulfide (CoPS) nanoparticles encapsulated with S, P, N-tri-doped carbon (CoPS@SPNC) derived from zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 (ZIF-67) and applicate it to the Zinc-air battery (ZAB) as a electrode catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER).

Smart antivirus hinge

Our product use two infrared sensor to open and close the door, when our system detect have people using the toilet, the system will not open the door for the people outside, when the people in the toilet finish, he can use the sensor in the toilet to open the door. When the system detect no one in the toilet, it will open the UV light to disinfect the toilet.

Electromagnetic booster rocket launch system

This is a rocket launch model. Its main body is not the rocket body, but the launch platform of the rocket. This platform uses electromagnetic assisted launch technology to help the rocket provide the initial speed needed to increase the rocket payload, reduce fuel consumption, reduce the overall mass of the rocket, and reduce pollution and damage to the ground environment during launch.

Barrier-Free Bus Station

"Barrier-Free Bus Station" was invented for wheelchair users to travel alone. It was built with Lego, gears, plastic belts and motors. A conveyor belt brings the wheelchairs up to the trapezoid station platform which is as high as the bus door. Therefore, the wheelchair can get on the bus easily.

Self-cleaning Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Our product is a compact. The inner wall is equipped with UV lights and tin foil, so the UV lights can reflect multiple times in the box. The lid is connected with an automatic sensing switch. When the lid is opened, the UV light will automatically turn off. The paper outlet is a plastic valve. It is hoped that this can serve as an effective, safety and environmentally-friendly dispenser.

Design and application of a community epidemic prevention intelligent collecting robot

In the context of rapid development of industrialization and global pneumonia epidemic, and noticing personnel in front line were busy and chaotic especially during the peak of epidemic, we designed a smart robot to participate in this disease prevention and control war. Robots work for people during epidemic reduce risk of people cross-infection, save labor cost and improve work efficiency.

Chinese Medicine Antibacterial Recycled Paper Microphone Cover

Microphones are a possible means of spread of respiratory infection. We created a microphone cover that possesses the bacteriostatic properties of Chinese medicine, and is made with recycled paper which is created with paper towel, newspaper, and A4 paper, all of which are everyday waste. Therefore, our cover is both bacteriostatic and environmentally-friendly.

Automatic Mask Disinfection Machine

The Automatic Mask Disinfection Machine which we make, the biggest feature is automation, it can be timing automatic, also it can 360-degree rotating the mask automatic, meanwhile, high power UVC ultraviolet is irradiating the mask, so it can achieve to the effect of disinfection. It is suitable for everyone to use, even there is an old man to use it.

Facilitated vision system for choppers to put out the brown dust

The invention is related to a "natural liquid substance" that consists of a mixture of This substance is then mixed with a red mucilaginous substance so it's possible to see the airplane spot from as as far as one can see. The substance is placed after that to cool for some time and next it's kept in a tank on the chopper to be ready for use in an environment with soil and thick dust...

Imaged- Based Ocean Surface Current Matter

Remote sensing technology can image large scale ocean area and provide precisely information on surface ocean dynamic and atmosphere interactions. Furthermore, ocean surface features such as fronts, oil, spills and look alike, and eddy mesoscales can be detected by Utilizing remote sensing technology. A robust model has been developed to measure and extract the ocean surfaces current patterns...

Hydro Air Power

Innovation generates electricity from constantly recirculating water to the tank. Where the invention is proven practically tested, which works by hydropower - it provides sustainable and clean energy and is available to all and economic and profitable and solve the top three problems and is the geography and high cost in the construction of power plants...

GEOPhotoPaint – Geopolymer Photocatalyst Coating Paint

GEOPhotoPaint is a coating solution provider with innovative products from inorganic waste material using geopolymerization process for coating material of ceramic and concrete to the floor. This specialized coating has major benefits including the  self-cleaning performances formulated by photocatalyst affected by addition of Zinc Oxide to provide protection against surface deterioration.

Home-made peel essential oil and high moisturizing lipstick

We use the basic natural raw materials such as beeswax, olive oil to make lipstick.We found out that the best method is to heat the peel in microwave oven and then extract essential oil with olive oil.Then we add the extracted essential oil to the production of lip balm.The lipstick becomes more comfortable and has longer-lasting moisturizing effect and its shelf life is extended as well.

Intelligent condensate irrigation system

We use a soil tester to monitor soil moisture in real-time. When it detects that the soil moisture is below a certain value, it sends back a signal to activate the pump to transfer the condensate and used for irrigation.

Environmental-Friendly, Self-cleaning Air-purification Urban Railing Circulation System

Converting solar energy into electricityReal-time detection of road air pollution as a starting conditionUse water mist adsorption to clean heavy metals and suspended substances in the airUVA/UVC eliminates airborne germsPhoto catalyst decomposes various toxic compounds in the air and decomposes air odor

Application of a self-made hexapod bionic robot in extreme environments

hexapod robot is mainly used in the exploration of extreme caves’ environment. To stand the extreme environment, carbon fiber is designed as the main material. Using Arduino as the core, the robot can sense and collect the environment’s data for the research through sensors. Furthermore, samples can be sucked into the micro-storage library by nano-suction technology in order to collect samples.

Glycyrrhetinic acid effectively treats burns

Glycyrrhetinic acid effectively treats burns,and if you want you can add some traditional Chinese medicine such as Rehmannia root which is good for skin.

Detection and removal of sulfur dioxide in food

The Chinese medicines used in food therapy often contains sulfite preservatives, which is harmful to our health. Therefore, we try to reduce the content of sulfur dioxide by soaking in water with waste eggshells. For our research, we use two methods, Steam Distillation and Centrifuge Separation. Finally, we find that utilizing eggshells is effective and environmentally friendly.


Graphene oxide (GO) is a 2D material that comprise a single layer of sp2 carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal lattice. Due to unique and outstanding properties such as extremely high surface–to–volume ratio, GO has become a leading material to be deployed in potentially novel sensor with exceptional performance while minimising energy consumption, compact and highly portable. A cost-effecti


A special mask, suitable for wearing on the head of the human body, cover your mouth and nose. There is a special filter between the mask body and the human body. Increase filter bacteria and viruses, the user can apply soothing elixir to the partition, it is an improved gas mask that can be used universally.


This product is an automatic temperature control Mouse. There are many holes on the shell, and the fan install in the housing. When the temperature of the mouse is too high, the automatic will start and the airflow will penetrate through the holes. Also, it will instantly monitor the overall temperature value. The advantage is that it is more user-friendly than the average mouse on the market, and


The present invention relates to the method for manufacturing bacteria Bifidobacterium Lactis, and the use of this bacteria to lower airway resistance, relieve bronchoconstriction, when administered to a subject, thereby improving allergic asthma.


The present invention relates to Lactobacillus paracasei GKS6 enhancing longevity Cisd2 gene expression, decreasing mitochondrial damages and delaying aging-related symptoms such as neurodegenerative diseases as well as sarcopenia..


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is the fourth cause of death in the world. The present invention relates to the use of Antrodia cinnamomea mycelia in preventing and improving lung inflammation caused by inhalation of harmful gases, such as cigarettes, air pollution and dust.

Integrated Oil Trap Column for Tropical Coast

Biokap is a hybrid bio-filter that can be used as an organic absorbent filter to remove the oil spill in the water. The Biokap was designed as a bio-filter that consists of treated kapok. The Biokap itself demonstrates high oil uptake, good reusability and extractability towards the oil wastes such as vegetable oil, diesel, lubricant oil, silicon oil and many more.


The invention is an alcohol-based extraction method to obtain a high amount of active ingredients in LAO-YIOU tea, providing as medical composition to treatment of colorectal cancer and also as the active component for cosmetics.

GEO GROUT A Fast Setting Geopolymer Repair Material

Introducing GeoGrout™, geopolymer based concrete repairing materials with DIY concept. This procuct using advanced geopolymer technology with greener materials to overcome various concrete damage and problems. Typical problems include: • Debonding • Cracking • Crazing • Softness • Poor abrasion resistance • Unacceptable surface finish In all cases the failures can be traced to one or more of th


In this innovation, PHBV, a bio-based and sustainable biopolymer was used together with a conductive filler, graphene, to develop a biocomposite film with enhanced electrical conductivity. This biocomposite film shows a potential application in anti-static packaging due to its biodegradability and the use of a non-toxic solvent in the solvent casting preparation method.

Smart Coat SnO2 TiO2

Our Smart Coat is a self-cleaning thin film. The function of our Smart Coat is to prevent dirt or organic pollutants from contaminating onto glass walls, doors, tiles or any surfaces. This invention will provide useful inputs in developing low-cost, self-cleaning and labor-free product that can create a revolution in the self-cleaning surfaces industry.

Portable Fruit Disease DetectIon System

This invention is a Portable Fruit Disease Detection system. This device based on acoustic impulse method to measure an internal disease (Insidious Fruit Rot) in Mangifera indica L. cv. including designing the hardware which involve the impact hammer mechanism that act as exciter. The response signal will be capture and analyse to detect the presence of disease (Insidious Fruit Rot (IFR)).


Compost is a natural fertilizer which has been decomposed in a process called composting, which is organic matter. Composting is the biological decomposition, under controlled aerobic condition, of organic waste such as food or plant material by bacteria, fungi, worms and other organisms. Composting results in an accumulation of partially decayed organic matter called humus as good fertilizer.

Personal Planner Wall Clock

This clock is designed for people such as university students and employees who can not use their cell phones a lot or elderly people who do not know how to work with them. The consisting elements of this clock include: TFDPlate, speaker, Wi-Fi kit, battery, vibration engine, and CCTV along side with a program designed for cellphones through which several persons can get connected to the clock.

Magnetic Nano Scavenger Microcapsules

In environmental engineering application, magnetic nanoscavenger microcapsules could serve as encapsulation agent of magnetic nanoparticles (NPs) to drastically reduce the risk associated to nano-toxicity when it is indirect contact with surroundings. This could elevate its practicality. This innovation was successfully tested on degradation of dye and heavy metals to improve water quality.


The scope of this invention is to raise awareness regarding the current scientific and technological knowledge on these so-called hybrid green composite materials. KAKF Eco design army helmet newly fabricated using hybrid composite Kevlar/Fibreglass/Arenga Pinnata reinforced polyester for outer layer meanwhile Kenaf Fibre reinforced epoxy was fabricated as inner layer.


This scope of invention is to convert the waste oil palm trunk (OPT) into value added product by using method of Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding (VARTM).The VARTM technique proposed OPT reinforced Epoxy, together with the evidence of compressive properties and the morphology Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) of the composite. The OPT reinforced composite will be used as alternative wood production.

Sustainable Thermal Insulation Eco Panel from Rubber Scrap

Currently, billions of scrap tyres now reside in landfills and illegal dumps and burning around the world, causing pollution from the release of toxic chemicals and generate black smoke that create severe environmental and health hazard. Due to this concern, this project is carried out to fabricate a heat insulation panel from scrap tyres crump rubber as well as solving environmental issues.

Cold Plasma Technology for Shelf Life Extension of Value Added Mango Noodle

A few works have already reported on the extension of the shelf-life of fresh noodle products, but most of them resulted to use various chemical preservatives. For developing a method to prolong the storage time of noodles at room temperature, the present study was took to investigate the effect of cold plasma on the shelf-life and microbiological analysis for mango flour incorporated noodle


Salūt, an innovative edible food coating derived from natural sources act as membrane infused with natural antimicrobial agent that act to increase shelf life of foods that is easily oxidized especially fruits & vegetables. The main ingredient of this food coating are guava flesh extract and moringa extract. this innovation will prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Multi Sensors Tool Monitoring System for Mechanical Micro Machining Process

Failure of a micro could provide worse result when compared to macro or conventional scale tool, as the workpiece can be completely turn to scrap. This research works on the tool monitoring system using signals multiple sensors such as the hall sensors and the acoustic emission sensors. Potential features from those signal were analyzed to finally decide the end of tool life.


Previously synthetic graphite was manufactured by high temperature processing of amorphous carbon materials which above 2500 degree celcius by using non waste sources. This indicates complexes processing method and represent high energy cost. Hence, in this invention the attempt was to produce synthetic graphite from oil palm trunk waste at lower heating temperature which is 500 degree celcius.

W2W GCB Waste to wealth Gypsum Clay Brick

Gypsum waste brick is a potential fired clay bricks for non-load-bearing and suitable for loading bearing (Loading bearing 4, MS:76) applications, with adequate properties, providing the mix is appropriately designed and prepared for the required properties and leaching behavior.

CaMoxCuyO3 Perovskites: Optimization of AOII degradation

CaMoxCuyO3 perovskite is being used as catalyst in process optimization of acid orange II (AOII) degradation using response surface methodology (RSM). This work presents new insights in obtaining proper model prediction for degradation performance based on direct and global interactions between process conditions which supports the United Nation’s goals to improve clean water and sanitation (SDG6)

Graphene oxide/TiO2 Thin film As a Self-Cleaning Glass

This invention is to produce a thin layer coating on for a glass that exhibits a self-cleaning property. In particular, the sol-gel method was used followed by spin coating technique to produce an environmental friendly thin film. TiO2 was modified with graphene oxide to further enhance the self-cleaning properties of the coating.


Chitopalm is a biosorbent derived from the integration of chitosan and palm kernel fatty acid distillate (PKFAD). Chitosan is rich in amino and hydroxyl groups, while PKFAD in carboxyl groups, both of which have proven effective in metal binding. By taking advantage of the synergy between chitosan and PKFAD, Chitopalm shows a high sorption selectivity towards gold in the presence of other metals.

NiNAC Desulfurization Bioadsorbents

NiNAC Desulfurization Bioadsorbent is an adsorbent that has been modified from palm shell activated carbon (PSAC) and is a highly efficient adsorbent for H2S removal. The incorporation of metal oxide nanoparticles in adsorbents can increase the availability of oxygen vacancies in PSAC porous structure and urea helps to introduce nitrogen containing functional groups onto the adsorbent.


Iron oxide composite electrode (IrOCE) is invented with the aim to combine the advantages of the electro-Fenton process and the abundantly available source of iron oxide from steel industry. Catalytic iron oxide electrode by means of IrOCE were developed from steel slag waste and were used to degrade Acid Orange 7 (AO7).

Compression and Expansion Wave to Electricity - A New Renewable Energy Technology

The invention is a new design of Thermoacoustic Energy Converter implementing the standing wave system by conducting Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI). This invention is a result of the research and development of a portable thermoacoustic heat engine. This engine will convert energy from any waste heat into acoustic power.

Sign Language Conversion to Braille Communication

Sign language conversion to Braille communication is a mobile software that improves visually, orally, and hearing-impaired people communication by using methods such as 1. Using braille language in reading and typing a text message. 2. Clarifying an orally impaired voice message to a normal voice message. 3. Play text and voice messages as an assembled sign-language video.

Sleeping and Massage Pillow for Patients Suffering from Varicose

This massaging pillow is designed for those suffering from varicose to help with some of their sleeping problems. Under this pillow, there have been placed vibrators and fetter (helps to feel the vibrators better) to increase the blood circulation in the feet. The pillow slopes a little and this procedure improves the pain arising from varicose in the feet.

The Safe Holder and Analyzer of Special Medicine Consumption

Taking special medicines has always been associated with a lot of challenges. The Safe Holder and analyzer of Special Medicine Consumption help resolve some of the challenges, like dose measurement, drug misuse, illegal trading, theft, and security of unaware people such as children, and the related mortality.


Flexible conductive polymer composites (CPCs) are made up of a matrix with conductive filler. The addition of conductive filler into the matrix makes the CPCs become conductive due to the formation of a conductive network path. Along with the conductive properties, these CPCs also tend to be flexible due to the flexible properties that remains eventhough conductive filler was added.

Enhancing Mobility for Handicaps and Simplifying there Entrance and Exit

This idea has concentrated on designing a system that simplifies handicaps mobility and it's applicable for handicaps. The difference between this idea and prior arts and to highlight it's advantages is that it can be mounted on any vehicle and secondly it's fully controlled by the user.

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser and Air Purifier in Lavatory

We are all involved with a pandemic and contagious disease and this idea may reduce the number of people that get infected each day. the difference between this automatic sanitizer with prior arts is firstly it has 2 compartments that could be used for soap and alcohol.

Sanitizer, Dryer and Ironing Rack

This rack if ideal for winter season or when you don’t have enough time for drying and ironing clothes. This system can dry cloths with either using the heater that’s placed on top and the warm air circulates through the cloths or by orbiting and circulating without any warm air.

Hand Wash Timer For Corona Virus

This timer that connects to the faucet helps you, according to the World Health Organization protocol, wash your hands for 20 seconds and take the time easily, and you no longer have the problem of whether it is 20 seconds or not. You can use this timer by opening the faucet or putting your hands under the faucet.

UV Shoe Holder for Your Shoes and Accessories

Certainly, shoes keys, debit cards, money, and phones can be our most contaminated devices that cause the accumulation of viruses and germs. With the invention of this UV shoe rack, you no longer have to worry about disinfecting your belongings and shoes when you enter your home from the outside. Easily disinfect with UV light.

PS4 Handle Cooling Fan

People who play PS4 for a long time, They have trouble sweating their hands, and like not to sweat their hands to get the PS4 handle easily. We solved this problem. In this innovation, we use flexible clamps used with the lightest fans so as not to disturb the gamer and rotate the fan to any side they like.

Developing a Pressure Monitoring System in a 3D Printed Orthosis for Wrist Fracture

In wrist fractures, casts fix bones while it is likely results in compartment syndrome in the case of a too tight cast. This invention monitors patient’s compartment pressure during using wrist cast. A 3D printed cast is applied to reduce the risk of skin irritation and infection.


Multipurpose trolley is specially designed to lighten the burden of heavy lifting as well as respond to environmental protection. It also speeds up the process of moving heavy objects from one place to another place. This product is used to move heavy things like tables, chairs, books, detergents, luggage and so on. The trolley is designed based on the concept of the third-class lever.


Noble walking stick is a crutch with seat that gives stability and support to the user. This prototype was modified with wheels and contains adjustable handle, an alarm with warning light, shopping bag and safety reflective sticker.


The project presents a road post that has a function of warning drivers about forest animals, which may be near the road, and which may unexpectedly run on it, and are a huge threat. We have built a motion detector into the post, which detects the presence of animals. It generates a signal which is converted into electrical pulses which actuate an externally located warning lamp.


“ParKing” project consist of web application for administrator and phone app for users. In web application administrator creates account from which he can manage users and his virtual parking lot. In phone application users can mark their presence on their place, set parking time harmonogram, and share their space with other users for the time they won’t be using it.

UCMS - Universal Computer Montage Simulator

"UCMS" is a virtual reality-based computer program about computer assembling. With this Simulator, you can learn a lot about matching different parts of a properly working computer. User assembles a computer in virtual reality to check their abilities and knowledge about computer. This Simulator also will instruct the user how to piece the computer from scratch.


Crabtastic Is A Shell Based Bioplastic That is more durable than petroleum plastic and way more environmentally friendly. As We Like To Call It The "Future Of Plastic". Another Video


EZbin has a flexi push down dustbin cover to compress the garbage. It also has a bin cover with a container to put activated charcoals* or coffee grounds to remove odours. Another advantage is there is a pull up dustbin bag with ready fixed roll form garbage bags. There is also an easy tieup design which saves time and energy. An innovative solution to the daily problem of a rubbish bin.

An Apparatus for Group Entertainment

Proposed invention is a device used for entertainment in two and four persons group, girls or boys, rather than their ages. This exciting entertainment device is very safe and has no injuries, no need for electrical energy, designed for house and indoor environment with limited space , Increase physical activity in indoor environment for family members.

Board Game : Kembara Alam Hartawan Falak (AL-KAHF)

Games are an effective method for educating society and students in understanding a certain field of knowledge. Astronomy, for example, is the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, phenomena and the physical universe as a whole. This knowledge requires the understanding of theory as well as practical experience. Our product is a gamed-based learning using Augmented Reality.

A Method For Corrosion Monitoring in Gas Pipe Line

This Invention is a New method for corrosion monitoring in gas pipe line which are protected by cathodic protection.

Assist drive

The problems we seek to solve are car theft, unwanted dangers, surveilling the car's blind spots, and reducing the anxiety of the car owners. Hence, by using a camera installed in the front and the rear of the car, and by the Bluetooth communication protocol pairing with a smartphone application, we were able to obviate the problems.


A+ Word Forming Game is a Malay language game. The purpose of developing this game is to cultivate children’s word forming skill in Malay language. It is designed as a source of entertainment as well as serving an educational purpose. This game is able to stimulate children’s interest in learning Malay language and thus helps to widen their Malay vocabulary.


Thermoplastic Starch (TPS) based plastic can potentially replace the synthetic plastic for the drinking straw application due to its biodegradability and green properties. OPEFB cellulose is a biopolymer with unique and particular properties like high mechanical strength, renewability, biodegradability, as well as good film-forming performance.


The O-Helmet is a versatile, one-size-fits-all solution for communication services of widespread use. Designed to provide users interconnectivity in remote areas, our product consists of a Transmitting Helmet, a Receiving Master, and a network of repeater nodes, coming together to form an intricate but flexible and efficient web for data transmission with the use of mesh networking technologies.


E-Flexi Green Cooker is an effective, easy to use, eco-friendly and flexible green cooker that is made up of simple and recycling materials such as paper box, coconut fibre and kapok. It apply science concept such as principles conservation of energy, reflection, refraction and greenhouse effect that harness the sun ray and use them to create a source of heat to cook food and drink in short time.

Lab Safety ITVR

The invention enables the student to train safely in a simulated laboratory accidents environment without injuring themselves or damaging the laboratory and laboratory equipment. it also enhances the student understanding by relating information with the actions based on the correct answer through a series of simulated physical activities.


Xcellent Lumibrite is a device that able supply light source at any time include blackout with versatile function and design. The device's drum and base can be changed to other design based on user's favourites, needs or festivals. The project is based on the concept of reflection and refraction. The height of light source can be adjusted to provide a bigger brightness area during darkness.


The objective of this innovation is to build a learning aid that is able to arouse students’ interest and understanding of Biology: The cell division (mitosis and meiosis). Model MIMEI-124 is made by simple and recycling materials. The benefits of using this aid are small, light, environmental and user friendly and easy to use. This model is potentially marketed to schools, teachers and students.

IOT Based Tank water leak Detector 2.0

This invention is a fully IoT based device which can help to detect and send an early alert to users when their water tank starts to leak. This device can prevent major damages and save cost which can be caused by leaking water tank and at time it might help saves lives too. The sensor will detect the leak and send an alert to users phone via the popular Telegram App which is secure and free App.


My Soil My Plant is a IoT based device that can measure the Electrical Conductivity of any soil and recommend to you the type of plants that can be grown in that particular soil. Simply insert the probe into any soil and the list of plants will be displayed in your mobile via its own developed App. The probe and the App can be at 2 different location also as the data will be sent through cloud.

GASbuster Ecofriendly Biopesticide To Control Golden Apple Snail At Paddy Field

This biopesticide made from F. gigantae plant extract. It is a water dispersible granule made from the crushed broken rice. The weight of 1 granule equivalent to the weight of 1 paddy seed, thus it can be applied into the paddy field during the seed sowing process using mechanized sprayer. The application of GASbuster at 3kg/ha may kills 95% of GAS population, without harming the environment.


The addition of geopolymer ceramic reinforcement from various natural sources such as fly ash, kaolin, and slag were introduced to the matrix SnCu solder alloy. The sintering temperature of the geopolymer based is varied to determine the most suitable properties of geopolymer as reinforcement in solder alloy.


HYDROVEST has a water bladder to prevent someone having dehydration. The HYDROVEST also has a temperature and humadity sensor as well as a buzzer to warn that the body temperature has exceeded the normal range. It also has some pockets to hold personal items. Our HYDROVEST also protect its users from being wet because of the rain since it has foldable raincoat that is easy to be used.

imagine: void.

"imagine: void." is a "walking simulator" video game. It shows the reality of struggling with depression and concurrent disorders. Our project is supposed to raise awareness of the problem in an attractive and intelligible way.

Drone Payload Air Quality Measurement Device (DPAQ)

A big hurdle in the monitoring and measurement of air quality is the portability of measurement equipment This innovation (DPAQ) creates a quick solution to reach a certain level from the ground and move horizontally in low air space. This innovation can contribute to air quality distribution mapping at different vertical levels.

CaterinGo – An app that allows you to order food at school/work right when you need it

The main goal of our application is to allow various foodstuffs and drinks to be pre-ordered online in order to improve the effectiveness and convenience of the ordering and buying such products. The mobile app is going to be introduced for certain facilities (schools, work offices etc.) so that to allow online ordering, payment and/or customization of the foodstuffs for the facilities canteens’.


iTravel offers a new way to travel. It is a platform for everyone to travel virtually to wherever they want. Content creators or anyone else can put new information including articles, pictures, and even videos inside the app for people to purchase. Inside iTravel, everyone can earn money at home! We implement a very exciting 360 panorama view which brings virtual travel into the next level.


ReLearn is an app incorporated with active recall and spaced repetition that uses flashcards to test knowledge on a subject repeatedly on a daily basis. The users are rewarded with points that can be used to exchange for items in the shop. This gamification method can motivate the users to study even in their laziest time. There is a leaderboard which encourages friendly competition between users.

Gotcha Food

Gotcha Food is made with the combination of Raspberry Pi and a mobile app that aims to reduce food wastage and at the same time maximize the value of food. It has asmart camera that tracks the amount of food inside the fridge that is connected to Gotcha Food’s App. Our Gotcha Food mobile app consists of three components, Fridge Monitoring Page, Shopping List feature and E-commerce System.


The iRecycle is created to tackle recycling problem. This free and multiplatform app can be used to call the recycle truck to come and collect the users' recyclable materials by providing their address. The recycled material’s weight is converted to leaf tokens, to be exchanged for products available in the in-app shop. Leaderboard in the app is used to compete with social media peers.


Geopolymer concrete is a new sustainable and environmental-friendly composite with great potential to replace conventional concrete mostly produced by ordinary Portland cement (OPC).Self-compacting geopolymer comprise of silicon and aluminium bonded by oxygen atom to form a polymer network used an innovative concrete that requires no vibration for placing and compaction.

iClever Smart Hand Controlled for Disabled Driver

This invention is the 1st semi-automatic hand-controlled device for paraplegia and tetraplegia driver with the smart safety system. It could provide satisfaction, independence, engagement in routine activities, ability to do leisure activity, and being employed among the disabled person.

Merpati:’ New Norm One-Stop Centre’ App

Merpati, a versatile app to help people & businesses adapt to the new norm and defeat the pandemic collectively. Its functions including registering visitors, providing alerts and the latest news related to covid-19, undoubtedly succeeds other apps in combating this pandemic. Moreover, it uses the existing contact tracing system and widens the usage of the information collected by this database.

SelF LoSC : Self Fluxing technique for low-temperature sintering ceramic product

Sintering of ceramic products required high temperature commonly above 1000°C. Research had been done to lower the sintering temperature in order to minimize the CO2 emission and energy consumption. This project will highlight the Self-Fluxing technique as a novelty approach in fabrication of ceramic products at a significant lower sintering temperature.


Our product is an alternative plant grow bag which is eco-friendly and affordable. Our product, which we call Ecolizer Plantbag is made of domestic wastes and organic ingredients that also acts as fertilizers to the plant.


Toxic air buster or in short “TAB” is total volatile gas detecting system. Inhaling the “toxicated” air can affect the health and in worst case scenario it could be fatal. TAB, providing a very practical solution by detecting these gasses and raise alert, so that immediate action can be taken to save the life of many and also alert the authorities. Prevention is better than cure.


ABLE ME DETECTOR was invented to assist people who don’t have enough time to maintain the cleanliness of their drains. The device features a companion app to send SMS messages, an ultrasonic sensor, an Arduino microcontroller and a net. This tool makes full use of IoT technology. This tool can be used by the community for daily use at home.

LiSa Life Saver

LiSa is created for single purpose, which is to save lives especially babies, toddlers and kids lives. Many kids have died due to hot card death and this invention can prevent that. Hot car death are caused by Vehicular Stroke. Often Victims are babies and pets. IoT LiSa will be able to detect a live in a vehicle when the owner forgot them and it will send an alert to users phone via telegram App.


Our main objective is to produce a hand sanitizer that would help us by preventing our hands from Covid-19. Our hand sanitizer are made from herbs and other natural ingredients and it is environment friendly. We produced it successfully which can prevent ourselves by harmful microorganism by using following ingredients - corus calamus, Neem, Aloe Vera, Coral Jasmine, raw camphor and Curcuma longa.

Tank Water Level Detector

Currently there is no proper system to detect water leves in our house/office/factory tanks. Our solution can be installed in any non-steel water tank of any size and it will indicates 3 water levels (overflow, normal and low). When there are changes in the water levels, the user will receive a message in their hand phone and immediate action can be taken to solve this problem. Its a IoT system.


An emotion detection tool (MyEmotion) was developed based on the production rule classifier. MyEmotion is an intelligent automation of the whole processes involved in this research using MATLAB environment. It is able to classify the emotion into two categories or classes of positive and negative emotion. The result is depending on the readings of their attention and meditation value.


The device called 'EZY' will knock the tin every 2 minutes once the device is actived by turning on the switch. The device also will stop knocking when it's night because those animals are sleeping at night (according to our researched). Ezy also can be last longer over 3 years because it used solar panel and rechargable battery, solar panel is used to charge the battery.


ALERT YOUR CAR is an innovation project to help the community in reducing car theft rates. Alert Your Car is a smart security system that can be used to ensure the safety of vehicles parked in public parking lots. This system makes full use of IoT technology. This system can also be applied as personal use at home. Hopefully this system will help the community in providing a more comfortable life.

SAS Speed Alert System

SAS - Speed Alert System is a fully IoT based device which can help to reduce the over speeding cases of heavy vehicle by sending a early alert to the authorities the moment the heavy vehicles cross the speed limit. This device can prevent serious damages and injuries or even can save lives at times. It be installed in any heavy vehicles and the alert can be sent to any part of the world since IoT

HeDoo STL - An Environmental IoT Analysis Modules and Generic Circuit Board

Measuring the environments in a closed space, not available without high expenses. Therefore, space, teaching and learning modules in bio-inspired microchip and IoT sensors generic circuit board are developed, and proven beneficial to the industries at low cost. Moreover, this solution able to analyze the teaching technique and learning experiences by providing real time monitoring and solutions.

Automated Home Plantation Nurturing System

Increasing industrialisation and urbanisation has resulted in considerable reduction in green cover. This has affected the health of our cities and neighbourhood critically which is evident from AQIs being observed in States like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana etc. The solution lies in increasing green cover, but this is quite hard to do in urban areas because of lack of vacant spaces.

Sneaker Sterilizer

Our Sneaker Sterilizer is basically a long-lasting sneaker sterilizer that avoids us from paying repeatedly on the shoe odour control spray. It does not harm the health of people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. It uses Ultraviolet C light ray to sanitize our sneakers as UVC will kill microorganisms. The sensor installed will get the shoe exposed under UVC completely for 60 seconds!

Economical Oyster Mushroom Intelligent Cultivation IoT Kit

An Intelligent IoT Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Kit where able to create optimum environment for mushroom growth.


The product focused on the intelligence design for human live, the intelligence liquid supply stet is a non-segment adjustment liquid supply set, and it can use in auto liquid supply devices that based on ultrasonic and infrared.


Although the induction type faucet has no contact with the user, it can only be turned on or off. It cannot provide hot/cold modification and water volume adjustment. In this novel design, a gesture sensor is used to act as cyber-human interface. Hand movements can be recognized to adjust 9 kinds of water temperature and 6 kinds of water volume of faucet under simple gesture sensing control. This


A portable device with 3-functions includes a box, a battery module, a 3P switch, a blue-tooth speaker module and a coil module. The battery module, the 3P switch, the blue-tooth speaker module and the coil module are embedded in the box. The battery module is used as mobile power bank as well as power source of other inner modules. The 3P switch which connects to the battery module is switched th


Violacein is a bacterial fat-soluble pigment with multiple pharmacological activities. The present invention provides a method for extracting violacein using edible oils instead of harmful organic solvents. It is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to produce fat-soluble pigments.


This creation is about a simple seismograph structure. The seismograph is equipped with a universal joint and an infrared transmitter pendulum inside a cover, so that the pendulum can swing with the shaking of the earthquake. The infrared transmitter is kept at a proper distance from a circuit board with several infrared receivers and can receive and communicate information to the AND and NOR gate


The invention uses citric acid to soften the scale in the water pipe and uses the solenoid valve to compress the air to generate shock wave bubbles, and then the scale attached to the pipe wall is removed by the water hammer shock wave method.


Our product vegetables wash machine can quickly and cleanly wash the vegetables or fruits, just put those in the machine, press the button and it will start washing, it reduce manpower. It also has motor and sensor to make the mechanism oscillate.


Home security protection is a necessary device for every family. When family members go out or sleep at night, they must activate the alarm device when the home’s exterior wall is invaded, the door handle is turned, or the broken window is invaded to achieve early warning and deter intruders. , With the primary purpose of maintaining home safety.


A saltiness spoon is designed in response to the novel coronavirus situation. When cooking soup, press the “on” button to release the snap. Add salt according to the desired quantity, and the scale will show the relative saltiness of the added salt. When the amount of salt is sufficient, pull back the rebound ring and press the “off” button. This device reduces hand and mouth contact, attaining ef


This product is the straw bottle cap specially developed and designed for all kinds of commercial PET bottles. It can be installed on the mouth of commercial beverage bottles and mineral water bottles. It is convenient to carry when going out. The switch is easy to use. The body is made of silicone and the nozzle is soft Safe, suitable for adults and children, and can also be used with a class of


Multifunctional cleaner, using stainless steel braided tube and plastic connecting tube, the bionic design is different from the market In traditional cleaners, the head end rotation design can freely adjust the angle according to the user's needs. Both left and right hands can find the best water outlet angle. The head end groove makes the rotation more smooth.


1. Cover the mouth with soundproof cotton material to eliminate or reduce the volume of sound outside the mask. 2. This device provides users with the enjoyment of singing in KTV anytime, anywhere. 3. Users have privacy without affecting others.


Each family member can receive messages leaved from other family members whenever the door is opened. Since the message reminding system is integrated with door lock control, every message can definitely be seen whenever each family member enters.


This work aims to study the detection and control of continuous water tower liquid level, self-detection and cleaning control methods of water storage turbidity, self-detection and abnormal warning design of pumping pump power switch function, planning and establishment of LoRa wireless interface, and network time capture.


After harvesting, flower farmers must remove the leaves which are on the flower branch before they sell. Traditionally, farmers need to use clamp to cut off the leaves by hand, but it take to much manpower. Our product can easily remove the leaves.


The scissors with a tape box tied to the handle. The outer edge of the handle is appropriate to form a grooved hole connecting the contents, and at the outer end of the groove, a hole is provided with a toothed knife, for the tape from the groove hole outwards.


An innovative negative bit-line supply circuit in combination with a word line driver as well as a low-voltage control circuit effectively improves the writing data “0” speed up to 59.3%, as compared to prior arts.


In the invention, two additional PMOS transistors (MP4, MP5) are added to the conventional level converter. Among them, a transistor MP4 is added in series with the transistor MP1, and a transistor MP5 is added in series with the transistor MP2, as such the proposed level converter can work to effectively suppress short circuit power consumption during the transition.


The present invention is a structure of nanorod resistive memory. The structure of the upper electrode, zinc oxide nanorod, High-K material film, lower electrode, oxide layer and silicon substrate of this resistive memory The special bipolar resistance conversion phenomenon of the column can increase the resistance change ratio and reduce the switching voltage, strengthen the memory time and endur


The master and slave switches are controlled by a clock signal from the clock circuit, such that the master and slave switches are opened and closed to move data, corresponding to the input signal, through the flip-flop, wherein at least one of the clock signals has asymmetrical rise and fall times. Implementation of the proposed master-slave flip-flop relies on weak feedback techniques that allow

Onestep: A Revolutionary Modular-Design Footwear for Hybrid and Sustainable Lifestyle

Onestep is a specially-designed modular shoes for young adults and professionals with high mobility. The shoe is divided into two parts: sole made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) and casing made of organic cotton canvas which then will be attached with a zipper.

Utilization of A. Platensis Microalgae in Toddler Cookies as a Solution to Malnutrition

Hulkies is a highly nutritious cookies for toddlers enriched with 6% microalgae Arthrospira Plantesis which contains 60% protein and a large number of complex vitamins and minerals. Its high nutritional content will provide daily nutrition for those aged 1-5 years. Compared with other toddler cookies, Hulkies excels at some contents of nutrition such as protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, and B6.

ACALA Project: Introducing Indonesia's Geology at Early Childhood

ACALA Project was created to aim Indonesian children at early ages to understand and be familiar with general knowledge on Indonesia's geological history and condition by all sensory stimulation to enhance learning experience and induce curiosity.

GOYOBOD: Promoting Bandung Geological Heritage Through Mobile Apps

GOYOBOD is a mobile application that targets the public or geology enthusiasts and aims to promote educational tourism activities on geological sites in the Bandung area

Water Quantifying Apparatus

This innovation is made specially to create awareness to the usefulness and the importance of water. We came up with this innovation that shows people exactly how much water is being used every time we use the showers or even simply washing our hands. The total amount of water will be displayed on a LED screen located in your toilet or kitchen therefore, helping them know how much water and money.

Multi-Purpose Stair Handstaff

Multi-purpose stair hand-staff is designed for those who need support in climbing the stairs. It provides a secure hand rail that you can use to climb the stairs, aside from that, it will also help the people with so much weight to carry such as bags and maybe even clothes. It can accommodate a weight that ranges to 100-120kg. It is a game changer for elderly people.

Sustainable Passenger Ship using Magneto Hydrodynamics as Propulsion Engine

This paper is designing ship hull by using Magneto Hydrodynamics as main propulsion engine to replace ship propeller. Magneto Hydro Dynamics consider ship resistance, battery capacity, number of magnets needed, and length of ship. The design is expected to reach 260 horsepower.

The Intelligent Dustbin

This intelligent dustbin is very unique, it is full automatic. This dustbin can show the user when the dustbin is full and will also send the signal to the cleaning department to clear the waste from the dustbin. This will reduce the time of cleaning department to go and check wether the dustbin is full or not, instead the dustbin can send the signal to the department when it is full.

CMC/PVA Bio-ink Composite Reinforced by Hydroxyapatite Base on Lorjuk Shells Waste for Cartilage Regeneration Using the 3D Printing Method

The CMC/PVA/HA product is an innovation for the manufacture of bio-ink 3D printing materials for bone implant applications. CMC/PVA/HA or carboxymethyl cellulose/poly(vinyl alcohol)/hydroxyapatite are composites that are soluble in water, nontoxic, biocompatible, and biodegradable. The hydroxyapatite used is bio-inorganic because it was synthesized from the abundant waste of lorjuk shells on Kenjeran beach, Surabaya.

Smart Touch-free Elevator Buttons

Our innovation is a simple Smart Touch-free Elevator Buttons which can be very useful to prevent the airborne disease, specially in this time of pandemic. This operates when a finger is inserted in an empty hole and our ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 will detect the finger and elevator circuit will receive the command and order an action, there will be one empty hole for each floor.


Panoptes is a computer vision-based early cataract detection and classification has an accuracy of 90.6%.Panoptes has both online (web) and offline (desktop app) modes. Panoptes does not require medical experts and free. Panoptes provide medical advice about cataract education, further action, etc.

Snail Slime Serum (Achatina fulica) as Anti-Acne

Snail mucus contains glycosaminoglycan which functions to bind peptide bond-breaking compounds, as well as achasin protein. The mucus in snails has a biological function, which is to bind to bacterial protein. Snail mucus has antibacterial activity against acne-causing bacteria, namely Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus and Propionibacterium acnes.

PharmaCare apps as a media solution to minimize medication errors in drug use

Pharmacare application is a technological breakthrough that is made to make it easier for people to consult pharmacists about drugs. The public can conduct direct consultations from drug-related pharmacists. Get a time warning in taking drugs to improve the compliance of the people taking the drug.

BANAPEEL : Extract Banana Peel (Musa paradisiaca) as Gentle Breast Mask to Prevent Breast Cancer Combined with Breast Massage

BANAPEEL is the one of innovation to prevent breast cancer combined with breast massage as an effort to Breast Self-Examination (BSE). Made of banana peel combined with Aloe vera and olive oil which is formulated to be a gel mask and oil product. Gel mask functions to prevent breast cancer, which is applied evenly over the breast with cooling sensation.

Atomic Layer Deposition Technology as a method allowing functionalization of the implant surfaces designed for the osteoporotic patient

Bone implants are often required for osteoporosis patients. Proper integration of the implant with the bone tissue is then crucial. We tested use of ZrO2, TiO2 and HfO2 for biofunctionalization of implant surfaces. We have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory properties of such coatings, important in the postoperative period. We can reduce the body's defense response, blocking implant rejection.

WATERLINE (Watermelon Skin Noodles) as An Alternative Antioxidant Instant Noodle Products

WATERLINE is an instant noodle product with a mixture of watermelon skin that works as an antioxidant. It is a useful food-processed product for the prevention of cancer, hypertension, and so on. Besides being a health benefit, it can reduce the excretion of watermelon skin by shaping it into a more valuable product.

TORAJA (Toko Rajungan Aja): Website-Based Crab Shipping Service

TORAJA is a startup website that makes it easy for fishermen to distribute fish caught by fishermen. The first stage of carrying out quality control to sort out proper crabs. The second step is uploading crabs to our website according to quality control. The third stage is the distribution of the crabs that are uploaded to be purchased by consumers.

CHOCO BEE: Utilization of Honey and Cocoa as Sweeteners for Diabetes Mellitus Patients

"CHOCO BEE: Utilization of Powdered Honey and Cocoa Powder into Cocoa-Honey Powder to Substitute Artificial Sweeteners as Efforts to Reduce Diabetes Mellitus Sufferers ". Utilizing natural ingredients in the form of cocoa powder as a source of phytochemical compounds (procyanidins, flavonoids, and catechins) which are significant and better effect on human health.

GASIPUTRI : The Innovation Of Educational Game To Improve The Consumption Of Fruits And Vegetables On Children

GASIPUTRI is a 3D puzzle educational game concept that in the form of an online game. This game consists of the three parts, namely crossword puzzle, guess who I am, and catch me. In this educational game, students will know about various types of fruits and vegetables and also get an explanation of the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables.


Cowild is a board game product in the form of an adventure map that is collaborated with an application in the form of a scan and augmented reality feature. This game carries the theme of education about animal and environment conservation. COWILD take from ecology and wild. COWILD created as an interactive learning media for children based on board game and application.

Design of Automatic Irrigation Gate for System Rice Intensification (SRI) Method

This research method is to use data and device development consisting of planning, analysis, design, and implementation. The expected result is the creation of automatic irrigation gates in paddy fields with the Rice Intensification System (SRI).

Smart Aromatherapy Diffuser

Smart Aromatherapy Diffuser is a product to keep a room fresh and fragrant, it also helps to relieve pain and provide a relaxing effect on the body. The product has a motion sensor detecting human activity in a room.

“LIPSANG” Innovative Lip Blam Made From Banana Peels

Lipsang is the product of lip balm innovation from banana peel reproduced with extract of kelor leaves and beets. The antioxidant content of the lipsangis is able to keep moisture in the lips and lips cracked. Not only that, the product is made of safe natural materials used over a long period of time without a mixture of preservatives

Auto Swing

Our Auto swing is just like a normal traditional swing but we have an idea to automate it for the convenience of the parents. Auto swing can be used by new born baby and children. To innovate the traditional swing we are using available technology such as geared motor, pressure sensor, IP camera, Alexa, and digital decibel meter. It will help parents to monitor their children easily.


A liquid organic fertilizer of baglog waste "Loh Gending" is an eco-fertilizer made from natural ingredients. The natural ingredients are baglog waste, lamtoro leaves, banana hump, coconut husks, sugar solution, and water used for washing rice. "POC Loh Gending" fully uses organic materials, what distinguish this liquid organic fertilizer from others is in its baglog-based innovation.

Eco Paving Block

An Eco-paving block installation is one of the Go Green actions as an effort to revitalize the water catchment area. This paving block has several advantages including (1) Small water absorption, (2) lighter, (3) maintenance is cheaper, easier and can be tipped, (4) gives a more beautiful impression, and (5) having anti-fade, antimoss and anti-slippery colors.

CADEO (Salacca zalacca Deodorant and Moisturizer) as a solution of foot odor and dry skin

CADEO (Salacca zalacca Deodorant and Moisturizer) is herbal feet deodorant by using salacca skin as main raw material, which is designed to be safe, natural, and practice. This product packed in bottles with sizes 60 ml and 30 ml with 3 variants of aroma, that is soft vanilla, coffee, and lavender. Then, this product packaged in a cardboard container, contains 6 bottles per box.


Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are widely used in portable devices. Energy storage technology that has a high energy density, long cycle lifetime and a good level of security. LIB consists of a cathode, anode and a separator. Along with the increasing need for batteries, research is currently being carried out related to the battery components, one of which is the separator.

Le Lac Coffee

vitro civet coffee was created with the aroma and taste of luwak coffee that was very delicious without having to use civet animals so that, the preservation of civet animals in nature was maintained.

Helen Cosmetic

Helen cosmetic is an organic cosmetic product made from agricultural waste, prayer waste, and household waste. The advantages of this product are (1) the price is more affordable (2) it does not contain harmful synthetic chemicals, (3) contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, multi-vitamin, and anti-acne, (4) able to remove acne scars.

Delicious Straw

There are many plastic products that aren’t biodegradable especially the straw that we use every day. Our project is a straw that can be eaten and is biodegradable. The straw is made out of corn flour mixed with milk, sugar, and egg. After mixing it, we put it in a mold and bake it in the oven for about 5 minutes in a temperature of 180-degree Fahrenheit. This can help reduce plastic pollution.

BRIANA: Advance Detection and Image Enhancement For Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning

BRIANA is a machine learning-based application that utilizes the CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) model to assist Anatomical Pathologist doctor in detecting breast cancer through histological images.

FPM (Financial Planning Millennials) as Innovation and Integration of MSME Financial Planning

FPM (Financial Planning Millennials) is a platform that aims to help finance management and business development, which we are currently focusing on is Umkm in Indonesia. FPM has several features that can help MSMEs manage their finances and develop their businesses.

Takokak Fruit Capsule (Solanum torvum Swartz) Sexual Desire Enhancer Pasundan Heifer

The aim of this study was to increase sexual arousal of pasundan cows in Ciamis City, West Java by utilizing the benefits of takokak fruit capsules (Solanum torvum Swartz). The material used was 16 ± 220 kg female Pasundan cows. The design used was the T-test for cows with grass feed (T0) and cows with additional feed as takokak fruit capsules (T1). Each treatment was given 8 cows.

DIAGREHEAL: Diabetes Gangrene Healer Herbal Patch to Prevent Amputation in Diabetics

Diagreheal is an anti-gangrene herbal patch which is an on the spot remedy that works directly on the moist wound. Diagreheal is made using 3 main natural ingredients, are Leucobryum, Eleutherine palmifolia, and Ruellia tuberosa L. The active ingredients in the Diagreheal can prevent acute infections due to bacteria in gangrene wounds which can lead to the risk of amputation and can grow the flesh


Global multimedia platform for book publishers. It enables a completely new level of experience and interaction between book and men and extends the traditional experience of a book reading by implementation of various multimedia elements. Applicable to wide range of industries: education, healthcare, tourism, entertaining, retail, marketing etc. iOS and Android platforms. Cloud based architecture


Measures the temperature drop between the layers of clothing composites. Designed to measure temperature gradients of conventional and intelligent clothing that has a composite structure of up to 5 layers, i.e. an outer shell, 3 layers of thermal protection and a lining. Measurements can be performed under laboratory conditions on thermal mannequins and on the human body while wearing clothing.


Cold pressing green Mediterranean olives preserves all of their beneficial properties. It replenishes skin and protects it from moisture loss. It acts as a natural protection factor, reflecting around 25% of sunrays. NiKEL OLIVE line with virgin olive oil extracted from cold-pressed Mediterranean olives and 100% natural active ingredients for fresh and beautiful skin.

Scraper conveyor for emergency rescue operation PRJZR-400

The scraper conveyor is designed to be used in all places where there is a need to quickly reach the injured or prepare the scene for a proper emergency rescue operation, i.e. in mines, construction sites, in places of natural disasters such as earthquakes. The light and modular structure of the cenveyor allows for quick transport of its individual elements.


Circular capsule for more productive and safer work in multi-employee offices. Based on scientific research that has proven shortcomings of an open plan office. Made of natural materials that are easy to recycle, applying the principle of biophilic design. Plants with positive effect on the health of employees are placed in the capsule to create a sense of security in an anti-stress environment.


This invention overcomes the problem of how to save the environment by substituting the cement with geopolymer material in brick making process and at the same time utilize the waste materials which are geoplymer materials such as fly ash, volcanic ash and palm oil fly ash (POFA). It produces a specific, environmentally friendly and easy to use brick. The invention also improves the brick making p


„M“ sensor for monorail trains is a special detection unit which provides safe and reliable detection of monorail train on track. Sensor is situated along the track and it senses the presence of the train by detecting its undercarriage. The current solution is a unique innovation in the world for the market of non standard modes of transportation which is gaining popularity.

Real Time Forest Fire Detector Using BME680 and UV Sensor Based on IoT

Our Fire Detection system prototype aims to detect potential fires in real time. The Parameters that measured for potential fire include infrared radiation from fire, environmental temperature, humidity, and air quality index. The prototype uses the BME 680 sensor to measure air humidity, temperature and air quality. The SI1145 UV sensor is used to detect infrared radiation coming from a fire. The collected data will be transfered using Lora system.


"Hema" Hand Sanitizer is a product made from Morel Berry (Physalis angulate) and Betel Leaf (Piper betle). The composition used for making "Hema" is 60% Morel Berry herb and 40% Betel Leaf. The advantage of "Hema" is that it uses natural ingredients that can prevent Covid-19."Hema" has a yellowish brown color, odorless, and has a liquid texture. "Hema" has a pH of 6 and is homogeneous.

SINYO: Sinbiotic Yoghurt Metabolic Syndrome

Food is the main factor that determines health status. Health problems such as obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and insulin resistance are known as metabolic syndrome (Wiardani et al, 2011). The problem of metabolic syndrome among teenagers is starting to show alarming numbers. The increased metabolic syndrome deserves attention. This is because if the syndrome is not handled, it can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus becoming complications (Yustifa, 2018).

Bio-ceramic From The Combination Of Rice Husk Ash (Oryza sativa) and Corn Leather Waste Ash (Zea mays)

he bio-ceramic prototype from a combination of rice husk ash and corn husk waste has a length of 11 cm, a width of 7.5 cm and a thickness of 1.4 cm. The resulting color density and slightly coarse texture make it suitable as a bathroom interior ornament while giving the feel of natural stone.


The standard values owned by CATEKUHY biofilm are 25.1 MPa tensile strength, 21.33% elongation, and biodegradation for 7 days, which are equivalent to SNI plastic, namely tensile strength of 24.7-30.2 MPa, and elongation of 21- 220%.


ECOBI (Eco friendly biofoam) is a biofoam product that can be used as a substitute for styrofoam. This product is made from waste of cassava dregs ( Manihot utilissima ) which contains starch and corn ( Zea mays) which contains fiber. So, this product is not only biodegradable but also renewable. In the process of making ECOBI, it does not use harmful chemicals such as carcinogenic benzene and styrene, but takes advantage of the ability of starch to expand due to heat and pressure processes.


Rapid Response Baby Incubator is a portable incubator that is inexpensive and affordable. It provides safety and comfort for the baby and can be the solution in cases of emergency premature deliveries in remote areas with limited electricity access and poor medical assistance. Rapid Response Baby Incubator has a combined shape of a box and a half-vertical tube, weighing approximately 3-4 kg.

RULBIN: Garbage Baskets to Decompose Organic Waste through BSf Larvae with Artificial Intelligence

RULBIN is a smart trash bin integrating artificial intelligence and BSF larvae that can directly process food waste produced by markets, restaurants and hotels. The way RULBIN works is by inserting organic waste into RULBIN so that it will be reduced by the larvae in it. RULBIN customers can also collect the results obtained and the amount of waste processed through the web application for each harvest.

Combination of SOLFEZ TIME & Smart Traffic Light to Increase Safety and Compliance in School Safety Zone

This research focused to make an automated tool simulation that helps the effectiveness of the school safe zone by using Arduino combine with sensor and SOLFEZ TIME to increase the knowledge of the people about School Safety Zone in an interesting way. Once the sensor detects the presence of someone at the gate location, the traffic light will turn red light for 20 seconds.

Chatbot Application Development as a Language Learning Media for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

A specialized chatbot application developed in collaboration with special education teacher and psychiatry lecturer in medical school to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by providing language learning media.

OTW (Online Tranportation We'd better) : As Founder and Detector Public Transportations

OTW (Online Trasnportation We’d better) application is an application to find, determine, and search for vehicles or public transportation operating in a certain area. OTW has several features such as transportation options, location settings, driver ratings and information related to the transportation or driver. In addition, the appeal of this application includes giving vouchers, providing giveaways and the existence of discount prices on certain days.


Dearest Monster is an innovative tool for detecting harvest time, controlling temperature, humidity, and repelling pests in oyster mushrooms based on the Internet of Things. The innovation of this tool consists of 9 main parts, such as NodeMCU ESP8266, Laser Module, LDR Sensor, DHT-11 Sensor, ultrasonic wave transmitter, Relay Module, 12volt DC Fan, 12volt DC Pump and buzzer.

Trash into Fashion

Our project is turning trash into fashion. Our idea is to make trendy and fashionable products out of waste. There are many materials that can be easily recycled such as plastic and paper. one example is to make grocery bags from recycle paper. It just takes few folds and the bag is ready yo use. This is good looking and can help to reduce the amount of plastic bags which are being used each year.

Plastic into Fuel

In this project we are going to see how plastic is turned into fuel. we know plastics is just crude oil that has been processed in different way and with pyrolysis we can revere this process. With the help of Pyrolysis molecules in plastic start breaking down into smaller molecules, then the plastic is slowly melts and converted into gaseous state then the gas is sent into a condenser and The condensation takes place, Then collected as fuel.

Pharma grade nanoparticles for the construction of the novel drug delivery systems

Brand new technology of preparing biocompatible, glutathione covered nanoparticles for many biological applications. Thanks to platinum group metal core, nanoparticles are stable in physiological solutions. Glutathione on the surface allows to attach simultaneously drugs and targeting agents allowing to easily and cheaply prepare unique platform which delivers drug directly to the cancer cells.


An edible communion gel capsule including a gel capsule having at least one interior cavity & at least one of a liquid, alternately, a powder disposed within at least one interior cavity. The liquid is one of wine, alternatively, grape juice, and the powder is an edible grape juice powder. An edible solid material is disposed around one section of a medial section of the capsule, and entirely of an exterior surface area of the gel capsule&one half of an exterior surface area of the gel capsule.


The invention includes several capillary tubes helps the fluid reach a specific height in the opposite direction of gravity & gravitational force by the help of surface adhesive energy after which it directs the fluid towards the turbine by the help of gravity and in the same direction. By moving the turbine blades by the help of gravitational force on the fluid, rotational energy of the turbine is converted to electricity energy. The whole system is comprised of lower storage tank...


A robot prototype that is able to dissect and understand conglomerations of masses in biophysical computational thought processes that build up and are unreadable by humans. It can dissect straight forward behaviors as well as confusing complex ones. The subatomic particles which carry out genetic commands used to be undetectable with microscopic technology and hadn’t reached the stage where it can find, much less decipher, the automatic emotional blueprints programmed into the DNA-RNA.


This study aimed at investigating the chloride diffusion from different aggressive environments (5% NaCl, 5%NaCl + 0.5% Na2SO4, and 5%NaCl + 2% Na2SO4) in HPC and its effect on the chemical and mechanical properties. Results were compared to the properties of conventional concrete. Chloride and Sulfate effect on chemical and mechanical properties of High-Performance Concrete (HPC) are investigated and then compared to those of conventional concrete.

The FlipNDrip Server™ : Combined Salad Bowl Drainer

The FlipNDrip Server™ is a 2-tiered bowl serving system consisting of a solid bowl and a strainer. The design is light weight, fun, and easy to use. Great for home, cottage, camping use and more. The FlipNDrip Server™ makes rinsing, straining and drip-drying of foods, sink optional. Never reach for another bowl when making salads or pasta dishes. The FlipNDrip Server™, with its easy locking mechanism, allows bowls to lock in place and rotate 360 degrees.

Geopolymer Concrete Blast Resistance

Geopolymer concrete consists of waste materials that is fly ash mix with sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate as alkaline activated binders and crushed stone and sand known as aggregate material. Geopolymer concrete beam have been tested towards explosive blast that has a tremendous amount of energy resulted low level of damage and fracture. The impacts of bombs to the geopolymer concrete produce smaller negative and positive waves reflecting, reducing impact damage and ballistic features of the


Smart ward empowers hospitals staff to focus more on patients by reducing the burdens, best practice and reduces stress through discrete reminders and make patient more comfortable admitted at ward. If judges look at the National health policy 2019 which aims to raise public health care expenses to 2.5% of GDP from current 1.4% with more than two – third of those resources going toward premier health care. This project basically addresses the problem that nurses faces in their everyday life .

Thermally stable and antimicrobial active poly(catechin) (National Science Center, grant No. 2018/31/N/ST8/02565)

The subject of the invention is a method of obtaining a polymeric form of catechin by reaction with a glycerol diglycidyl ether (GDE) crosslinking compound. The produced poly(catechin) is characterized by increased resistance to oxidation and better thermal stability, and also has an antimicrobial effect.Catechin is a natural compound from the group of polyphenols that is found in significant amounts in green tea.

Mobile isolation and decontamination cabin for patients with suspected COVID-19 infection.

The invention is an isolation and decontamination cabin designed for biomedical applications to isolate people suspected of infections, e.g. for patients with suspected COVID-19 infection, who are quarantined in hospitals. The cabin is adapted to work with a mobile filtering and ventilation unit, ensuring safe parameters of the air inside. The cabin is intended for direct usage by medical personnel.

IoT Laundry Basket

IoT laundry basket is designed to allow customers to wash their laundry within a certain period of time. IoT laundry basket implements this through RFID recognition, image processing, data mining, and apps. Through these technologies, we apprehend the weight of laundry, and the cycle when customers do the laundry. Through this, we set the laundry cycle for customers and encourage them to do laundry considering the climate.

Lifesaving emergency escape device in bus

Escape is a hammer that can be easily and quickly smashed and escaped by anyone, regardless of age or sex, in the event of a secondary vehicle accident. The one-touch structure has been improved to enable quick and easy use of existing products that were difficult for the elderly and children to use.

Smart carrier

Smart carrier is an invention that can adjust the height and size of the carrier for efficient and convenient labor of farmers. It is made to be adjustable using a footrest and a handle.

Pressure cooker effect double pot lid

The double pot lid creates a passage for heat transfer on the wall, which heats up the whole cauldron principle. The trapped heat and water vapor wrap the top of the pot to create a pressure effect. The lid of cooking utensils can be applied, which is very economical and saves energy by collecting and using heat emitted from the gas stove to the outside, minimizing the loss of vitamins or minerals during cooking. Energy conservation can reduce fine dust to protect the health of housewives.

Safe Dial Lock

In order to conceive an idea that can be used conveniently even when using at night or when using it by the visually impaired, I thought about how to put Braille on the dial, but Braille is an inconvenience that the general public cannot use. It is designed so that anyone can check the dial number in a dark place by using the starting point and protrusion as a way to express the ascent. Based on this idea, the starting point was not clear, so a check-shaped groove between 0 and 9 was dug out, an

Motion detection Tent Light with mosquito repellent

It is a light equipped with a motion detection sensor and a mosquito repellent. First, a light equipped with a motion detection sensor:It rotates 180`. While people are active, the lamp is designed to illuminate the bottom, but when people sleep, it rotates to the top. Second, a mosquito repellent(Ultrasound generator):It emits 12000 to 17000 Hz,(a sound band that mosquitoes and insects dislike)

A funnel with Adjustable outlets

This invention idea was driven from reduction of buying more funnels to find right size of bottle necks. Equipped with different size of outlets you need One funnel pour liquid, powder or grains into bottle. I designed 2 things onto funnel to improve pouring liquid to narrow bottle neck. First one is grooved on suffice of outlet to easily move air in narrow bottle neck. Last one is adding counterclockwise swirl/vortex on top of funnel to be impacted with the Earth rotation.

Comprehensive Smart Waste Disposal System (CSWDS)

This Invention Is a very useful and modern tool for the complete disposal of waste or garbage from the house to the assembly point and the actual phase of disposal and used modern technology and sensors and automatic self-control systems . To transfer, sorting and handling waste disposal This system is designed to solve the main problems of transportation, sorting and disposal of waste. The system works on transporting waste from the upper floors of the building through pipes (divided by types o

Smart Care stick for the Blind (SCSB)

Description of Invention: The smart stick is a very useful tool for the individuals with sight impairment. The stick is designed to solve three major problems, objects and obstacles alarming, calling for help if needed, and alarming system in case that the stick is lost. There are several important parts that make the components of the device, monitor screen, the virtue of message and notifications, the acoustic alarm and vibration, alarming whistle, in addition to sensors for low and high objec

Soma Baby Monitor and Protection

Soma Baby monitor and protection Overview Protecting children from very important things, especially when parents are busy. This invention had to be present, which also monitors and protects the child. Device descriptionIt is a necklace that the child wears that performs several functions that help to monitor the child and protect him from dangers, including the following Locating the child in a lost state The device is provided with things that pose a risk to the child a

Smart Charger

The charger contains a switch on and off, and it also contains a sensor to measure the temperature in the event of a high temperature, the charger due to its presence connected to the electric current for long periods, and the current sensor ACS712 to measure the current is connected to the Arduino device based on the percentage of charge of the mobile in the case of full charging or in the case of an increase in temperature The temperature is large and the shutdown and operation automatically


RIHANS RENAL PATIENT HOME DEVICE (RRPHD) Definition of the device: It is a home electronic device that takes care of a kidney patient, examining kidney functions with high accuracy, easy way, simple time, providing advice to the patient, monitoring his condition continuously, and reporting in the event of an emergency. device components : 1- LCD screen 8cm * 11cm * 1cm 2- High capacity battery that charges and lasts for a long time 3- Central processing and control unit 4- The slide

egiayu Incense: Innovation of Insecticide and Larvacide Made From Legundi Leaf Waste (Vitex trifolia L.), Lemongrass Leaf (Andropogon nardus) and Wood

Legiayu incense is an insecticide and larvicide product from legundian leaves, citronella and wood dust. Incense sticks and cones. The smoke is effective for 30 minutes, lasts for 6 hours and the ash is effective for 24 hours. Legiayu incense is able to minimize the Aedes aegypti mosquito.